My Sales Report is wrong after migrating to Shopify. Why did that happen?

After migrating to Shopify, users often discover that their Sales Reports for the current month are distorted and have negative value, e.g. -$453.7. In contrast, reports for previous months get distorted in the opposite direction and have bigger values than they actually had. 

This may happen due to Shopify API peculiarities and restrictions it imposes on migrating refund transaction dates. 

When migrating to Shopify, orders in refunded status are transferred correctly with an exact date. For example, if migration to Shopify was performed on 23/03/20 and refund order was created three months earlier i.e. 23/12/19, the order will be migrated with the correct date – 23/12/19. 

However, refund transaction dates cannot be migrated to Shopify backdated. Thus, if migration to Shopify was performed on 23/03/20, all refund transaction dates will be recorded on the same day – 23/03/20.

As the result, the refunds that took place earlier will affect the statistics of sales report of the month during which migration to Shopify was performed and the previous months.

All new refund transaction dates after migration to Shopify will be recorded correctly.

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