How to perform SEO Migration to OpenCart

SEO migration is an additional feature when you perform data migration to OpenCart. This helps you to preserve ranking on Google Search for your pages and products, ensure that there is no harms to your sales and Business Development. If you don’t choose this option, after permanently removing your old site, it will be found 404, and your new site which is totally new can be disappeared in top search and the worst situation, you can lose your business or spend a lot of money and time to recover your growth graph.

However, LitExtension will provide you a solution called SEO Migration addressing your concern.

Here’s how you can perform SEO Migration to OpenCart:

  1. Install module that LitExtension provides you alongside the Migration Wizard.
  2. At the step of migration configuration, click Migrate SEO and start the migration. With that, you have already finished SEO migration to OpenCart.


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