How to migrate manufacturers from/to WooCommerce?

LitExtension supports migration of manufacturers from and to WooCommerce. In order to migrate manufacturer images, we recommend you to install one of these 4 following plugins in the first place: WooCommerce Brand (by Proword), Perfect WooCommerce Brands (by Alberto de Vera Sevilla), Brands for WooCommerce (by BeRocket) and WooCommerce Brands (by WooCommerce).

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install one of the 4 plugins above.
  2. Activate the installed plugin in your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Choose “Manufacturers” at the step of entities selection on Migration Wizard.
  4. Proceed through the Full Migration.

Note: If you hadn’t installed the module before the migration but did choose the category “Manufacturers” during the migration from/to WooCommerce, you can activate the module afterward and still get the the job done.

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