Search is not working in any other language

Sometimes, when you have your eCommerce in multiple languages you can have this issue.

The main problem when this happens is that people can’t find what they are looking for or they get a 404 error.

One of the most common problems that people have, is creating a database with the wrong collation settings. For example, if your language is Persian, and you don’t have it well configured. This is because you have the wrong collation settings on your database.

On almost every server the default collation is Latin1, if you are using the wrong collation on your Database, you will get errors when importing data with wrong characters and this will affect your internal search results.

If your shop is only in English you will not have problems, but as mentioned before for all other languages with special characters and accents (like Persian, Arabic…) Not having the right collation on your database is a big problem. Special characters with accents will be changed with the wrong results.

If you want to run away from this issue you need to make sure your collation is: utf8_general_ci

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