How to Migrate Magento 1.x Theme to 2.x?

Magento 1 and Magento 2 architectures are quite different from each other so the way Magento creates themes and extensions also has different processes of implementation.

If you have any theme compatible with Magento 1.9 it will not work in Magento 2, like Magento 2 supports HTML 5 or support fewer files in Magento 2 for designing or the way Magento print data in Magento 2 is different than Magento 1 so there can be two ways to migrate theme.

  1. You need to create a theme for Magento 2 from scratch
  2. You can search for the Magento 2 theme which is quite similar to your current Magento 1.9 theme and make changes to it as per your design.

But you need to create a new theme on Magento 2 by utilizing help of frontend developer. The process of creating a theme in Magento 2 is clearly mentioned on Magento dev docs.

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