Can I migrate SEO URLs of products and categories to and from CS-Cart?

Yes, migrations of SEO URLs are supported for CS-Cart, but only for its 2.0 and higher versions.

If you’re moving data to CS-Cart, you’ll need to activate a free module beforehand (the module is also required for Create 301 SEO Redirects additional option).

Here is how you do it:

1.Log in to CS-Cart admin panel

2.Go to Add ons->Manage add ons

3.Type “SEO” in the search bar

4.Turn on the found module by clicking on a little inverted triangle and then pressing Active


Plugin installation isn’t required if you’re transferring SEO URLs from CS-Cart.

Note: Migrations of SEO URLs of multilingual stores are only available for CS-Cart 3.0 and higher versions.


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