How to export files from Drupal Commerce?

In order to export products and categories from Drupal Commerce, you will have to activate the costless Views data export plugin, beforehand. Also, it is necessary to install the free Views and Ctools modules preliminary, to make sure that Views data export is working correctly.

Alternatively, you may watch this video guide or follow up the instructions listed below.

So, when all three modules are downloaded, installed and activated – perform the following steps separately to export products and, then, to export categories:

  1. Log in to your admin panel, go to Structure-> Views and click Add new view.
  2. Fill the View name field in accordance with these samples – “export_product” – for products, “export_category” – for categories.
  3. Select Commerce Products (for products) or Taxonomy Terms (for categories) from the “Show” drop down menu, and choose All, in “of type” one.
  4. Press Continue and Edit.
  5. Click Add in the Fields section, and put ticks near:

– for products – “Commerce Product: Product ID”, “Commerce Product: SKU”, “Commerce Product: Status” and “Commerce Product: Title”.

– for categories – “Taxonomy term: Name”, “Taxonomy term: Term description” and “Taxonomy term: Term ID”

  1. Keep clicking Apply (All Displays) until you configure all the needed fields.
  2. Press Save.
  3. Click Add under Displays heading and, then, Data Export.
  4. In the Format field choose CSV file, and in its settings – click on Provide as a file. Apply the changes.
  5. Go to Data Export Settings, type export-product (for products) or export-categories (for categories) in the Path field, choose Page in the Attach to field and press Apply.
  6. Open the Display a specified number of entities menu, choose Display all items and click Apply.
  7. Finally, save the changes and click view Data export.

After all the uplisted actions are done, upload the CSV files to the appropriate fields on Migration Wizard.


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