Why do I have “src_” prefix in front of my attributes and attribute sets after migration?

During migration process with LitExtension, “src_” prefix is added to some of the attributes and all attribute sets of your Magento site. This happens when you do not choose the option “Clear your target site’s data” before migrating, this “src_” prefix is used to differ new attributes migrated from the old ones.

After the migration, you can delete the “src_” prefix (if needed) on your target site’s admin. Go to Magento Admin Panel -> Stores -> Attributes -> Attribute set.

attribute set in yout Admin Panel


At this point, you can either leave out the “src_” prefix or change it into any name you want. Changes can be made in any attribute set.



Note: “src_” prefix is not added to Magento’s attribute set “Default”.


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