Will our customers’ accounts be retained when we migrate to Shopify?

Because passwords are encrypted, you can’t migrate customer passwords from another platform to Shopify. As a result, only customer records are migrated to Shopify instead of customer accounts.

Customers Activating Their Account


Customer profiles which are created and imported to Shopify, will be set as “deactivated“. By this way, the owner store avoids the action “Reset passwords” which annoys clients. One email will be sent out to invite your customers to activate their new account. You will have the option to customize the email before sending it to your customers as well. The best method is to explain that you have upgraded their experience online, and they just need to click “Activate” and enter the password, and they are back on board. Manually sending out these emails to invite customers can also be accomplished from within the customers’ profile inside your Shopify admin at any time.


This is a manual action, you can control bulk invite or manually invite for one by one customer after migrating, Litextension will not auto-sent out these emails.

Send individual account invites

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Customers.
  2. Click the name of the customer that you want to invite.
  3. Click Send account invite.
  4. You can change your Account invite notification email by changing details in the Send account invite window. If you want to make permanent changes to your Account invite notification email, then you will need to update the notification before sending the account to the invite email.
  5. Click Review email.
  6. Confirm your custom message, if you entered one, and the customer’s information on the Send account invite window.
  7. Click Back to make further changes or click Send notification to have Shopify send the account activation email.

Simple Process For The Customer


Once the customer clicks the activate button, they will then be prompted to enter a new password, and then after clicking activate, they will have instant access to their new account for your Shopify store.

You can use the Bulk Account Inviter app to invite your customers to activate their accounts for your online store

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps and open the Bulk Account Inviter app.
  2. Click Create Email. By default, your invites are generated from your Account invite notification template. If you want to change the subject or the content of these emails, then edit the Subject and Custom message fields.
  3. Choose an email address from the email drop-down list. This is the email address that your customers see when they receive the invitation.
  4. Click Review and then click Send email.

The email invitations are sent. Depending upon the number of customers that you invite, it can take a while for all the invitations to be sent.

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