How to send an individual account invite or bulk account invites from a Shopify store?

LitExtension provides you a solution to migrate all your customers, but unfortunately their password can not be moved. Thus, e-merchants need to invite clients to the new shopping cart and ask to reset their passwords right after migration. There are two modes of sending account invites on Shopify stores – individually or in bulk.

To send individual account invites, you should follow the instruction below:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Customers.
  2. Click the name of the customer that you want to invite. If the customer you’re inviting isn’t listed, then you’ll need to add them first.
  3. Click Send account invite.
  4. You can change your Account invite notification email by changing details in the Send account invite window. If you want to make permanent changes to your Account invite notification email, then you will need to update the notification before sending the account invite email.


    You can change your activation email by:

    • choosing who sent the invitation using the From drop-down
    • selecting recipients of blind copies
    • editing the default copy of your invitation email by clicking the Notifications link under the Custom message area.
  5. Click Review email.
  6. Confirm your custom message, if you entered one, and the customer’s information on the Send account invite window:


  7. Click Back to make further changes or click Send notification to have Shopify send the account activation email.

The email invitations are sent. Depending upon the number of customers that you invite, it can take a while for all the invitations to be sent.

As for creating bulk invites, you have to use an app to send emails to all your customers. Shopify offers a paid app Bulk Account Invite Sender and its price varies depending on a number of emails you’d like to send.

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