Can I use “Preserve customer IDs” option during X-Cart migration?

Because of certain restrictions from the X-Cart platform, Preserve customer IDs may not work properly in some cases below.

  • For X-Cart 4.3.x and lower:

Though “Preserve customer IDs” additional option is available to choose from the list, customer IDs cannot be preserved after migration from /to X-Cart (version 4.3.x and lower). If X-Cart is Source Cart, customer emails will be set instead of customer IDs.

Why? There is no such thing as “customer ID field” in X-Cart of version 4.3.x and lower. This makes preservation impossible.

  • For X-Cart 4.4.x and higher:

If customer IDs on Source Cart include any other symbols except numbers, the IDs won’t be preserved on X-Cart as well (4.4.x and higher). Otherwise, customer IDs preservation will be performed correctly.

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