Why does migration to Shopify take so long?

To ensure the platform remains stable and fair for everyone, all Shopify APIs are rate-limited. Shopify APIs use several different rate-limiting methods. They’re described in more detail here

Working with Shopify means you are using API procedure (Application Programming Interface). Normally this protocol will make your migration a bit longer than others, like open-source platform target for example, not only Shopify but also all platforms with API.

Besides, the reason as below can slow down the process of Shopify migration more:

  • Your migration can suffer from delivering too many pictures.
  • On March 14, 2019, Shopify limit the number of Products/Variants created using the API app. The limit is currently set to 1000 variants per 24 hour period once a shop has created 50,000 first Product Variants. You can find Shopify documentation about it here. You can contact the Shopify Support and ask them to increase your store limit – explain the reasons behind your request.
  • Shopify has implemented limits for orders’ migration. If you are currently using a trial or Partner development version of Shopify, it is possible to create only 5 orders per minute. To avoid such inconveniences, Litextension recommends it’s users to upgrade to a paid plan before the Full Migration launch.

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