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LitExtension – The World Leading
Shopping Cart Migration Service

We are dedicated to offering you the greatest of shopping cart migration tool with a determined concentration on dependability, customer service, and utmost efficiency. We work hard to build trust with customers, by offering top quality servicing. It’s easier to keep customers than to always look for new ones.

Why Go With LitExtension

Founded in 2011 by highly-skilled IT experts intensively specializing in eCommerce and Shopping Cart Data Migration, LitExtension has come a long way from its beginning to achieve 130,000+ successful migration for 35,000+ world wide customers in the last 9 years.

Since the dawn of us, our passion for facilitating the experience in data migration and providing the best equipment possible for customers gave us the impetus to turn hard work, inspiration and ambition to a booming shopping cart migration tool provider nowadays. We now supply service to migrate customers, orders, products, SEO URLs, even passwords and other data with all corresponding data to the desirable shopping cart. Currently, LitExtension supports migration from 80+ most popular shopping carts. We work hard to build trust with customers by offering top quality servicing. It is easier to keep customers than to always look for new ones.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are always ready to support 24/7

LitExtension History Timeline


  • 2019

    * Celebrating 100,000 automated migrations
    * 30,000 customers in 80+ countries
    * 80 carts supported

    litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2018

    * Released 3rd Generation Shopping Cart Migration App
    * 20,000 customers in 60+ countries
    * 50,000 stores migrated
    * 24 carts supported

    litextension  litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2017

    * Released 2nd Generation Shopping Cart Migration App
    * 10,000 customers in 30+ countries
    * 20,000 stores migrated
    * 12 carts supported

    litextension  litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2016

    * 5,000 customers in 20+ countries
    * 10,000 stores migrated
    * 6 carts supported

    litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2015

    * Released 1st Generation Shopping Cart Migration App

  • 2014

    * Released OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce
    Migration Tools

    litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2013

    * Lauched of LitExtension Store
    * Released Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce
    Migration Tools

    litextension  litextension  litextension  litextension

  • 2011

    * OceanSoft Corp., was founded
    as a provider of outsourcing services

    oceansoft vietnam

Meet LitExtension Team



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What Customers Say About Us

Dosth MohammedIndia

We have been using LitExtension for our various projects and their extended support and service are awesome. As a software development company we strongly suggest you to use them for all your migration needs

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Miha LenasiSlovenia

Amazing service! Fast and without errors!

[Review Source]



Robert Slovenia

We weren't sure how successful migration from Virtuemart to Woocommerce was going to be, but it all went quickly, smoothly and a couple of issues were corrected in less then 24 hours by the very helpful support staff. Works as advertised!

[Review Source]


Aline Ghys Belgium

Perfect service!

[Review Source]


Tomohiro Tokita Jr. Philippines

Ashley is the best support I've experienced from all my Magento 2 development experience. I highly appreciate her responsiveness and skill. Thanks LiteExtension!

[Review Source]





LitExtension's service is awesome. The ALL IN ONE service of migration was more than I expected. I appreciate their service.

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Teleinformatik Services AGSwitzerland

Quick reply, very helpful, excellent and outstanding service.

[Review Source]


Brent Brooks United States

Incredibly fast and helpful, couldn’t have done this without them.

[Review Source]




Great service at cheapest price! Thank you for help us to migrate succesfully our ecommerce!

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There were some minor bugs migrating my opencar store to woocoommerce. But the support was fantastic and always answer quickly to all my requests.

I don't give 5 stars rating just because there was the need to remigrate 3 or 3 times before it works properly.

But I recommend this service for shore!

[Review Source]


Quick and efficient!
Not only they work quickly and efficiently, but they have been very kind. All questions answered asap!

[Review Source]


Can't say enough words to describe the service I got from you guys, we encountered a couple of issues down the road but you guys were always there to come up with solutions, thanks!!

[Review Source]


Jewelsmart INIndia

I was looking to upgrade my website in the same platform and then thought of migrating to other better platform and then came across LitExtension. My site is active for past 10 years and I didnt want to lose any SEO benefits. I went for All in One package with LitExtension and these people are Professional Experts in this field and were able to answer each and every query and successfully migrated to the new platform with all content as promised without losing much SEO as few things practically not possible. Overall LitExtension people were excellent in handling the challenges in migration and I would say that I am fully satisfied and recommend LitExtension for others watching this review. Well done LitExtension Team. All the best and hope many new customers would benefit from your Cart to Cart migration services.

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I was actually breathless with anticipation on whether this would work. I only did the free one for a test setup to see if it was possible. It took nearly half an hour for ~1000 products to be migrated, and the set up and images all were connected in the new test store. Will use for live migration.
Only set 4 stars as I only tried the free version.

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We have used LiteExtension a few times now and their migration process is really good. We have had some quiet bespoke Magento store configuration (including multi stores) and each time issues these have thrown up have been resolved quickly. Five Stars.

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