How to enable maintenance mode in Prestashop

Maintenance mode is used to prevent your website visitors from seeing what’s going on your web page. For instance, after the template installation, when your website is not yet ready to go live. Please notice that, you don’t need to enable maintenance mode in Prestashop if it is source store because your source store can work normally during data migration process.

PrestaShop 1.7 engine releases same as their 1.6. predecessors allow enabling the Maintenance mode for that purpose. The great benefit of such mode is that you grant certain people permissions to view your website even while it is under the maintenance.


Step 1

In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Shop parameters -> General section:


Step 2

Choose there Maintenance tab. You can set the following options:


  • Enable shop – enable the Maintenance code by setting it to No;
  • Maintenance IP – add the IP addresses of those users that you’d like to allow to see the front office. Multiple IP addresses should be separated by commas.  You can also add your own IP address  to the list by clicking Add my IP button;
  • Custom maintenance text – the text, images or even videos that define what your visitors will see on the Maintenance page where they will be taken to if the Maintenance mode is enabled.


Step 3

Save the changes and refresh your website.


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