Can I preserve order IDs while migrating to WooCommerce?

Yes, LitExtension will help you preserve order IDs during your migration from/to WooCommerce.

In order for this function to work properly, you’ll need to install a plugin which allows to set sequential order numbers for new orders. Currently, LitExtension supports Order ID plugins including: WooCommerce Sequential Order NumbersSequential Order Numbers Pro.

Here’s how:

During the migration setup process, choose “Preserve order IDs on the Target Store” option.

preserve order ids

(Note: If you forget to install the plugin before running the migration in which the preserve order IDs option have already been chosen, you can install the plugin afterwards and still get the order IDs preserved)

After that, you only need to wait for the tool to finish. Please bear in mind that after the migration, each of your order IDs will be given an additional unique number so that you can avoid conflicts among post’s IDs on WooCommerce store. The number will only be seen in your WooCommerce admin panel and won’t affect your system order ID, which is included in URL of order.

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