Where can I install LitExtension Connector in Magento?

LitExtension Connector files are used to establish a connection between your shopping carts and perform data exchange. They are special access ports that are completely secured by the unique Security Tokens restricted to your personal account and provided by LitExtension. To work properly, “le_connector” folder needs to be placed in the root folder of your store.


How to install Connector files?

The procedure is the same for macOS, Windows and Linux users. You can use Filezilla or any FTP app (FileZilla, WinSCP, FileFTP, CuteFTP)

  1. Firstly, at your Migration Setup page, after filling Source/Target cart URL, download connector by clicking “Download Litextension Connector”. You will receive a zip file.

  3. Upload the folder “le_connector” to your Source / Target store via FTP. Whichever FTP client you are using (FileZilla, WinSCP, FileFTP, CuteFTP) enter the root folder of your store and paste the “le_connector” folder you extracted from the zip file previously. You can follow the guideline about root folder and how to find your store’s root folder here.
  4. Litextension connector

  5. Check if the connection files are installed correctly. Click on the instructed link or you can enter the url directly into your browser, it must be added to /le_connector/connector.php to your original hosting url. If you see this message, the connector is installed, the connector is working correctly, and you can proceed to the next step during your migration.
  6. LitExtension connector


    Done! You have already installed LitExtension connector successfully. Hit Next to finish your data migration with LitExtension!


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