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All-in-One Migration

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Minimize your manual effort and time spent on migrating with LitExtension’s All-in-One Migration Package. You will have your whole project handled by LitExtension’s Personal Assistant, who provides regular updates on data migration and refine your store before delivering the finest result. 

Exclusive All-in-One Migration Benefits


Personal Assistant (PA)

PA is one of our experts who is assigned to take care of your migration and responsible for delivering satisfying results. PA is available to answer any questions and provides tech support for free within 3 months.

Committed Response Time Allinone migration

Committed Response Time

LitExtension guarantees to have PA respond within 12 hours for any arising issues during the migration process, instead of 24 hours in the Basic Migration Package.

Free Additional Options Allinone migration

Free Additional Options

All additional options that require extra fees such as 301 Redirect, Strip HTML Tags, Preserve Product IDs… are FREE in the All-In-One Migration Package.

How We Handle Your Shopping Cart Migration Project

  • Technical Consultancy
    • 1-1 consultation: LitExtension experts will listen to your special requirements and recommend needed steps to ensure the best migration preparation. These tasks include checking custom fields, server/hosting issues, etc.
    • Migration requirements confirmation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed by both parties.
    Target Store Setup and Validation
    • Setup Target Store
    • Install needed plugins, prepare a proper environment before the migration.
    Store Customization
    • This includes modifying your store and customizing the data mapping system before migrating your store data. 
    Demo Migration Testing
    • LitExtension experts will configure a demo migration for each data type to ensure the needed configurations are in place. Please note that, if your total entities are under 2000, the Demo Migration will be skipped unless you request us to perform one.
    • Test and validate test data to make sure there is no error before proceeding with the Full Migration.
  • Full Migration Implementation
    • LitExtension experts will configure and perform your full migration. All the unwanted issues will be detected by LitExtension Smart Controller and fixed by our experts immediately.
    Migration Results Testing
    • LitExtension experts will check your new store’s data to make sure all the data has been transferred accurately. Please note: The actual migration time might take longer if there are additional requirements that arise during the Demo and Full Migration.
    Confirm Project Outcomes
  • UNLIMITED Recent Data Migration, Re-migration or Smart Update

    • As your current store will still operate normally during the migration, it may have new data (orders, customers) or some data updated (products) after the migration. Therefore, LitExtension provides services to help you move the newly appearing or updated data to your new store after migration. Learn more about Recent Data Migration, Re-migration and Smart Update.

    Migration Assurance

    • LitExtension provides a REFUND IN FULL within 30 days if there are any major technical issues with migrated data. See more here.

What We Do

In All-in-One Migration Package, your Personal Assistant will regularly update you on the migration process and make sure to eliminate all possible inconveniences occurring during and after data migration, before delivering the final result to you.

Book a Call With LitExtension Expert – Here you can schedule a call with LitExtension experts to talk about your shopping cart migration and consult any related matters such as custom fields, special requirements, etc.

Allinone Migration

I’d Like to Migrate From

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Migration Pricing

Estimated Fulfilment Time: 2 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing your question listed here? Contact us for the quickest answer.
I have purchased the All-In-One Migration Package. What are the next steps?

After purchasing the All-In-One Migration Package, you’ll receive an email from our system immediately to confirm your order and ask for some required information for the migration.

After that, your Personal Assistant (PA) will set up the Demo Migration and let you preview the migration results on your Target Store.

When everything is well-prepared or you want to skip the Demo Migration step, the PA will run the Full Migration and check the freshly migrated store thoroughly for you, both front-end and back-end, to ensure that all the data is transferred accurately.

How to know if the All-in-One Migration Package is for me?

All-in-One Migration (AIO) Package is the right solution for you when:

  • You have zero technical knowledge or coding experience, and you want to save time. When you choose the AIO package, your Personal Assistant will transfer data safely to the Target site. They will ensure the best conditions for your data beforehand, perform the Full Migration, check results and make needed configurations to maintain the proper operations of your new store after the migration.

  • You have special requirements. Our Personal Assistant will satisfy your demand while migrating your data to the new platform. You can request us to set up a Target Cart, adjust the code, migrate specific entities, etc. Just let us know what you need and we will fulfill it. Please note that available customization fee is a separate service and is not included in the original All-in-One service package quoted price.

  • Experts are needed to ensure your store’s normal operations. There are several crucial steps you have to follow after the migration to make sure your store on a new platform runs smoothly. With the AIO Package, you won’t have to get your hands dirty as our Personal Assistant will fully handle everything and deliver a good and ready store to you.
Where can I receive support if I buy the All-in-One Migration service?

Pre-sales support channels:

  • Live chat
  • Video/phone call

Post-sales support channels:

  • Ticket
  • Email

LitExtension Customer Support team is available 24/7 on business days and even weekends, excluding national holidays:

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 00h00 to 23h59 (UTC+7)
  • Sunday and Monday: 08h30 to 23h59 (UTC+7)
Can I use the Demo Migration to test the All-in-One service?

You can definitely use the Demo Migration to understand the migration process run by LitExtension better.

If you want, your Personal Assistant (PA) will set up the Demo Migration and let you preview the migration results on your Target Store. You can also transfer a certain number of items (200 products, 200 customers, and 200 orders) from your Source Cart to the Target Cart yourself.

When the process is finished, you can evaluate the results, evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the process, and address any problems that may arise before officially carrying out the Full Migration.

Is All-in-One service one-time purchase or monthly fee?

You just need to pay one time only. The All-in-One service is a One-Time purchase.

No monthly fee is required!

Why does the All-in-One have a higher price than the Basic one?

The All-in-One Migration service is a whole package when it:

  • Handles the most complicated migration cases that Basic Migration can’t.
  • Assign a Personal Assistant who will handle everything in the migration process for you so you can spend time and effort on other important tasks involved in your new store operations.
  • Offers a much quicker response time compared to the Basic Migration, whether on weekdays or weekends.
  • Includes some additional options without charging extra fees such as 301 Redirects, Strip HTML, Preserve Orders/Products/Customers ID.
What security is in place to protect my information?

We have a set of policies, including a Data Security Policy, GDPR Compliance, and Privacy Policy, to guarantee data security in every project we handle. We take full responsibility for and pride ourselves on protecting our customer data in all forms, on all media, and during all phases of its life cycle.

How long can I expect to hear back from my Personal Assistant (PA) about my concerns?

LitExtension Customer Support team is committed to supporting you regularly and promptly as per the standards of the All-in-One Migration Package:

  • Weekdays: 12 hours
  • Weekends: 45 hours

Note: Non-working days will be announced on our Social Media Channels and the Live Chat system.

Why Thousands of Merchants Trust LitExtension?

Precise and Reliable Migration
Precise and Reliable Migration

LitExtension guarantees to transfer all your entities from one eCommerce platform to another accurately and securely.

Customer Privacy Assurance
Customer Privacy Assurance

We utilize advanced encryption and security measures to ensure all your sensitive details remain safeguarded.

Personalized Migration Experience
Personalized Migration Experience

No more worries about meta data and custom fields because LitExtension will customize evrything needed to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated Personal Assistant
Dedicated Personal Asisstant

From initial consultation to post-migration, our Personal Asisstant is always your go-to resource for timely guidance, troubleshooting, and expert advice.

Clear Delivery Process
Clear Delivery Process

Upon receiving your request, our experts will carefully analyze your requirements and provide a detailed migration timeline that can commit to your deadlines.

Keep Selling While Migrating
Keep Selling While Migrating

Rest assure that no data will be left behind since LitExtension guarantees a 100% uptime for your store with no delay on business performance.

How Your Data Is Secured During Migration?

We at LitExtension prioritize data security and have a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Check out our Data Security Policy.
Server Security
Server Security

All migration jobs will be carried out on Linode servers located in the USA, Euro, Australia, Singapore,…

Data Security
Data Security

The data is protected by HTTPS secure protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption. Nothing is stored on LitExtension’s servers.

Data Access Restriction
Data Access Restriction

Only authorized LitExtension experts can access the source code to handle custom migration requests.

GDPR Compliance
GDPR Compliance

LitExtension is compliant with GDPR regulations, a global data protection law passed by the European Union.


We do not keep your credentials or import records after the migration. Your data is guaranteed not to be disclosed or used for any other purposes rather than the migration.

Payment Security
Payment Security

Your payment is processed by Paypal – the #1 worldwide payment gateway. Hence, LitExtension does not store any payment data.

Your Success, Our Motivation

“I’m so impressed with their software, their support, they went above and beyond to make sure the process is easy and simple.”
Clayton Bates – Founder of Inspire Small Business

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