Multi-threaded Migration Service

The exclusive multi-threaded migration technology allows migration speed to increase up to 10 times, faster when compared to the regular speed. Developed by LitExtension’s engineers, multi-threaded migration is ideal for swift store migration with substantial data volumes and limited time.

Why Multi-threaded Migration Service?

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Normal Migration

Your data will be migrated sequentially at an average speed of 250 entities/minute (*). The more entities you wish to transfer, the more time it takes to complete Full Migration. 

(*) The actual speed will depend on other factors such as network connection, bandwidth, and server.

Multi-threaded Migration

LitExtension’s Multi-threaded Migration Service helps accelerate migration speed by up to 10 times compared to Normal Migration.

If you have a significant number of data but have limited time, multi-threaded service is here to solve your problem. Let us solve your migration challenges with ease and efficiency.

The Benefits of Multi-threaded Migration

Up to 10 Times Faster

Increases speed by up to 10 times, allowing for faster migration and saving waiting time for store owners.

Reduce Store Development Time

Accelerates the progress of store development for customers, enabling them to complete their stores earlier and reap business benefits.

Optimize Store Development Cost

Saves costs for customers as store development time is optimized. Helps customers allocate additional resources to their business.

VIP Support – VIP Communications

Customers will have dedicated customer support representatives available for communication via email, chat, or call whenever they need assistance.

Multi-threaded Migration Service: FAQs

What is multi-threaded migration?

Multi-threaded Migration Service is a service provided by LitExtension to optimize data migration speed. Instead of migrating one data type at a time, this service allows transferring various data types at a time. Hence, migration process can be 10 times faster than the normal service.

Do I have to run the data migration myself?

Luckily, no. Our Experts will be examined your data and run the migration for you, from beginning to end.

What kind of support do I get?

You can contact us directly via tickets, guaranteed to answer within 6 hours. Also, we have 24/7 live chat support. 

Can I free demo this service?

Yes, you can run free demo and test the migration results. Please contact us for further support!

Is there a estimated completion time that I can agree upon?

We can estimate the migration duration depending on the number of entities you have and the complexity of your requirements. Please provide us with your data information via live chat, so we can assist you better. 

What if after migration, we cant find our data?

Don’t worry. Our expert will test after-migration results and report to you all the details via ticket. 

Ready for a Swift and Efficient Data Transfer?

Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to lightning-fast results. Join us today for a seamless and exhilarating migration experience!

Why Choose LitExtension

#1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
#1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert

We offer the state-of-the-art migration solution at the most reasonable price. You can upgrade your store with ease, high speed, and utmost accuracy.

No Technical Skill Needed
No Technical Skill Needed

All shopping cart migration steps are simplified to reduce human involvement. Get a hands-off migration experience with LitExtension!

100% Uptime
100% Uptime

We keep your store active normally during re-platforming. No sales disruption!

247 Professional Support
24/7 Professional Support

A dedicated support team right at your fingertips via ticket, phone, live chat, and email. They are available 24/7 even holidays to support you.

3-Month Migration Assurance
3-Month Migration Assurance

Ensure no missing data with 3 months of Free & Unlimited Recent Migrations, Re-migrations and Smart Update.

30-day Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To prove confidence in our services and their value to you, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Who We Truly Are? Let Our Customer Define!

  • JocelynAustralia

    I am in the process of moving my existing website over to Shopify. As this is my 4th iteration of my website, I knew I didn't want to do the migration part myself again! Using this service meant that I could concentrate on running my business for a couple of days while the migration was being done for me.

  • AlexUS

    Lotus was phenomenal! She is detailed-oriented and works extremely fast! She helped with the migration from Wix to Shopify in no time. Thank you so much Lotus and everyone at LitExtension!

  • Velyan AngelovBulgaria

    It was great service from those guys! Verry complex case with very old Woocommerce to new Woocommerce store!

  • Rich YessianUS

    Very responsive and for the cost of the main migration, they support and help you remigrate anything further for several more months.

  • Jack BarkerUnited Kingdom

    Took most of the work off our hands. The team were great and went out of their way to get the migration from J2store to Shopify completed. The time zone differences were slightly difficult but that didn't stop the work from being completed.

  • Jen GerardUS

    I built our new Shopify site myself but with no developer experience. I really struggled migrating products, customers and order history. It was a bit overwhelming until I found Lit. They helped me set it up and did the contract. Emailed me at every stage and listened to my feedback. I found them on Thursday and by Monday the work was completed.

  • Rumiko Acopa RiosUS

    I absolutely appreciate the professionalism, how quick and efficient they were in migrating my products and customer orders over from GoDaddy to Shopify. They communicated very well and would definitely recommend them.

  • P.R.Australia

    Great support and communications during the migration process, quick responses to every questions that we had. Very happy with their services. Thank you.

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