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LitExtension Brand Guideline

This document provides information and a set of standards for using LitExtension brand name, logo, typeface and other design elements on all communication materials. These guidelines are simple to comprehend and apply while still allowing creative expression. While we prefer a standardized brand identity there might be situations that require customization outside of this guideline. In such cases, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

Our Brand Name

The brand name of LitExtension


LitExtension is written as a single word; no space, with capitalized L and E.


Our brand name does not have an abbreviation form, so make sure that you will not abbreviate it in any type of content.

Sentence Usage

Please use the correct format of our name under any circumstances. Any modified version will not be accepted.
MISTAKEArtboard 15 3 f7456561

Meaning Behind The Triangles

The triangle symbol has always been the key visual brand element of LitExtension. It represents the core migration service that we are offering to our customers. Besides the main purpose, this symbol has some interesting deeper meaning:

  • It represents the data migration process from one platform to another platform and vice versa.
  • The symbol looks like wings, which reminds us of the bird migration. The purpose of this animal movement is to always look for a better place to grow, which is the same as that of data migration.
  • Orange is the color of challenge, excitement while blue is the color of technology. Both colors perfectly fit with an enthusiastic technology company like LitExtension.

Logo Ratio

The length of the side of a square is represented by X, rendering the length of the symbol 3X. The distance from the symbol to the letter “L” is 0.5X. The size of the word “LitExtension” is X x 10.5X. The slogan is placed in the middle of a row of squares, 0.18X distances from both the upper and lower sides. The upper side of the row touches the main base of the word “LitExtension”.

The logo ratio of LitExtension
The anatomy and clearspace of LitExtension's logo

Anatomy & Clear Space

Clear Space

To work out the clear space, take the length of the “lit” letter combination and measure from the outer frame of the logo.

Maintain this clear space when resizing the logo image. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.

Minimum Size

For printing and on-screen display purposes, the minimum size of the logo should be 20 pixels in height. The minimum size of the logo should never be presented in sizes smaller than the requirements to ensure clarity, visibility, and impact.

Brand Color Palette

To ensure the brand color uniformity, kindly use the correct color codes.

Limit the use of colors other than ones in this palette to ensure the brand recognition.

The complementary color palette supports the main color range when it comes to the logo identification. It also helps LitExtension’s brand maintain its identity while updating different color trends.


  • For printing on different materials such as fabric, wood, stone, glass, metal, etc, the logo colors must match with this color palette.
  • All the designs in LitExtension’s brand guideline are used with colors mentioned in this section.
  • The white color (#ffffff) also acts as a secondary color in the brand color palette.

Primary Colors
LitExtension's primary colors

Secondary Colors
LitExtension's secondary colors

Monotone Logo Color Guideline

Color Codes
Color codes

Our Logo on Colorful Backgrounds
LitExtension's logo on colorful backgrounds

Different Examples
Different examples of LitExtension's logo

The objective of these guidelines is to ensure that any reproduction of the logo must be true to the original.

Kindly refer to the following examples of logo color guidelines.

Monotone symbol guidelines:

  • #FFFFFF Opacity: 100% (Color code)
  • #EAEAEA Opacity: 90% (Color code)
  • #000000 Opacity: 100% (Color code)
  • #737373 Opacity: 90% (Color code)


  • Do not divide the symbol of the logo into 3 pieces to ensure the accuracy of the symbol.
  • When switching to the monotone logo, make use of the right opacity property to avoid inconsistency in transparency levels.

    Logo Usage Guideline

    To ensure the brand integrity when using the logo, kindly follow the following guidelines to avoid the misuse of the logo:

    • Do not tilt the logo
    • Do not alter the color
    • Do not put the logo in strokes
    • Do not squeeze the logo
    • Do not stretch the logo)
    • Do not add or remove the logo elements)
    • Do not add any drop shadow effect to the logo)
    • Do not rotate the logo

    To ensure the brand integrity when using the logo, kindly follow these simple guidelines:

    • Do not place the dark monotone logo on backgrounds with light colors to ensure the clear contrast.
    • Do not place the bright monotone logo on backgrounds with bold colors to ensure the clear contrast.
    • Do not place the primary logo on complex backgrounds.
    Different examples of LitExtension's logo
    LitExtension logo on different backgrounds

    When to Use The Abstract Logo

    There are a few exceptional situations where you can use the ‘Reverse Triangles’ separately:

    • When the logo is placed in a limited space.
    • When partners want to list our logo beside other logos on their content.
    • When the abstract logo is instantly recognized in any type of content. For example, if you have already displayed the full logo with text on a section, then you can use the abstract logo in other sections.
    lite brandArtboard 20 1 989efce9
    lite brandArtboard 3 copy 4 010046f3

    Our Brand Font

    LitExtension uses Roboto as the main font for website content and promotional materials on social media channels. Here are the acceptable formats when using Roboto:

    • Light
    • Light Italic
    • Bold
    • Bold Italic

    Our Mascot

    Simon the squirrel is LitExtension’s mascot. He is always illustrated as an orange squirrel with a tie and a pair of glasses. Our artists have designed Simon to appear swift, professional and knowledgeable because we would like Simon to represent the characteristics of our brand and our experts’ work ethic.

    You can click HERE to learn more about Simon.

    LitExtension's mascot

    Trademark Guideline

    These guidelines describe how you must use and visually present our brand assets:

    • Our brand assets are our exclusive property. You will not take any action that violates our rights or our ownership of our brand assets. LitExtension does not permit the use of its name and logo for any of the following: business cards, domain names.
    • Your use must not mislead consumers as to our sponsorship of, affiliation with your brand or your service/products.
    • Our brand assets must be used in a respectful manner. It is prohibited to use our brand asset in a way that harms us, our customers and our products or services; or in a manner that damages our reputation or the goodwill in our brand heritage.
    • LitExtension reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not comply with our provided Trademark Guidelines.

    Still unclear about something we mentioned above? We’re more than happy to explain more!

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