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LitExtension Agency Partnership Program

Last Updated: December 1st, 2023

Please read the following document containing the Terms and Conditions carefully before joining LitExtension Agency Partner Program.

Partners shall be authorized to purchase LitExtension’s services for the purpose of using/reselling them to final customers. LitExtension reserves the right to cancel the agreement between LitExtension and Partners in case of violation of the terms and conditions below.

Partner Responsibilities

Agency Partner is responsible for providing LitExtension all comprehensive and accurate information, data, or resources needed to deliver the agreed project outcome (Including but not limited to demo sample, API docs, source cart information, target cart information, amount of entities migrated, custom data mapping…)

Agency Partner is responsible for being the main point of contact between Agency Partner’s client and LitExtension. Agency Partner is responsible for proactively providing any extra information, and needed data requested by LitExtension in order to complete any task within the project. Agency Partner’s responsiveness should be immediate, but not later than 12 working hours. LitExtentsion will not be responsible for any delay in the agreed project timeline if it is caused by any delay in Agency Partner’s responsiveness to the additional requested information.

Agency Partner is responsible for making project payment or any requested payment (from additional agreed requests) to LitExtension following the payment term.

Service Level Agreement

New project: Agency Partner will place a new order through Portal or work directly with LitExtension’s assigned Account Manager for a new project.

For each project, a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be clearly defined by both Parties prior to commencement.


Each project will have its unique cost associated with it. LitExtension’s assigned Account Manager will work directly with Agency Partner prior to the project to determine the SLA, as well as the project cost related.

Please note that quotations generated by LitExtension system do not include customization orders. Any necessary modifications will be made separately.

During the project implementation, LitExtension will inform Agency Partner if any additional cost (from additional request out of SLA) occurs and will only proceed with new requests after confirmation from Agency Partner.

Discounts & Benefits

Partners shall be entitled to receive 15% – 25% discounts from LitExtension for each order depending on their Partner levels. This program applies to the All-In-One package only, and the discount values will be directly applied at the checkout step. You must complete 05 migrations each or the total cost of migration projects reach $2000 before registering to become LitExtension’s Agency Partner. The more projects you perform, the higher discounts and other benefits you can get.

For further detail information, do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or support team.


General Information

  • Partners shall pay the amount informed by LitExtension’s Customer Support and Customer Success Teams or indicated by LitExtension’s Pricing Estimator at the checkout for each order before using LitExtension’s services.
  • LitExtension supports payment via PayPal/Western Union/Bank Transfer/Crypto Currencies.

Additional Payment Information

  • All payments are subject to fraud and risk analysis considerations and anti-money laundering procedures and may be withheld during the period of investigation.
Unauthorized and Prohibited Activities

A Partner shall not:

  • Display any offered code on a public-facing page or through the use of a “click to display” offer code.
  • Purchase search engine or other pay-per-click keywords (such as Google AdWords), trademarks or domain names that use the LitExtension Trademarks and/or the names or trademarks of any LitExtension Related Entities or any variations or misspelled thereof that may be deceptively or confusingly similar to the LitExtension Trademarks or the names or trademarks of any LitExtension Related Entity.
Downgrade & Upgrade & Termination

Partner will sign a 1-year partnership agreement. After 1 year, LitExtension will decide to renew, upgrade, or downgrade the partner level. If partners have successfully completed the entry requirements equivalent to higher partner levels, their partner level will be accordingly upgraded and vice versa.

In case LitExtension is informed that the Partner still works with LitExtension’s direct competitor, LitExtension can terminate the contract prematurely.

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