CSV Files Migration Service

CSV File Migration Service allows you to migrate data including products, customers, orders and other entities from CSV files to a new shopping cart. LitExtension makes sure to transfer your data to your Target Store securely and accurately.

How Our Experts Perform Migration From CSV Files

The CSV File Migration will be performed by LitExtension experts as the task is highly complicated and sensitive.

We will make sure the data compatibility between your CSV files and the Target Store so that your data will be transferred accurately and seamlessly. Let’s have a quick overview of how the CSV File Migration is processed by LitExtension.

Why Do You Need CSV Files Migration?

CSV File Migration is required when you can’t transfer your data directly between two platforms due to some certain cases:

  • Your old store has collapsed and what only left there was your CSV files.
  • You don’t want other parties to directly intervene in your site as data security is of importance to you. In this case, we can help you transfer your data without requesting your source store’s access permission by using CSV files.
  • You want to reorganize your data without any interference with your live store performance.
  • Your store is based on a cloud server instead of a dedicated server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to export data from your store to CSV Files

With some Hosted/API-Based Carts, it does not accept to connect via API, so we should export data from this cart to migration. This guide shows you how to export data from your shopping cart to CSV files before migration by using LitExtension solution.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes we do! You can migrate up to 20 entities (20 products, 20 orders, 20 customers) as a trial.

Where do I find my Migration ID and Ticket ID?

Migration ID can be found in your migration list. Please login to LitExtension migration dashboard at here then click the My Migrations button at the top menu.

Click Support Ticket button at the footer of LitExtension site and log in by the account you used to buy migration service.

I don’t have a target store installed yet. Can I try migration?

You can easily try a migration with LitExtension even without having a Target Store. Please login to the LitExtension migration management at Step 1, select Try migration use LitExtension test store option to try demo migration to LitExtension target store.

Can I migrate to trial store first and real store later?

Absolutely yes, you can migrate to the trial store first then re-migration to the real store later. But please keep in mind that trial and real store MUST be stored in the same server/hosting. During re-migration, you won’t be able to change Source Cart type, Source Cart URL, and Target Cart type.

How many steps to migrate data from your store to a target store?

You want to migrate data from your current cart to another? There are 4 steps to get your job done. Please click here for further details.

To get answer to more question, visit our complete FAQ page or Contact Us

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The cost of CSV File Migration depends on the total number of CSV files that you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your free quotation.

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  • Migrate on your own

    Have a COMPLICATED MIGRATION? Show us & win a chance to redeem 30% your order.

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  • Migrate on your own

    Have a COMPLICATED MIGRATION? Show us & win a chance to redeem 30% your order.

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