Database Dump Migration

To bring the most comprehensive service to merchants all over the global, Litextension always tries to find solutions for all matters to provide you the best service regarding Data Migration. During the online business operation, sometimes you may not avoid risks that the customization and configuration cause. It can take a lot of time and money to resolve the issue and negatively impact on your sales. Moreover, finding a trusted experienced experts in data migration work has never been easy because if you go to a wrong address, your store which you have been putting so much time, effort and money to develop can collapse and that is prospect no one wants it to happen.

If you are concerned about any outside party getting involvement to your administration site, ineffective waste of time and money, or your site has been dead and what you have is only Database Files, whether you can migrate these information to a new platform or not. The answer is you can. Litextension will provide you a service called Database Dump Migration.


Database Dump Migration is an action of performing your data from your database files to your target store.

The service provides merchants opportunity of moving their online store to another platform based on Database Dump, even the old site is already dead.To perform the procedure, our expert will import your file into a special database app to read and recover your original data form as an ordinary e-commerce site, therefore use Litextension application to migrate data normally.


With Database Dump Migration, the relation among entities will be preserved exactly, and your site will not meet any effects because we only work with your database files.

However, this work requires an advanced technical skill because of its complicated structure, therefore we highly recommend you to assign our data experts to do that.

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