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Experience #1 eCommerce Migration Services

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    Built for Everyone
    Both Store Owners and Agencies

    Litextension store migration

    eCommerce Migration Never Been Easier

    With the most advanced ecommerce platform migration solution, we ensure the highest accuracy and the least human involvement. Only 3 simple steps to set everything up. No coding required!

    Our eCommerce migration services will keep your new store as the old

    Keep Selling While Migrating

    Keep selling during store migration. Your Source Store can operate normally to receive new customers and orders. No sales lost!

    LitExtension's eCommerce data migration service will protect you data

    Your Data is Secured During Data Migration

    Your data is completely protected with several security policies throughout the eCommerce migration, namely GDPR Compliance and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Let LitExtension Experts Help You
    Complete Migration Projects

    The shopping cart migration solution provided by LitExtension helps to transfer your important data including products, customers, orders, blogs, and other related entities. It can even handle requests from your customers that have never been encountered before. With just 3 steps, your project will be addressed by LitExtension as promptly as possible

    Consultant with LitExtension experts  top 1 ecommerce store migration services

    #1: Consultant By
    LitExtension Experts

    Our experts will attentively consider your unique requirements, suggesting necessary measures to guarantee optimal preparation for the migration. 

    Setup ecommerce product data migration services by expert

    #2: Data Mapping & Setting
    By Experts

    Set up Target Store (the new store you want to migrate to), deploy the necessary plugins, and create the appropriate environment before migration.

    Complete ecommerce website migration service project

    #3: Perform Full eCommerce Replatforming

    Your migration will be set up and executed by LitExtension experts. Post-migration, we’ll recheck your data on your new platform to ensure all data has been migrated correctly.

    Experience a Seamless Migration With LitExtension

    Powering up your online store with a new platform is now much easier, faster, and more accurate with LitExtension. Having delivered 280K+ successful shopping cart migration projects for 200K+ worldwide customers, LitExtension is proud to be the #1 provider of eCommerce Migration services.

    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Solution

    LitExtension's ecommerce platform migration services support many platforms

    140+ Largest eCommerce Platforms Are Supported

    Our e-Commerce platform migration service is currently partnered with 140+ platforms. Some prominent names are Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Magento (Adobe Commerce), BigCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Wix, and Squarespace… 

    LitExtension's eCommerce migration service support many platforms

    Migration From Special Data Types

    LitExtension also helps transferring data from special formats such as Database Dump, CSV, Excel, XML Files, Google sheets and other special data types to the platform you desire.

    FAQs About eCommerce Migration Services

    Not seeing your question listed here? Contact Us for the quickest answer!

    What is eCommerce migration?

    eCommerce platform migration (a.k.a eCommerce replatforming) is the process of migrating your current website from one eCommerce platform to another. It means tranferring all of your website data, including customers, products, and orders to a new and robust shopping cart.

    How much does the Shopping Cart Migration cost?

    LitExtension’s pricing starts at $79 and depends on the number of entities you want to migrate. You can use our Automatic Pricing Estimator to calculate the accurate amount you have to pay the entities you have in mind.

    If you have any special requests outside our default eCommerce migration services, please chat with us for the customization fee.

    Can I try LitExtension for free?

    Yes, LitExtension offers every customer Free Demo Migration so they can understand the migration process run by LitExtension better.

    You can transfer a certain number of items (20 products, 20 customers, and 20 orders) from your Source Cart to the Target Cart. When the process is finished, you can evaluate the results, evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the process, and address any problems that may arise before officially carrying out the Full Migration.

    Will the cart migration affect my existing store?

    Your existing business can still take place during the cart to cart migration without any downtime interruptions. You can still receive new orders and serve new customers while the data is being transferred.

    Our eCommerce migration services ensure 100% uptime so your store can still be active as usual in the middle of the eCommerce re-platforming.

    What security is in place to protect my information?

    LitExtension eCommerce migration services have a set of policies, including Data Security Policy, GDPR Compliance, and Privacy Policy, to guarantee data security in every project we handle. We take full responsibility for and pride ourselves on protecting our customer data in all forms, on all media, and during all phases of its life cycle.

    Do I risk losing data from my existing store during the migration?

    With 10 years of experience in the field of e-commerce migration services, LitExtension understands that moving data accurately is always our top priority.

    We can assure you that we will migrate your data to the new eCommerce platform with the highest level of accuracy by closely monitoring the migration progress and checking the migration results carefully for you.

    Will my SEO rankings be affected after the migration?

    Your SEO rankings can be maintained, providing that you choose the SEO URLs Migration option during the migration process (Step 2). We will migrate Products and Categories URLs from the Source Cart to the Target Cart, and therefore, your current rankings will not be affected after the migration.

    This is one of the important factors that we always focus on when developing our e-commerce data migration service.

    Do you support CSV or Excel or XML files migrations?

    Yes, LitExtension does offer CSV File Migration service where we will migrate data from your CSV/Excel/XML files and other file formats to over 120 eCommerce platforms accurately and seamlessly.

    This is an option in the feature list of our ecommerce migration service that many customers use. It’s support in case you cannot migrate 2 e-commerce platforms directly.

    Chat with us so we can understand your needs better and help you achieve your goals at your convenience.

    Do you provide any post-migration services?

    We certainly do! After the original full migration, you can use our Re-migration, Recent Migration, and Smart Update, to transfer and update new data in your Target Store.

    They can be used unlimited times and free of charge within 3 months after the full migration as long as the total number of additional entities does not exceed that of the initial amount by 10%.

    Or you can contact us anytime as we will gladly do the job for you!

    LitExtension’s ultimate goal is that your process of using our e-commerce migration service will go as smoothly as possible.

    How can I get support from LitExtension?

    We have compiled multiple detailed resources including the Migration Guide, the FAQs, the blog page, and the Video Tutorials which can address multiple possible problems during your migration process with LitExtension.

    For quick and direct response, please contact LitExtension Support Team via live chat, email, and request tickets.

    Note: We do not support via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,…

    Why Choose Us

    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    We offer the state-of-the-art migration solution at the most reasonable price. You can upgrade your store with ease, high speed, and utmost accuracy.
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    No Technical Skill Needed
    All shopping cart migration steps are simplified to reduce human involvement. Get a hands-off migration experience with LitExtension!
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    100% Uptime
    We keep your store active normally during re-platforming. No sales disruption!
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    24/7 Professional Support
    A dedicated support team right at your fingertips via ticket, phone, live chat, and email. They are available 24/7 even holidays to support you.
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    3-Month Migration Assurance
    Ensure no missing data with 3 months of Free & Unlimited Recent Migrations, Re-migrations and Smart Update.
    #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    To prove confidence in our services and their value to you, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Your Success, Our Motivation

    “I’m so impressed with their software, their support, they went above and beyond to make sure the process is easy and simple.”
    Clayton Bates – Founder of Inspire Small Business

    Who We Truly Are? Let Our Customer Define!

    • Jocelyn

      I am in the process of moving my existing website over to Shopify. As this is my 4th iteration of my website, I knew I didn’t want to do the migration part myself again! Using this service meant that I could concentrate on running my business for a couple of days while the migration was being done for me.

    • Alex

      Lotus was phenomenal! She is detailed-oriented and works extremely fast! She helped with the migration from Wix to Shopify in no time. Thank you so much Lotus and everyone at LitExtension!

    • Velyan Angelov

      It was great service from those guys! Verry complex case with very old Woocommerce to new Woocommerce store!

    • Jen Gerard

      I built our new Shopify site myself but with no developer experience. I really struggled migrating products, customers and order history. It was a bit overwhelming until I found Lit. They helped me set it up and did the contract. Emailed me at every stage and listened to my feedback. I found them on Thursday and by Monday the work was completed.

    • Jack Barker
      United Kingdom

      Took most of the work off our hands. The team were great and went out of their way to get the migration from J2store to Shopify completed. The time zone differences were slightly difficult but that didn’t stop the work from being completed.

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