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At LitExtension, our mission is to empower eCommerce businesses through transparent, truth-based analyses of tools and platforms. With a legacy of more than 10 years, we've been providing a trusted resource for merchants and helping them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape to build robust, scalable online stores. Our core values hinge on delivering unparalleled value to our customers, empowering them to make informed decisions in their eCommerce journey.

How Do We Assess A Platform?

To evaluate each platform objectively, we analyze it based on the following key criteria:

1. Ease of Use

We believe that navigating an eCommerce platform should be seamless. Therefore, we always put our effort into meticulously evaluating the user interface and overall user experience to ensure that our recommended platforms are intuitive, user-friendly, and conducive to efficient business operations.

2. Value for Money

Our analysis delves into pricing plans and associated fees, ensuring that the value proposition aligns with the investment. We want to be certain that our readers get the most bang for their buck.

3. Scalability

An eCommerce platform must grow with your business. We examine the scalability of each platform, ensuring it accommodates the evolving needs of merchants and scales seamlessly with their aspirations.

4. Built-in eCommerce Features

Robust features are the backbone of any eCommerce venture. Therefore, built-in features are always put on top of our list when assessing one eCommerce solution.

5. Apps & Extensions

In many cases, third-party plugins might come to the rescue when merchants want to further enhance their online presence. Our evaluation extends to the availability and quality of apps, making sure that each platform offers an adequate selection of extensions for business growth.

6. Design Functionality

We deeply analyze the design functionality of each platform, ensuring that merchants can create visually appealing, responsive, and brand-consistent storefronts.

7. Security

Each and every online presence should be safe to use. As a result, we always delve into the security features of each platform, ensuring that merchants and their customers are protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

8. Support

It’s our belief that a good platform should be one that can provide prompt assistance every time merchants are in need. We assess the quality and responsiveness of customer support services to ensure merchants have a reliable lifeline in times of need.

9. User Reviews

Every opinion matters. Hence, when conducting research on an eCommerce platform, we make sure to collect and assess how other users think about this solution. This way, we can come up with a comprehensive overview of the platform’s performance from the perspective of those who have been experiencing it.

Please note that the weights for each factor listed here may vary depending on the platform we are conducting research on.

Our Research Process

1. Conduct a market research

Our journey begins with a comprehensive exploration of the eCommerce landscape. We immerse ourselves in market trends, emerging technologies, and the subtle nuances that shape the digital commerce ecosystem.

2. Create a demo store and analyze its features

Turning theory into practice, we start creating a demo store for the platform we are testing. This hands-on approach allows us to meticulously dissect and analyze its features and functionality based on our criteria.

3. Assess that platform against its competitors

Then, we subject each platform to thorough benchmarking against its counterparts. This comparative analysis ensures that our recommendations not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing our audience with optimal solutions in a competitive landscape.

4. Start producing the material

Fully packed with comprehensive insights, we will start crafting content. Our goal is to break down complex information into informative and engaging material, providing our diverse audience with tailored material for their unique eCommerce aspirations.

5. Proofreading and publish

Aimed to maintain the highest standards, our commitment extends to the editorial process. Each post undergoes meticulous proofreading to ensure polished, error-free content before it graces our platform and reaches our discerning audience.

6. Review and update

Now that the content is published, our job is not done yet. Regular reviews and updates keep our content current and relevant, aligning with the latest industry developments and insights.

Our Commitment

At LitExtension, our users take center stage. Though we might earn a small commission from the Affiliate program, be assured that our recommendations are guided by an unwavering commitment to impartial, expert advice. Transparency is our guiding principle, and for a detailed insight into our partnerships, please refer to our disclosure. We stand as your trusted companion, navigating the complexities of eCommerce with expertise and dedication.

Vision and Mission Statement

Mission statement

At LitExtension, our mission is to empower e-merchants with insightful information and be their companion in the journey to build online business. We are dedicated to be a bellwether, providing a trusted resource that equips store owners with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate through the eCommerce landscape. With unwavering commitment, we strive to be the catalyst for success in every merchant's journey, fostering growth, resilience, and innovation.


LitExtension aspires to be the visionary force shaping the future of eCommerce. We envision a global landscape where merchants are not only well-informed but inspired to pioneer innovation. Our vision is to be the catalyst for a transformative era, where every merchant, armed with our insights, not only builds robust online presence but becomes a trailblazer in the digital marketplace. LitExtension is dedicated to ushering in an epoch where eCommerce is synonymous with limitless possibilities, and merchants lead the way in creating extraordinary online experiences.

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