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Prestashop Migration

Prestashop has been becoming one of the most popular choices for e-commerce store owners. It gives you a good administrative features, lots of design options and very user-friendly interface. Prestashop Migration is a comprehensive solution of LitExtension that helps worldwide customers transfer all products, customers, orders and other corresponding information accurately, automatically and quickly from current platforms to Prestashop. With more than 50 supported source carts and many years of experience as a world leading data migration expert, LitExtension is a trusted address for E-commerce Business Owners looking for a data transfer to Prestashop.

  • Compatible with
  • Prestashop: 1.6.x, 1.7.x

    What Data Can Possibly Be Migrated

  • Products

    • Name, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Sort Order in Category Product ID Reference code Sort Order
    • Price, Group Price, Tier Price
    • URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description
    • Weight Width Height Depth
    • Related Products, Product Tags EAN-13 UPC
    • Downloadable Products: (Files, Expiration Date, Number of allowed downloads)
    • Variants: (Weight, Attributes, Quantity, Images, Price)
    • Thumbnail Image
  • Product Categories

    • Name, Description, Status Sort Order
    • Image, Thumbnail Image
    • URL, Meta Title, Meta Description
    • , Access group
  • Manufacturers

    • Name, Image
    • , Description, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Taxes

    • Tax Class: (Tax name, Country, Tax rate)
  • Customers

    • ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, Newsletter, Gender, Date of Birth, Passwords, Created Date, Telephone
    • , Address: (Zip Code, City, State, Country, First Name, Last Name)
  • Orders

    • ID, Order Date, Order Status, Order Products: (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Total Price Custom Order Status Shipping Price Order Status History,
    • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name)
    • Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name , Last Name)
  • Reviews

    • Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Product, Title, Comment
  • Multiple Languages

    • Yes
  • Blogs

    Additional Options

  • Clear Data On Target Store Before Migration

    If your target store has no data, this option is definitely not for you. In case your target store contains something like products, customers, orders, etc, this option allows you to delete this current data automatically based on the selected entities instead of doing it manually. Test data after Demo migration will be deleted as well.

    For example: You need to migrate your store to desire shopping cart. Your desire shopping cart has already been installed, but it still maintained a small amount of customer and product data. You want to delete those data, but it is very hard to do manually. Save time and effort by choosing this option. It helps you delete data from your Target Store based on the selected entities for migration. Note: Do not support clear Product Review on Shopify, Orders on 3dCart and All Data on Neto.

  • Preserve Order IDs

    This option supports preserving Order IDs on a Target Store after the migration.

    For example: You have OrderID #666 on Source Store. It will be migrated the same ID #666 to the Target Store. However, if this option is not chosen, the Order IDs on the Target store will be different from the ones on your Source store.

    Note: You must clear current data on Target Store by selecting: Clear Current Data On Target Store Before Migration, option before perform migration. Support Target Stores: Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and Shopify.

    Additional Price: +$19

  • Create The 301 Redirects

    This option supports redirect your previous products and categories URLs to the new ones, on your Target Store after migration

    Additional Price: +$39

    Note: Do not support Target Stores: Prestashop, OpenCart

  • Migrate Customers Password

    With different algorithm, users passwords in most of different platforms have to be stored in other encryption way. This is primary reason why even professionals cannot ensure to keep all users passwords after migration from platform to another.

    This option supports customers using their Source store credentials to log in your Target store. [Read more]

    Note: Do not support Target Stores are Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dCart, Neto

  • SEO URLs Migration

    The issue of whether target store could keep SEO URLs (SEO ranking) after migrating from the source store to target store is the most important of store owners. This option helps you to migrate Products and Categories URLs. Old URLs will be saved in Target Store and maintained to keep all current SEO ranking you have built up for years. This option allows you to preserve all the current links to your products thus saving your old customers and SEO ranking of your store. [Read More]

    Additional Price: +$39

    Note: Do not support Target Store is Shopify

  • Preserve Customer IDs

    This option supports preserving Customer IDs on a Target Store after the migration

    For Example: You have CustomerID #7777 on Source Store. It will be migrated the same ID #7777 to the Target Store. However, if this option is not chosen, the Customer IDs on the Target store will be different from the ones on your Source store.

    Note: You must clear current data on Target Store by selecting: Clear Current Data On Target Store Before Migration, option before perform migration. Supported Target Stores: Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart.

    Additional Price: +$19

  • Strip HTML tags

    With this option, all HTML tags will be stripped from category and product names

    Additional Price: +$19

  • Migrate Additonal Images

    With this option you will be able to migrate images in descriptions of products, categories and blog posts from your Source Store to the Target Store

  • Preserve Product IDs

    This option supports preserving Product IDs on a Target Store after the migration. Supported migrations: Magento to Magento, Prestashop to Prestashop, OpenCart to OpenCart , Magento to Prestashop.

    For Example: You have ProductID #1983 on Source Store. It will be migrated the same ID #1983 to the Target Store. However, if this option is not chosen, the product IDs on the Target store will be different from the ones on your Source store.

    Note: You must clear current data on Target Store by selecting: Clear Current Data On Target Store Before Migration, option before perform migration.

    Additional Price: +$19

  • Recent Data Migration

    You have just finished a full migration, after that your Source Store is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Target Store updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again. [Read More]

  • Re-migration

    In the most case, customers are all moved their data successfully from the first time with LitExtension. However, many of them are in need of performing the conversion again. This option gives you a chance to remigration with no extra cost [Read More]

  • Selective Migration

    This option helps you to choose which data you want to migrate.
    For example: Your current source site only stores Products, Customers and Orders. To convert all of these data, you can choose all the corresponding entries or click "Select All" in the "Select Data To Migrate" section. If you just want to transfer customer data only, please select "Customers".

  • Fail-Safe Migration

    In case the migration accidentally stops during migration due to server shutdown, network down or any other cause. LitExtension provides Resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration, you won't have to start over again.

  • No Downtime

    During the migration process, your current store still runs normally. Data is migrated with no downtime for source store.

Don't Have Time To Perform Migration?

All-In-One Migration service provides high quality migration service with low cost. We will perform data migration and provide all the necessary customization for you. The main goal is to save time and minimize efforts of e-merchants

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Professional Support

We’re proud to bring you 24x5 Expert Support by ticket, phone, live chat, or email. You’ll talk to our experts and get your issue resolved quickly.


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Looking for a quick, easy and efficient way to migrate your store? LitExtension’s here to help you migration with ease. Just a few clicks to get your job done.


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LitExtension provides solution to perform the migration directly from your current store to your target cart, no third party involved including themselves.


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Don’t have a big budget? Not an issue. Our affordable pricing helps with cutting costs and saves your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide LitExtension when I need to support?
When you need to support, please provide us with the following information: Order Number E-mail address Customer Name Description your issue(s) need to support.
Can you migrate customers password?
Yes, it is possible. Please visit http://litextension.com/customers-password-migration-plugins.html for further details
Is there any additional cost after purchasing your product?
You don’t have to pay any additional cost after purchasing our products. However, if you want to use our customized services, the fee will be required. Also, for free products, our support will be given as the charged service.
I'm not a technical expert so can you guys help me to perform migration?
Yes, I would like to offer the All-In-One Migration Service at http://litextension.com/migration-services/all-in-one-data-migration-service.html This is full migration service, we will perform migration for you. You just wait and get awesome result from us. Here is what we do: Install migration tool Perform migration After migration completed, we'll check again to ensure all data was transferred before hand-over. Support re-migration for FREE (if you need)
How can I pay for your products?
To purchase our products, you can use 2 payment methods when placing order: Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill (Moneybooker) or Wire Transfer After added product and placed order, you will redirect to Paypal automatically for payment. On Paypal you can pay by your Paypal account or Credit Card (in case you dont have Paypal account) If you can not use Paypal, please visit our Payment Guide at http://litextension.com/docs/payment_guide.pdf , it will guide you to make payment through Skrill or Wire Transfer.
Can I ask for a refund after purchasing?
Migration Tools: If the tool does not work for your case by following our setup instructions, or it does not live up to what has been advertised, we will refund with full amount within 30 days. The following cases are not eligible for refund: You did not follow our Installation/User Guide which cause the tool fails to work. You have no clear evidence that the tool fails to work. You want extra features/functionalities which the tool does not have. Your source store has been configured to prevent the connector to work. Your target store has been tweaked or installed with custom modules which prevent the migration module to work properly. Any extra plugins like Password, SEO, Custom field Instead, we do provide support to resolve all such situations, please just feel free to contact us
Can I upgrade an already existing Prestashop store to the latest version?
Yes, Prestashop upgrade is performed in the same way as migration. Thus, install needed version and transfer all data from your existing store to the new one in a few clicks. Please check it out : http://litextension.com/prestashop-migration-tool/prestashop-to-prestashop.html
How to enable maintenance mode in Prestashop
Maintenance mode is used to prevent your website visitors from seeing what’s going on your web page. For instance, after the template installation, when your website is not yet ready to go live. PrestaShop 1.7 engine releases same as their 1.6. predecessors allow enabling the Maintenance mode for that purpose. The great benefit of such mode is that you grant certain people permissions to view your website even while it is under the maintenance. Step 1 In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Shop parameters -> General section: Step 2 Choose there Maintenance tab. You can set the following options: Enable shop – enable the Maintenance code by setting it to No; Maintenance IP – add the IP addresses of those users that you’d like to allow to see the front office. Multiple IP addresses should be separated by commas. You can also add your own IP address to the list by clicking Add my IP button; Custom maintenance text – the text, images or even videos that define what your visitors will see on the Maintenance page where they will be taken to if the Maintenance mode is enabled. Step 3 Save the changes and refresh your website.

What Customers Say About Us

These guys won't let you down! No matter how complicated or hard your migration is, they'll always come up with a solution! They offer migration services that I'm sure no other website or plug-in has as I've looked everywhere myself. They also provide a great after-sale support, they will be there with you until your migration is done perfectly! which by the way is extremely fast! An excellent, friendly, and helpful support team, and a very smart, fast, developers team :).


Flawless service had a couple little issues due to all the plugins on my original Prestashop store but they went straight to work and solving the issues even a couple working out there working hours due to the time difference. Soon as the little issues where resolved data migration went off without an issue.


After few failed attempt with others migration software, we finally migrate our old WOOCOMMERCE website to SHOPIFY, and it is all possible due to the great support from LitExtension's team, Thank you again! Pradipta WPFreelance


I've had nothing but a great experience with the guys at LitExtension and it has been a breeze migrating and their after sales support is wonderful as well. Definitely prefer them over competitors in the market who are all about sales and nothing about support! Thumbs up and please keep it up!


Ashley was really helpful when we got stuck and the support offered was amazing. Great support from Litextension. Awesome and amazing product


After hiring may other developers for migration, I'm very happy with Lit Extension and would only use them. Not a lot of migrations work as fast and I wish I hired them first. They do the job fast and efficient.

kustom label

Just ask exactly what you need and that's it !!!! It is done !!!! Amazing brain, amazing possibilities !!!! Thank you Litextension !!!


Despite a stalled start due to server issues, the support team did a great job in helping me through the problem and certainly 'went the extra mile'. Highly recommended.


Upgrading from Magento 1x to 2x can take a lot of time working through through the details of migration. This product (along with some excellent support), did exactly what I needed to get all of our products, sales, and customer info migrated!


Excellent support team that was very responsive to customization needs and adjustments when fixes were required. The product takes a very complex process and makes it do-able. It also allows you to do main migration and then later migrate only what has changed. I am very impressed with the product and especially with the support! Highly recommended!