Magento has been the best choice for hundreds of thousand of retailers all over the world. It is an open-source platform and includes both paid and non-paid version. It supports users in many aspects so that your online stores can run faster and more effectively, such as quick checkout payment, search engine, smart admin panel, etc. Along with a wide pool of advanced features on offer, Magento pricing plan is pretty preferable.

Are you looking for data transfer to Magento or starting selling online?  You have no idea which costs are included to run a successful Magento online store? This article is going to show you exactly what you need to know. The price of a Magento webstore varies greatly and depends on your goals and the result you expect to achieve.

Here are a few things you need to pay when going with Magento.

Magento pricing

They have two versions for their platform: Magento Community (free) and Magento Enterprise (paid), this means even a low budget business can create a unique store. After the launch of Magento 2, licenses for new Magento 1 Enterprise Edition stores are no longer available.

Domain cost

As recommended, there are 2 methods for you to acquire a domain:

  • Brand new domain: costs you from $10 to $15 per year, depending on which domain name extension you desire. Top-level domains (TLDs) are always more expensive than other types of registra, for example.
  • Aged domain: costs you hundreds, thousands of dollars and even more, depending on domain values and other associated data of the corresponding website.


The hosting fee for your store depends on your choice, ranging from at least $3.95/month (Shared server), $29/month (virtual private server) and $99/month (dedicated server).


All Magento editions offer quite a great set of out-of-the-box features that covers need of store owners. Additional Magento extensions will help to enhance the store’s capabilities and tailor it to business purpose. Currently, there are over 5,000 extensions available for Magento store, and many of them are free. The prices for paid modules start at around $50.


You can find Magento template both free and paid. However, for a beautiful store, many people offer paid ones and the cost for such needs ranging from $29 to $499 on Market Place.


It’s quite onerous to run an online store successfully which is possible to achieve your ambitious revenue without hiring a web agency or freelancer to help you. And the average estimated cost for that is about $100-$125 per hour.

From gathered information above, we can see that to develop a Magento store which is aimed at getting under $1 million revenue in total , you need to pay at least $30.000 to $50.000.

Magento 2 is estimated to help you reduce the cost for maintaining and developing a Magento site. Its performance is faster with optimized features such as marketing tools, search engine, design and so on. Many merchants who have upgraded their Magento store are satisfied with new update.

That’s all you need to know about Magento pricing to deliver a proper decision for your online business. If you are looking for Magento upgrade to achieve a better operation, LitExtension is here to help.

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