Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations, and we would like to take this opportunity to explain how our affiliate programs function.

You're supporting us by choosing to use a product recommended through our site. Notably, there are no additional costs to you for utilizing these recommendations. Your support enables us to continue producing informative reviews and content that assist individuals like yourself in embarking on website-building endeavors.

Through our affiliate partnerships, we can also offer exclusive discounts and promotions that are not available elsewhere. This can help our audience save money while still gaining access to quality products and services that align with their needs.

We have made a conscious effort to minimize the use of banners and popups on our site, and we are committed to avoiding any form of intrusive direct advertising that could negatively impact the reader's experience. We focus on providing high-quality content and resources that are valuable and relevant to our audience. We firmly believe that adopting this approach is essential for cultivating an active and loyal user base.

Affiliate Partnerships are Crucial to Us.

Our affiliate partnerships involve a commission-based model where we receive a small compensation from the referred site whenever you purchase being redirected through our links. This commission is a token of appreciation for sending new customers to our affiliate partners.

It is important to note that any commissions earned through our affiliate program are paid by the website builders or other affiliate partners, not our audience. This means that our audience can enjoy the benefits of our affiliate partnerships without incurring any additional costs or fees!

Our Affiliate Selection Process is Rigorous.

Our criteria for selecting affiliate partners are carefully considered and based on various factors, including the relevance and value of their products or services to our audience, the reputation and credibility of the partner, and the fairness and transparency of their compensation structure. We strive to ensure that our affiliations are aligned with our core values and benefit our audience.

Over the years, our affiliate program has added value to our audience by providing them access to valuable resources to help them achieve their goals. This may include products or services that are relevant to their interests or needs, such as website builders, hosting services, or apps and add-ons.

By partnering with reputable and trustworthy companies that offer these types of products or services, we can provide our audience with access to high-quality resources that have been vetted and evaluated for their effectiveness and value.

Our Affiliate Partners

Currently, we have formed affiliations with a carefully selected group of reputable companies that provide high-quality products and services catering to the interests and needs of our audience.

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Wix
  • Avada
  • PageFly
  • Loox
  • Dsers
  • Spocket
  • Omnisend
  • Automizely
  • AfterShip
  • Debutify
  • RoarTheme

We conduct a thorough evaluation and due diligence to ensure that our affiliate partners meet our rigorous standards for quality, credibility, and ethical business practices. Our affiliations are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure their continued relevance and value to our audience.

If you have any comments or feedback for us, please feel free to contact us anytime via [email protected].

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