15+ Best Shopify Apps for Any Type of Website | 2024 Update

Undoubtedly, apps are one of the most potent components of Shopify. The platform boasts many features and Shopify apps that can help sellers quickly develop a professional online store and enhance their value manifold. So, what are the best Shopify apps for your website?

After testing by our Shopify experts, we wrap up some of the best Shopify apps (some are free) and split them into categories for you to navigate easier. Keep scrolling down to nail:

Let's get in!

Best Shopify Apps for Store Design 2024

#1 PageFly Landing Page Builder

Best Shopify app for store design – PageFly

PageFly is the #1 Shopify page builder in the market, providing users with a complete package to build and optimize their Shopify stores. With endless options for page design, PageFly enables you to solve the challenges of building eCommerce pages.

Below is some of the key features we find at PageFly:



Key features



$0 - $199

(monthly paid)

- Provides 100+ free templates

- Offers structure built with Slideshow, Block, Tab, Table,...

- Supports cross-device editing for all screens

- Boosts conversion with sale countdown, badges,...

- Creates theme section reusing for multiple pages

- Integrates fully with Facebook Pixel, AfterShip, Klaviyo Marketing,...

When it comes to pricing, PageFly offers users 3 pricing plans and in any plan, you may have access to all app features.

  • PageFly Free plan. You have access 1 slot (1 published page).
  • Pay as you go plan. You may pay from $24 to $89/month for 10 to 100 slots for serious store optimization based on your business's needs.
  • Enterprise plan. In this plan, you will pay $199/month, and what you have is unlimited app customization with exclusive support.

In terms of support, PageFly offers users live chat 24/7 for all plans. Besides, users can seek help through hundreds of articles on PageFly's Help Center and YouTube channels.

PageFly helps us to grow our business…We have made more than 2 million USD in revenue.
Reviewed by Tobias

#2 GemPages Landing Page Builder

One of the best Shopify apps – GemPages Landing Page Builder

Another worth-mentioned landing page builder provider is GemPages. GemPages is a prominent solution that lets you all the power to edit your web page with a powerful drag-and-drop editor. With GemPages, you're able to leverage your marketing campaign and drive conversion by customizing and delivering high-performing landing pages.

Here's our thoughts on GemPages app:



How GemPages inpires us


$0 - $199

(monthly paid)

- Supports all page types: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages

- Offers advanced blocks and elements customization options (animation, flow actions,...)

- Provides attractive mobile-friendly templates compatible with the latest Shopify themes

- Has conversion-driven elements (countdown, stock counter,..)

- GemPages updates efficiently content

In terms of pricing options, there are 4 plans for you to choose from:

  • The Free plan is free forever! You can access 1 published page (from all page types).
  • Build may cost you $29/month, which let you access 3 Unlimited Page Types, 10 Product Pages, and 20 Blog Posts. You may also have Lazy Loading and AB Testing in this plan.
  • GemPages Optimize comes at $59/month. In this plan, you may optimize your campaigns even more with 20 A/B Testing campaigns and Page Scheduling.
  • Last to mention is Enterprise, which is $199/month. You may have unlimited A/B testing campaigns, unlimited saving templates, and best video support.

Regarding support, GemPages offers 24/7 support via Live Chat, Help Center, and Video Call Support (based on your pricing plan).

Superb Page Builder – Essential for small to medium businesses
Reviewed by Verified User in Apparel & Fashion

Best Shopify Apps for Email Marketing 2024

#1 Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Avada Email Marketing & SMS
One of the best marketing apps – Avada Email Marketing & SMS

When it comes to email marketing, it's a must to mention Avada Email Marketing & SMS. This Shopify app is easy to get started, especially for non-tech people. Using Avada marketing, you can create emails within minutes and collect leads easily; thus, you can auto-skyrocket your sales.

Let's check out all key features of Avada Marketing in the table below:

Avada Email Marketing & SMS


What we find about Avada


From $16

(monthly paid)

- Supports automation workflows (cart, checkout abandonment, and new subscribers welcome)

- Supports newsletter campaigns (newsletter pop-up, email promotion)

- Offers miscellaneous email marketing templates

- Offers features to motivate first-time purchasers to buy more related products with appealing promotions and offers

After 14-day free trial, Avada offers users both free and paid plans. You may be charged differently depending on the number of orders you have. Suppose you have 0-500 contacts; the paid pricing plans will range from $16/month to $47/month.

You can also choose the Enterprise plan with custom pricing and enjoy priority support.

I love the app!!The free plan is super complete for beginners and the support is very fast and effective

Reviewed by VEM Shops on Shopify apps

#2 Automizely Marketing

Shopify app for marketing – Automizely

Automizely is a prominent and powerful all-in-one marketing app for Shopify. This app will provide world-class sales and marketing tools that let you manage everything from a single place.

Below, we've listed all notable features of Automizely so you can quickly grasp everything.



What we find about Automizely


$11 - $179

(monthly paid)

- Supports personalized & automated email flows

- Offers stunning pre-built templates (Emails, SMS & Popups)

- Offers built-in CRM for customer segments

- Lets A/B testing & easy monitoring through 1 dashboard

- Supports multiple marketing apps in one unified platform

This Shopify app is free to install, and you may enjoy it with a 7-day free trial. Currently, there are 4 distinct pricing plans for Automizely.

  • Automizely Free plan. You may have 3,000 emails for up to 300 contacts, all popup features, and conversion tools.
  • Automizely Essentials comes at $11/month. You will get unlimited emails for up to 500 contacts.
  • Pro plan comes at $119/month. In this plan, you will have unlimited emails for up to 10,000 contacts. You may access even more features with upsell popups, unique coupon campaigns, and product recommendations.
  • The last plan is the Premium plan, with $179/month. You get all best and exclusive marketing features (AI-powered & on-site recommendations, birthday emails,…)

Fast and efficient response. This is a well structured app that offers time saving information to current and potential customers.
Some best words by AUDJAE BOUTIQUE via Shopify apps

#3 Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Best Shopify app for marketing & automation – Omnisend

Omnisend is a powerful email marketing and automation platform for growth-focused eCommerce businesses and marketers. This Shopify app helps convert your potential customers with personalized, omnichannel messaging across multiple channels, including email, SMS, web push notifications, and more.

In the below table, let's find out everything about Omnisend:



What we find about Omnisend


$0 - $59

(monthly paid)

- Offers great number of free emails/month (500)

- Supports automated emails & SMS

- Supports smart segmentation for targeted messages

- Has mobile-responsive & easy-to-use email templates

- Grow email lists with popups

- Provides 20+ pre-built marketing automations

Omnisend comes with 3 pricing plans ranging from 0-59$ per month. You can decide the plan as you grow your business with the number of emails sent and marketing features approached.

  • The Free plan lets you reach up to 250 contacts (unlimited list size) with 500 emails monthly and up to 60 global SMS. You may also access signup forms and pop-ups, email automation, and audience segmentation.
  • Omnisend Standard is $16/month. You may reach up to 500 contacts with 6,000 emails monthly and up to 60 global SMS. Customer Success Manager is also available from this plan, and you may pay from $400/month for this feature.
  • Omnisend Pro comes at $59/month, and what you get is up to 2500 contacts with unlimited emails and free global SMS. You may also get advanced reporting, and the support is 24/7 priority.

When it comes to Omnisend support, this app gives you stellar support and helpful advice anytime you need it. Omnisend is available 24/7 for users on both free and paid plans via email and the knowledge base.

I love how userfriendly the system is and how many options it has for creating email campaigns, landing pages and segmenting lists for users!
Reviewed by BRITTANY M.

Best Shopify Apps for Conversion 2024

#1 Ali Reviews

Best Shopify apps Ali Reviews
Ali Reviews

The powerful Ali Reviews app is ideal for any business owner! Ali Reviews offers flexible, effective, and convenient ways to get more customer reviews, in addition to helping you create attractive review zones. With that, you can build trust and experience a significant increase in conversions! 

Ali Reviews


How impressive Ali Reviews is



$0 - $49.90

(monthly paid)

- Provides eye-catching review widgets on any page to give customers the confidence to buy

- Offers automatic review request emails and SMSes

- Allows users to import reviews in bulk with a click from AliExpress Reviews, DSers, and Ali Orders

- Encourages customers to submit reviews with incentive programs and follow-up emails

- Helps increase traffic with Google Shopping Ads, review rich snippets and social media

Ali Reviews provides comprehensive pricing plans to meet your review management requirements:

  • The Free plan has the basics for collecting and managing reviews. Up to 5 reviews per product can be imported from AliExpress. 
  • Upgrade to the $9.90/month Starter plan for more features and reviews. Photo reviews can improve your product reviews and engage customers. 
  • The Essential, which costs $19.90/month, offers all features. With 1500 reviews per product, you can handle more product reviews. 
  • The Premium, $49.90/month, lets you manage 10,000 reviews per product. It also offers migration support and a specialized Customer Success Manager. The Premium plan can easily handle up to 1,500 orders/month for high-volume organizations.

Ali Reviews has a world-class support team available 24/7 for any kind of technical support, and they are accessible via multi-channels from email to live chat and hotline calls. 

The customer support is very good. They noticed a potential issue on my site during the use of their product and immediately assisted me. The agent was patient and very attentive considering it was early in the AM. I completely recommend this site for those who need hand-holding.

Reviewed by Susan Warner via Shopify App Store

#2 DataFeedWatch

One of the best Shopify apps – DataFeedWatch

Optimized product feeds are the foundation of any successful PPC campaign. And standing out in a competitive digital landscape is a must in order to reach your sales objectives.

Feed management lets you transform ordinary product data into fully optimized listings. Use DataFeedWatch to establish your multichannel selling strategy by expanding to channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Via the table below, we've complied some best features of DataFeedWatch:



What we find about this app


$59- $199

(monthly paid)

- Offers feed optimization across channels (Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, and Amazon)

- Has powerful Google Text Ads Campaigns setup with fully optimized data feed

- Showcases real-time product performance measurement across all channels

- This app is great for multiple clients' data feeds management from 1 master account.

DataFeedWatch offers a 15-day free trial. After that, this best Shopify app offers 3 options:

  • The shop plan costs you $59/month, allowing you to create 1 shop and 1,000 products, including selling and 3 channels.
  • Merchant comes at $79 monthly. In this plan, you get 2 shops with 5,000 products included and 10 channels.
  • The last to mention is Agency, which is $199/month. You're allowed to create unlimited shops with 30,000 products included and 150 channels

Based on your subscription plan, you may contact and have 24/7 support via Email, Live Chat, and Phone. With technical support, you may receive a reply within 1 min if you subscribe to the Agency plan.

Great app! But more importantly, great and knowledgeable customer service, always on point. Keep it up.
Reviewed by Roofing4US via Shopify Apps Store

#3 Loox

One of best apps for Shopify in Product reviews – Loox

Loox is a prominent social proof solution exclusively tailored for Shopify stores. Currently, this app powers more than 100,000 merchants globally and assists them in building trust, effectively driving conversions, and creating referral programs.

Currently, Loox offers 3 primary services:

  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Referrals 
  • and, Integration with the leading platforms and Shopify apps.

You may find Loox's feature highlights in the table below:



How Loox amazes us


$9.99 - $299.99

(monthly paid)

- Loox is an official Google Reviews Partner

- Offers automatic review request emails

- Generates bautiful UGC photo and video

- Displays beautiful review widgets (grid, list, carousel, popup & sidebar)

- Generates referral links for referring friends automatically

Before deciding whether to choose Loox or not, you may enjoy a 14-day free trial. If you've made up your mind, let's look at 3 pricing plans of Loox:

  • Loox Beginner plan is $9.99/month, and you get 100 monthly review request emails. Moreover, you also get reviews, carousel & popup widgets, and more.
  • Grow plan will cost you $34.99/month. You may get up to 600 monthly review request emails. You can unlock video reviews, Google Shopping, and integrations with leading platforms and Shopify apps.
  • The most expensive plan is Unlimited, costing $299.99/month. As you unlock this plan, you may access unlimited monthly review request emails, unlimited referrals, and Klaviyo Email/SMS review requests.

Regarding support, you can contact the Loox team directly via Get in Touch section and they might get back to you shortly.

Love how easy and effective it is to use, and how it makes it look better on my store to have reviews. Thank you
Reviewed by Basically Online via Shopify Apps Store

#4 Nabu for Google Shopping Feed

Nabu for Google Shopping Feed

Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Shopping Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu’s Google shopping feed App not only helps you create a google shopping feed fast but also Improves your Feed to success in Google shopping.

Below, we've got you with best features of this Shopify app – Nabu for Google Shopping Feed.



Key features of Nabu


$0 - $249.99

(monthly paid)

- Suggests keywords from Google Ads

- Offers feed rules & sends data customization via Metafields to Google Merchant Center

- Integrates well with other Product Review apps (Judge.me, Smile.io, Okendo, Yotpo, etc.)

- Integrates with Shopify flow

- Offers excellent international selling with multi-language and multi-currency

The app is free for single-product stores (with less than 10 orders, if surpass, you may be charged $4.99 + 6 cents per order above 10 orders per month). AdNabu’s paid plans range from $29.99 to $249.99/month.

  • Basic costs $29.99/month. You may get access to up to 400 orders (you may be charged 5 cents per order above 400 orders/ month)
  • Advanced is $79.99/month, and you will own up to 1500 orders (4 cents per order if surpass 1500 orders/month)
  • The last plan is Nabu Plus with $249.99/month. You may get up to 6000 orders (3 cents per order if it surpasses 6000 orders/month)

AdNabu’s Customer Support team is super responsive & will guide you on how to use the app. If you have any questions on Google Shopping, they will also help you. This Shopify app also offers a Help Center and In-depth Help Videos for support.

I love the features. Very useful app if you use Google shopping ads. Support is very helpful and responses very promptly.

Reviewed by SWISST via Shopify Apps

#5 iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

If you are looking for a way to boost your conversion rate and average order value on Shopify, you might want to check out iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell. This app is a powerful tool that allows you to customize your cart drawer and cart page with drag and drop widgets, such as upsell and cross-sell offers, product recommendations, product bundles, volume discounts, countdown timers, progress bars and more.

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

iCart is easy to use and integrates with popular apps like Pagefly, Judgeme, Yotpo, Loox and more. With iCart, you can increase your sales and revenue by offering your customers more value and incentives to buy from you.

Best SEO Apps for Shopify 2024

#1 Avada SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

Avada SEO Suite
Among best Shopify apps – Avada SEO

Avada SEO Suite: Image Optimizer is a comprehensive SEO optimization tool for SEO in Shopify. Using this app, you can easily and quickly improve website loading speed (site speed, page speed optimizer) on all devices. By that, you can effectively optimize your store ranking and drive conversion.

Below, we will show you all features of Avada SEO and why it's worth it:

Avada SEO



$0 - $34.95

(monthly paid)

- Implements quick & easy SEO elements

- Supports effective page speed up (web vitals)

- Supports auto-detected 404 page & 404 pages redirect

- Has important page structured data (json+ld, Google snippets)

- Optimizes image for SEO (compress image & photo resize, ALT, HTML)

- Sets automated meta tag for all product & collection pages & homepage

- The Avada team is excellent at customer support

Currently, there are 2 pricing plans for Avada SEO.

  • Avada Free plan. You may get image optimization for only 50 products/month. Besides, alt optimization and support is limited.
  • Avada Pro plan. This plan comes with $34.95 monthly, which will offer auto-fixed SEO issues, unlimited image/alt optimization, Google Structure Data, advanced SEO settings, and other best features.

In terms of support, you may get assistance through emails, chat, or Avada's developer website.

It makes implementation of essential SEO elements very quick and easy. It's a reliable tool that genuinely produces results.
Reviewed by Joeri V.


Booster for SEO & Image Optimizer
Booster for SEO & Image Optimizer

This is probably the most popular and best-reviewed of all image optimizer apps for Shopify. This SEO Image Optimizer helps optimize the images on your online store to generate buying traffic.

This app will take advantage of Google Image search engine results pages by ranking its product images more efficiently. Additionally, the new photos you add are checked weekly, and their alt text is optimized automatically.

Booster Apps


How Booster amazes our team


$0- $69

(monthly paid)

- Has bulk image compression engine

- Checks images automatically weekly

- Optimizes store automatically every day, as opposed to manually logging in & tinkering with SEO settings

- Has an AutoPilot feature to find and fix SEO issues based on customizable rules

The trial time for BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER is limited to only 1 day. After that, this Shopify app offers both free and paid plans.

  • Free Plan is designed to give you the convenience of optimizing your shop's images and helps rank your online store in the search results – all at absolutely no cost to you.
  • Pro plan comes at $39/month, which gives you these features, including complete SEO optimization, fix broken links, auto JSON-LD and more.
  • Premium plan may cost you $69/month. You get all best exclusive features, including image compression, Google Sitemap management, and more.

The support is 24/7 live chat human support. A few users complained that customer service is somewhat limited, but dedicated web developers promptly responded to their reviews and did their best to resolve the issue.

Smooth and easy! they even provided recommendations for my site outside of the SEO which I really appreciated.

SteelSkin gave best review via Shopify Apps

#3 Plug In SEO

Plug In SEO
One of best Shopify apps for SEO – Plug In SEO

Thanks to excellent assistants for fixing SEO issues, troubleshooting, and getting optimization instructions, this Shopify app saves you the hassle and time needed. Since the app works for you, you no longer have to find what’s wrong with your Shopify SEO.

Plug In SEO lauds itself as the highest-rated complete on-page SEO app used by over 30,000 Shopify stores and hundreds of Shopify Plus stores. Check out all Plug In SEO's key features to better understand the app.

Plug In SEO


Key features we find on Plug In SEO


$0 - $79.99

(monthly paid)

- Offers bulk SEO audit with simple step-by-step instructions

- Has SEO templates to rank for targeted keywords on blogs and pages

- Supports JSON-LD structured data, broken link fixing, keyword targeting

- The support team and documentation are helpful and dedicated 

After a 14-day trial of the app, you may get 4 options to choose from.

  • As being among best free Shopify apps, Plug In SEO free plan is free forever! You may get SEO check and basic blog check.
  • Basic SEO plan comes at $29.99/month. You will get access to 200 pages, titles & descriptions management tools, and search trends.
  • If you upgrade to the Plus version, it will cost $49.99 monthly. What you get in this plan are 2,000 managed pages and 2 monthly detailed SEO reports.
  • Last to mention is the Premium plan, which is $79.99/month, and you grant the chance to get all exclusive SEO features!

This app has pretty fast support. Many users complimented the Plug In SEO customer support team for responding to their questions within an hour.

Very good plugin! Support has been extremely responsive and have helped a lot. I will continue to use Plug In SEO.

Genucel Skin Care gaves some best words on Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping 2024

#1 DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping
Best AliExpress dropshipping app – DSers

If you're about to start your dropshipping business with Shopify via AliExpress, DSers is a prominent dropshipping solution. With Dsers, you can save time sourcing new products and finding new and reliable suppliers.

In the table below, we've crafted all critical features of DSers, and you will discover why it's becoming increasingly popular in Shopify dropshipping apps.



What we find about Dsers


$0 - $49.9

(monthly paid)

- Offers cheaper & better suppliers optimization (when selling the same products)

- Offers bulk orders (place 100s of orders within a few seconds)

- Updates stock & prices updated automatically

- Email templates are mobile-responsive & easy-to-use

- Automatically tracks order & package status

DSers allows you to try out the app for 14 days for free. If you're satisfied, this Shopify dropshipping app has 3 main pricing options, as crafted below.

  • The Basic DSers plan is free. In this plan, you get 3,000 products/1 account (for up to 3 stores), bulk orders, basic mapping, 1 Paypal account / 1 DSers account, etc.
  • The Advanced plan comes at $19.9/month, which lets you access 20,000 products/1 account (up to 10 stores), advanced & bundle mapping, AliExpress Affiliate, and more.
  • Dsers Pro is $49.9 monthly. You're allowed to manage 25 stores and up to 75,000 products. Besides, you may also manage multi-platform within 1 Dsers account.

The Enterprise starts at $499/month and we recommend you contact Dsers directly to get more details. And of course, with this plan, you can get best assistance with specific requests and have usage volume!

In terms of app support, you may contact the Dsers team 24/7 via live chat & email service.

I was able to quickly get my product up and running with minimal effort and it was a great experience. I highly recommend Dsers to anyone looking to get set up with drop shipping.
Gentlemanly gave best words via Shopify Apps Store

#2 Spocket

Best for US & EU Dropshipping – Spocket Shopify app

If you are looking for alternative sources to AliExpress to start dropshipping, Spocket may provide the solution. It connects retailers to suppliers and vice versa. Their main suppliers are mostly based either in Europe or the USA.

The Spocket app has a very thorough vetting process for suppliers and comes with many of the same features as DSers. Via the table below, let's discover all the outstanding dropshipping features of Spocket.



Key features we find about the app


$0 - $99.99

(monthly paid)

- Offers one-click import button

- Offers Faster shipping with a tremendous US & European products

- Supports big discounts / wholesale prices with no minimum order

- Has powerful brand & loyalty with Branded Invoicing

- Connects fully-automated AliExpress dropshipping

You can get the Spocket app for free on Shopify Apps Store, which let you browse 5+ million Spocket catalogue US/EU products. After Spocket14-day free trial, there are 3 paid pricing options for you to choose from:

  • Spocket Starter plan starts at $29.99/month. You may get access to 25 unique products with email support.
  • Pro is $49.99/month, and you get 250 unique products, 25 premium products, image search and branded invoicing (which will boost your brand identity and credibility).
  • The final plan – Empire may cost you $99.99 monthly. In this plan, you may access 10000 unique products, 10000 premium products and more.

Spocket has a dedicated support team, working round the clock to make sure you are not alone in your journey to success. Depending on your plans, you will get assistance through the mail, live chat, or phone.

Best dropshipping suppliers and fulfillment partners.
Some best words by Kennedy K.

#3 Printful

Printful: Print on Demand
One of best Shopify apps for POD – Printful

Currently, one of the top well-known Shopify print-on-demand (POD) apps is Printful – ideal landing place for POD ordering, inventory, printing, and shipping service. It now allows you to print on T-shirts, leggings, swimwear, jewelry to posters, hats, even beanbags, and more.

Check out all key features of Printful in the table below:



How Printful amazes our team


$0 - $49

(monthly paid)

- Offers free sign-up and quick set-up Printful

- Supports 330+ products customization with white label

- Has Mockup Generator for creating product mockups and design files for print, embroidery, and engraving

- Supports store entire inventory at Printful’s warehouse

- Printful support team is outstanding with 24/7 support via live chat, email, phone, FAQ page

There are 3 distinct pricing plans for Printful, as follows:

  • Printful Free plan offers everything you need for a dropshipping eCommerce store with built-in design tools.
  • Plus plan comes at $9/month, which lets you access premium design and marketing tools (background remover, promo maker,…).
  • Next to mention is the Pro plan with $49/month. you may get all exclusive features like free embroidery file digitization and free premium stock images!

The support team is available during the weekdays through a telephone number, and you can also access support through a live chat or email address.

The design generator works great!! The proccess is fairly easy to navigate, so you spend more time creating your vision.
Reviewed by www.avidpupilskateboards.com via Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Apps for Store Management 2024

#1 AfterShip