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Meet Camellia, a seasoned eCommerce professional with a rich background of six years in the industry. Her wealth of experience equips her to provide valuable insights along with useful tips and tricks to the LitExtension audience.

Camellia's expertise extends beyond practical experience. She holds impressive academic credentials, including qualifications in statistical analysis and a certificate in market research. With a firm grasp of both theory and practice, she bridges the gap between knowledge and application, delivering engaging, data-driven content.

In her pursuit of excellence, Camellia remains vigilant, keeping a watchful eye on industry trends and subjecting her insights to rigorous testing. This dedication ensures that the content she offers is not only informative but also genuinely helpful, supporting the LitExtension audience in making informed decisions to boost their sales.


Bachelor of International Economics - Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam


Having dedicated 6 years to the dynamic realm of eCommerce, Camellia not only specializes in gaining in-depth knowledge of online retail but also in the art of crafting insightful and effective tips & tricks for growth. Camellia's unique blend of experience and exceptional writing skills makes her a standout professional in this field.

Camellia’s expertise lies in:

  • eCommerce tips & tricks
  • Branding & marketing



  • Contributor to LitExtension’s 2021 eCommerce Report: Latest eCommerce Trends and Best eCommerce Platforms and Top Marketplaces.
  • Contributor to LitExtension’s 2022 eCommerce Report: 2022 eCommerce Insights & Best eCommerce Strategies for 2023.
  • Author of 150 posts on the LitExtension blog.

Personal Quote

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” - Audrey Hepburn.

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