This article will help you choose the best WooCommerce themes and recommend the best ones on the market. Keep scrolling down!

As you may know, choosing the right theme is one of the first important steps to set up a new WooCommerce store. A beautiful design and excellent performance contribute remarkably to the perceived value of your store. However, among tons of available themes in the marketplace, determining the right one for your store is not an easy task.

Whether you’re about to create a new WooCommerce site or redesign your current site, the following list of the 9 best WooCommerce themes will give you inspiration.

How to choose a great WooCommerce theme?

Choosing an outstanding WooCommerce theme is not just about appearance. In fact, there are different criteria to consider when choosing the best ones on the market.
Therefore, before jumping to the most ideal themes for WooCommerce store, let’s consider the following factors:

1. Attractive interface

According to a study carried out by Blue Corona, 73% of online businesses are investing in their website design to outshine the competitors. Plus, 38% of visitors tend to leave a site if the layout or content is unappealing.

These numbers indicate that a beautifully designed theme has a huge impact on engaging customers. Thus, a good WooCommerce should have an attractive layout and offer multiple demos that will give you more chances to pick your desired design.

2. Ease of use

An easy-to-use theme contributes to good user experience.

The study “Navigation is more important than search” of Gerry McGovern states that 70% of people use the navigation to look for something on your site. Whereby, your chosen theme needs to have navigational ease to make visitors find it easier and faster to search on your site.

3. Responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to how a web design makes your pages respond well on different devices, windows, or screen sizes.

The above-mentioned study from Blue Corona shows the following facts:

  • 90% of users surf websites on multiple devices.
  • 62% of businesses which designed their website for mobile devices increased their sales
  • 40% of visitors will move on to another website if the current one is not mobile-friendly

As you can see, visitors tend to use a lot of platforms to surf the web. Hence, the more responsive your theme is, the better user experience it brings.

4. Fast loading speed

According to a Web design survey of GoodFirms Research, besides the lack of mobile responsiveness and bad navigation, slow loading speed is another reason that causes a shopper to quit your website.

  • 47% of shoppers want the loading page time to be under 2 seconds
  • 39% of them stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load

Obviously, page load speed plays a key role in increasing user experience. Thus, before picking a theme, you should run its demo version through PageSpeed Insights to determine speed issues.

5. SEO-friendly

Your WooCommerce theme plays an important role in your site’s SEO ranking. The reason is that HTML code can affect your website’s performance on search engines.

You can use W3C Markup Validation to check if your theme generates proper HTML.

6. Compatibility with other plug-ins

Needless to say, the plugin is one of the best parts that makes an online merchant use WooCommerce. The reason is that the plugins allow you to add new features to the store and grow the business. Therefore, choosing a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce will help merchants boost their sales.

What are the 9 best WooCommerce themes?

1. Flatsome

Flatsome is the first name in the list of the 9 best WooCommerce themes. This responsive multipurpose theme is the best selling WooCommerce item on Themeforest, a famous source of themes for eCommerce platforms.

Flatsome has gained a great reputation for creating super fast responsive websites with incredible UX. Currently, the theme offers 20 demos that are suitable for all kinds of businesses. You can install a demo design within one click and switch to another design by using the Theme Options Panel.

“Easy to use, functional and a great design, plus the support was great! If you’re looking for a great theme that supports WooCommerce, this is it!”, reviewed koreanfoodbyallegaartje.

Flatsome - best WooCommerce themes
Flatsome theme

Price: Flatsome offers 2 License options

  • Regular License: $59
  • Extended License: $2950

With the Regular License, you can use the theme to create a single website for yourself or for one client, and the website content can be accessed for free.

With the Extended License, you can use the theme to create a single website for yourself or for one client, and you can charge people for accessing the content.

The price mentioned above includes 6 months of support. If you want to get 12 months of support, you need to pay an additional fee of $17.63 for the Regular and $881.25 for the Extended.

Compatible Browsers: IE9/10/11 (Internet Explorer), Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • UX Builder (Live Page Builder): The new UX Builder offers a large library of content, shop, and layout elements that come with hundreds of presets and options for each one.
  • Speed Optimization: Every element in Flatsome is optimized for better page speed. The theme achieves the score 98/100 on Google PageSpeed. Hence, it is currently one of the fastest WooCommerce themes on the market.
  • Theme Options Panel: The Panel grants you the endless ability to create your Product page layout. For example, the Affiliate Products function allows you to sell external products in your store.
Best WooCommerce themes
Affiliate Products – Flatsome

2. Woostify

Best WooCommerce theme Woostify

Second on the list, we have Woostify – one of the fastest and most powerful WooCommerce themes

Woostify focuses 100% on eCommerce and boosting sales. The theme can work well with almost all popular browsers, page builders, and other functional add-ons like review plugin, payment plugin, etc.

This WooCommerce theme gives users various starter site libraries containing 17+ prebuilt beautiful templates that can suit any types of stores.

The free option offers basic features to start a small online business. If you want to expand your store, you need to upgrade your plan to get advanced features to serve your needs.

Pricing and support:

Woostify Price
Woostify Price

There are 3 Woostify plans, all of which come with full pro-add-ons, all starter sites, and life-time support on the Woostify community. The details of each plan are shown below:

  • Personal – 1 site – $49 with one year of support and updates.
  • Professional – 3 sites – $79 with one year of support and updates.
  • Agency – Unlimited sites – $129 with one year of support and updates.

In addition to the awesome features above, Woostify provides dedicated and helpful support (via live chat, ticket, and community) for all users even if they are using the free version.

Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight Features:

Woostify offers smooth integration with Elementor along with a unique and useful WooBuilder add-on. It works as a single plugin but belongs to the theme. With this feature, you can have full controls to build and customize WooCommerce product pages with ease. This is also the key point that makes Woostify outstanding among its competitors.

  • FOMOs – Useful Upsell feature

Using the Woostify Elementor WooCommerce theme, shop owners can easily create FOMOs to engage customers to their store.

Woostify Countdown timer creates a sense of urgency that motivates hesitating customers to catch the deals before the time runs out.

Woostify Countdown timer
Woostify Countdown timer

Sale Notification add-on can help you stimulate clients to make purchases quickly by showing recent orders pop-up, with information about customer name, address, product image, purchased time.

  • Ajax live search – Enhance UX addon
Ajax live search
Ajax live search

Woostify can increase user experience by providing fast and smooth speed with a friendly ajax live search bar. Customers can filter the results with the category and tag suggestions, hence you can find out the items you want faster and easier.

3. Porto

The next name in the 9 best WooCommerce themes list is Porto. If Flatsome is the best selling item, Porto is the best rated WooCommerce theme on the market!

Porto is a powerful and flexible business theme that is suitable for any business and eCommerce site. Constantly updating and following design trends, Porto has become one of the most popular WordPress themes.

What makes Porto stand out from other themes is that it offers a wide range of theme options. Currently, WooCommerce store owners can choose from 100+ demos which cover many shop types including fashion, technology, digital products.

“Amazingly flexible and customizable. Great solution for e-commerce. Fast, appealing and practical.”, reviewed BelloniG3.

Best WooCommerce themes
Porto theme
Price Extra fee for extending support to 12 months
Regular License $59 $17.63
Extended License $1999 $524.63

Compatible browsers: IE9/10/11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • Dedicated Customer support: The theme offers 24/7 full support so you are free to put all your queries with them. What’s more, the Porto support team is so dedicated that they check all reviews and respond to comments from their users.
  • Get on well with low-level servers: Porto’s demo import engine works fine on low-level servers, even for shared hosting.
  • Various drag & drop Header Builder: There are 8 Header Presets and 19 Header Types for you to choose from. Therefore, if you don’t like the pre-built header design of your current demo, you are free to pick another one that fits your project.

4. Gecko

With the review rating of 4.91/5, Gecko is the next option you should not miss when talking about the best WooCommerce themes.

Gecko is a responsive WooCommerce theme that is best suitable for online fashion, handmade, organic, and furniture stores. Although some demos are designed for a specific purpose, others could be used for different types of products.

By the way, the theme comes with a lot of powerful eCommerce features and eye-catching elements that make it look great on all types of devices.

“Not only for the delighting design but for the customer support this theme deserves 5 stars. I strongly recommend it.”, reviewed Borami_Style

Best WooCommerce themes
Gecko theme
Price Extra fee for extending support to 12 months
Regular License $69 $21.38
Extended License $2950 $881.25

Compatible browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • Product Video Thumbnail: Using videos as your thumbnail creates an animated effect that contributes to increasing UX for your website.
  • Instagram Feed Display: Gecko allows you to connect your Instagram account with the WooCommerce account to display your latest posts in the Instagram newsfeed.

5. TheGem

Another theme in the list of best WooCommerce themes, a strong competitor, is TheGem theme.

TheGem is a versatile WordPress theme with a modern creative design that helps you build a professional website. Especially, creative power is considered as the major reason why you should choose this theme.

Along with amazing designs, it also grants WooCommerce users smart tools, great SEO features, and high performance. What’s more, it provides detailed customization options, a selection of pre-built page layouts, and templates.

“Great theme, great design, really customizable, and great support. BRAVO”, reviewed  Glutendence.

Best WooCommerce themes
TheGem theme
Price Extra fee for extending support to 12 months
Regular License $59 $17.63
Extended License $2900 $862.50

Compatible browsers: IE10/11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • 100+ pre-made websites and 400+ amazing multipurpose demos: You can build a creative, eye-catching, and unique website by using ready-to-use templates for any purpose.  Besides, all of them focus on UX trends and have impressive animation effects.
  • TheGem Blocks: It is an exciting free plugin bundled with TheGem theme that offers 300+ available page section templates. Therefore, you can choose your favorite sections then combine the, and finally customize the look and content.
  • Video and parallax sections: You can make your video backgrounds with Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML5 videos to engage the shoppers when they access your stores.

6. Divi.

Divi is the best product of Elegant Themes, one of the most popular independent WordPress theme stores in the world today. The theme has the ability to serve multiple purposes.

Divi has an impressive design that offers a bunch of powerful features. In addition, it comes with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, countless customization options, and settings.

Seriously worth every penny! A responsive, professional-looking template and plenty of actually helpful support…”, reviewed  Sara Bez Way.

Best WooCommerce themes
Divi theme

Price: Divi offers two payment options

  • Yearly Access: $89
  • Lifetime Access: $249

Both options allow you to access not only Divi but also all of the other themes and plugins of Elegant Themes. While the former gives you one year access, the latter covers you for your whole life. So, if you plan to use Divi for more than 3 years, it makes financial sense to invest in Lifetime Access.

Highlight features:

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor: This feature is dedicated to both beginners and professionals. You can design your store in real-time and preview the result instantly.
  • Multiple languages: Divi translates your content to 32 languages including Right-to-Left languages.
  • Animations: Besides applying background videos, you can add animations to any element to create a unique store and wow your customers.
  • Multi-Select and Bulk Editing: You can select different elements on the page and edit them at the same time. This feature helps you build websites fast and efficiently.

7. Shopkeeper

The list for the best WooCommerce themes should never miss space for Shopkeeper, a fully responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce. The theme is designed by Getbow Tied with absolute focus on eCommerce functionality. With Shopkeeper, you will have the ability to create an alluring, minimalist online store with a responsive layout.

It is very easy, fast, and intuitive to customize your site. and the support is very effective and fast.”, reviewed pablokumar1993.

Best WooCommerce themes
Shopkeeper theme

Price: $59

Extra fee for extending support to 12 months: $17.63

Compatible browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • The sticky navigation bar: When your shoppers scroll down the web page, the toolbar still stays in place. Thanks to this feature, the customers can view and access the important interface components regardless of where they are on your site.
  • Font/ Typography settings: You can boost the UI with +700 Google Web Fonts, free Adobe Typekit Integration Addon, 2 Premium Web Fonts (Neue Einstallung, Radnika).
  • Live Customizer: Shopkeeper works smoothly with Live Customizer that allows you to access all settings related styling, typography, header, footer, blog, shop, product page, and social media.

8. Woodmart

One of the best WooCommerce themes is Woodmart, a premium solution with a super-fast interface for the ultimate user experience.

The theme is developed by XTEMOS with a bit of traditional eCommerce design. It is a fully customizable WooCommerce theme with drag & drop builder in Header and Footer. Moreover, Woodmart offers extended options for different shop page templates, product page layouts, and comprehensive web-building tools.

“Theme is excellent, it works faster with Elementor page builder. My website is and it is an online shop for farmers. excellent opening with time in less than 2 seconds.” reviewed  abhimanyu1529.

Best WooCommerce themes
Woodmart theme
Price Extra fee for extending support to 12 months
Regular License $69 $21.38
Extended License $3999 $1274.63

Compatible browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • Product filters: Basically, WooCommerce’s attribute and category filters only work on the shop and product category pages. However, for WoodMart users, the theme provides Product Grid /Carousel and Product AJAX tabs elements in the building plugin chart. This allows showing the certain configuration of products on any WordPress page.
  • Built-in mega menu with customizable content: Users can use Visual Composer drag & drop builder to create a mega menu with a bunch of customizable content.

9. Total

Like the name implies, this theme is the total package. Full of features, the Total theme is a great choice for your WooCommerce site.

Total is a flexible, multipurpose theme that offers full WooCommerce  support and custom eCommerce builder modules for building your site. Add product carousels, grids and more to pages and promote your top selling items.

But this is just some of what Total has to offer. The theme also includes styling options such as an easy frontend, drag & drop page builder, 500+ live customizer options, and one of a kind theme post entry Cards.

“One of the best themes I have ever purchased. Just bought my 9th license today.”, reviewed Kjartan-Abel.


Compatible browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Highlight features:

  • Header & Footer Builder: The theme also supports custom headers and footers. Just use the drag and drop page builder to design your perfect layout. Next, assign the template via the Theme Panel.
  • Easy Custom Fonts: Total includes a custom font manager that makes it easy to add, organize and use custom fonts from any source (Google, Adobe, and more).
  • Developer Friendly: Want to really customize your website? Total makes use of filters, 60+ action hooks and more than 600+ custom snippets mean almost anything is possible.

Final words

Choosing the right WooCommerce theme helps you manage your website more effectively, boost user experience, and create conversions. Indeed, if your visitors find your site unattractive, slow, or difficult to search for products, they will absolutely leave your site.

In this article, we have shown you what you should expect from the best WooCommerce themes and the several options for you to choose from. If you have some analysis paralysis, don’t worry! Choosing your right theme is important so it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

As you can see, with these above-mentioned themes, WooCommerce will be an ideal platform to build your store and generate conversions. Therefore, if you are about to migrate from your current platform to WooCommerce, let LitExtension be your partner!

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