The very first step to create a Shopify account is choosing your store name. Automatically, Shopify generates your store URL in the format However, if you’re unsatisfied with the existing name and you want to change it. This article will show you a step by step guide on how to change Shopify store name:

  1. Log into your Shopify admin account
  2. Go to “Setting”
  3. Select “General”
  4. Fill in your new name at the “Store detail”
  5. Click “Save”
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When should you change your store name?

The store name is one of the core factors that contribute to the development of your business. A good name identifies your store as a different brand among all the competitors. It also delivers a meaningful message of your brand and acts as a bridge between you and your customer.

So, how can you impress a buyer just by the name? How can consumers remember your store name and intend to come back next time?

If the name has a strong emotional or sense-related connection with a person, the storage path to their name will be stronger. If it wasn’t an emotional experience our brains slot it into our short-term memory and we tend to get rid of stuff that we don’t come back to.

With that being said, the key to a great name is to build a strong emotional link between you and your customer. Apparently, it is not an easy job, but if you decide to put effort into rename your shop, here are three reasons why a new name truly is the best choice.

1. Your name is unclear, confused, and hard to pronounce

One of the most common problems you can face is that your customers simply cannot fully understand or spell the name correctly. Hence, it could bring a negative effect on your brand recognition. This usually happens when you are in the international market, especially for an online store. Your logo design must be very visible and easy to read. This usually works best when you use block letters and a horizontal format, adapted to website headers. Due to the cultural and language differences, your name might have odd spelling and it’s likely difficult to pronounce for native customers of that language.

2. You’re following a short-term trend

A trend can influence your business. In fact, capturing the trend by your store name can bring a huge benefit to your business. However, short-term trends frequently develop associations with certain groups or stereotypes which are rapidly changing. After a while you might find the trend no longer overlaps your target customer, it’s time to go for a rename.

3. Your name is similar to competitors

Many shop owners don’t realize the power of brand recognition. Using a name that someone already owns or just similar to their concept can make your customers confused. It can also get you into trouble when you register for a business license. Therefore, you should ensure that your name is unique and sets you apart from the pack.

How to change Shopify store name?

Shopify automatically creates your store URL as one of its subdomains:

As you can see, this URL includes two parts: the customizable part “your shop name” and the original part “”. Unfortunately, you can not change the original Shopify username when still keeping this sub-domain as the public-facing URL for your online store.

If it’s important for you to get rid of the “” and your URL completely matches your actual store name, you can choose between two option:

Note: You will be the only one who sees your link with the “” part

  • Create a new account and register for a custom domain with your new name. And don’t forget to migrate all your existing data to the new shop to preserve what you’ve done so far.

You can easily change your store name by following the guide below:

Step 1: Log into your Shopify admin page

how to change shopify store name
Log in to your Shopify account

Step 2: Click Settings at the end of your left navigation bar.

how to change shopify store name
Click setting

Step 3: Select General

how to change shopify store name
Choose General Setting

Step 4: At the Store detail, you will see your current store name. Replace it with your new name.

how to change shopify store name
Type in your new name

Step 5. Click Save to finish the process

how to change shopify store name
Click “Save”

Your store name has been changed successfully. You can go back to the dashboard to see the result.

Final words

Making the right decision to change your store name could be a key factor that helps your business to grow. Hopefully, this article can help you successfully rename your business. And you might also be interested in reading:

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