Is your store visible on Instagram feed?

If not, I will be discussing How To Drive 3x More Sales with Instagram shop. If yes, read further to know how to get better with your Instagram business account.


According to statistics by Hootsuite, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily and your business can definitely be one of them! Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms nowadays, its users are growing ultra-fast every day. Thus, there is a clear possibility that your business is going to scale with Instagram.

Instagram is the third-largest social media platform after Facebook and YouTube in the game. The visual updates by Instagram is a treat to the eyes. Along with that, Instagram’s tools and functionalities are wonderful for the success of your business.

Instagram Business Account has many benefits. The major benefits include insights, ads and call-to-action. It supports knowing the detailed insights of the account. Business owners can know what content is getting liked by the users and what isn’t. Selling through Instagram facilitates stretching customer’s reach. Every day you will get new faces as the followers of your sites or maybe customers. Many companies have seen intense growth in their sales with Instagram Shop.

Common benefits of Instagram include:

  • You are taken more seriously.
  • Get advantage of the trackability.
  • Able to add links to Instagram Stories.
  • You can schedule your post in advance.
  • Tag products in your posts.

Let’s break the ice by answering the question: What benefits Instagram has to offer to eCommerce businesses?  🚀

Ways to boost your sales with Instagram

Instagram is growing at a great pace. It has many features for business accounts to promote trade and attract customers. The following methods should be considered if you were to expand your business on Instagram.

1. Tag @ the brands and locations related to your business

Tagging is the most amazing feature provided by Instagram. It allows you to tag other brands in your Instagram feed. They will be grateful and share your post with their followers. This will bring more customers to your account. It will also lead to the shout-out by them on their account. Also, tag the locations if you have a physical store or other related locations of your business.

2. Create Hashtag #️⃣

Hashtags help the followers to reach you easily so always remember to create hashtags for your business feeds. With hashtags, your account is being found by others and you can receive a new slot of users. Other brands can use your hashtags so that their followers can catch you easily. You can also feature their business in your Instagram feed. Including more tags on your posts helps the followers of those tags to find you easily.

3. Post attractive content ⬆️

Your Instagram Business account is to hold the audience and not about your personal snaps. So your posts must be about your business. You can upload your content in any form: images, videos, gifs, or memes. Images work best for attracting Instagram users. Make use of Instagram built-in filters and effects for eye-catchy images.

Also, posting once a day is a very effective way to build your brand awareness and to keep your customers returning for more. The posting time must also be taken into consideration.

You can upload a number of stories to get notified in your follower’s feed. Post appealing content for your Instagram feed and stories where the customer is forced to visit your profile. Make use of emojis to catch customer’s attention and make the content charming.

4. Instagram Stories are a boon

Instagram stories are very popular. It provides many features to present the stories well. Using story feature to keep the customers engaged with your site, you can add music 🎶 and gif. You may as well create polls, question answers 🤔, quizzes, etc.

Sometimes, if the product is upcoming or there is any offer going to be started you can keep a countdown ⏲️ of it. It also provides different layouts to post stories. The boomerangs and zoom options are also very useful to some businesses. You can decorate stories with different styles of texts and emojis to make them eye-catchy. It has the option to tag other brands to advertise your products and business.

5. Go for Contest or Giveaways 🎁

Instgram feed
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Businesses or brands that practice giveaways or contests increase their followers 70% faster than the one that doesn’t. The most common type is to upload a pic, follow us, and tag your friends. This helps your brand to reach numerous people. It’s advisable to give it a try and understand how it works for you. Be clear in the rules of your contests. At the end of the contest meet your words and announce the winner.

6. Post customer’s shots with your products

People are more attracted to live photos. You can ask your customers to send a picture of themselves with the products they have purchased from you. Afterward, share that in your stories and feeds. This makes your existing customers feel loved and the newbies will be encouraged to buy from you.

7. Set a special look for your posts

Instagram feed
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Whenever a user visits your profile, he/she is fascinated by the unique theme of your Instagram feed. You can go for consistency of your posts with a color code or special effects or the same type of feeds in a row which gives a visual impact. Maintain a regularity of your posts so that the user can easily comprehend your business.

8. Enhance your profile

Choose an appropriate name for your business that is the same or related to the one on other platforms. Place a clear, unique, relevant, and professional profile image for your business account. Create an attractive bio about your business grants. Mention your business URL and phone number to help users to easily reach you. Tag other brands to increase your profile’s reach.

9. Make use of Instagram’s Shoppable Tags

Shoppable tags also known as product tags used to highlight products that are on sale. When the user hovers over the product, it will show a white dot and by clicking on it, the user can see product information. It also has a black arrow redirecting users to the company’s website for more information.

10. Release Instagram content on your site

Your Instagram feedback posts and reviews must be included on your site. Feedback posts and reviews will help first-time visitors to trust your brand and convert into customers. You can provide a slideshow of your Instagram feed or photo gallery. Tell customers to use your hashtags and make them popular.

11. Prefer a paid campaign

You can advertise your products with a paid campaign and reach a new set of customers. The ads are shown as sponsored in the user’s story feed or post feed. The social media platforms are supporting many paid tools for commercial ads. Paid ads will come to aid in getting more reach of your posts.


Thus, Instagram is a go-to channel to reach potential customers. Promoting your brand through Instagram requires great tactics to try out and better know what works. Although the above pointers can help you to reach out to more customers, rise up followers of your store, and make your business a great win-win.

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