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Shopping Cart Migration Guide

This documentation is designed to equip you for a seamless experience using LitExtension! Read on to gain all the required knowledge about cart migration, including a demonstration of the migration process, what you need to prepare before and after the migration.

Smart Update

What is Smart Update and when to use it

Smart Update allows you to update data that has been edited and migrate those that recently appear in your Source Store during or after the Full Migration. 

While the migration process is running, your old store still operates normally. After setting up your new site, you might want to migrate all the recent adjustments and entities added during the process. In that case, LitExtension can help you bulk update your data automatically with the Smart Update service.

LitExtension system will compare data fields in both Source and Target Stores and look for the differences. If there is any, the app will immediately perform the update in your new store. 

Re-migration” is not recommended in this case, because this option will take more time. Additionally, the most frustrating thing is that you may lose every customization you have added to your new store.

There are 5 default product fields that we are supporting in Smart Update:

    1. Quantity and stock
    2. Price
    3. Categories
    4. Product name
    5. SEO URL

However, in case you need to update other fields in product or even customer and order (for instance: order status), please contact us through ticket. Our experts will customize and get them updated for you. 

Note: Smart Update can be used FOR FREE and UNLIMITED times within 3 months after the full migration only when the total additional entities is fewer than 10% of the total number of entities in the initial migration.

How to perform Smart Update?

You can perform Smart Update only after finishing the full migration. Follow the steps below to perform Smart Update with LitExtension:

Get back to LitExtension Migration Page, and find your previous migration based on the Migration ID sent to your email and click on the Remigrate button.

  • On the My Migration Page, find your previous migration based on the Migration ID sent to your email and click on the “Smart Update” button.

smart update

Whenever you click on this option, our tool will scan and show you an overall report about the amount of newly added data in your Source Store since the full migration.

  • After checking carefully all the details, hit “Start Smart Update Migration” at the end of the page to begin the process.
  • After the update, click on the button “Check result” so you can go directly to your new site to check the outcome.

Note: Make sure that every change from your Source Store has been made correctly on both the frontend and backend of your Target Store.

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FREE Shopify Plus Migration Guide With Expert Tips!