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LitExtension is Proud To Be The World #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert

After 10+ years of development, we have evolved to become the world #1 data migration service provider by focusing on only one thing: deliver the most pleasant re-platforming experience possible.

Now, LitExtension is proud to be the go-to of thousands of store owners and agencies with the need for data migration.

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Proven Through The Numbers

Statistics is a valuable tool for demonstrating success and gaining customer trust. We’ve compiled a list of statistical accomplishments to help you in defining a complete picture of LitExtension.

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    LitExtension Customer Reviews
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    Migration Speed

    Source: Websites of LitExtension & other data migration service providers

Why Thousands of Merchants & Partners
Choose LitExtension

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Utmost Data Migration Accuracy

Data is an invaluable asset of any business and therefore, data migration is the most crucial part of a website re-platforming project. LitExtension understands your concerns and knows our responsibility.

Our data experts always examine thoroughly the data structure of each eCommerce platform we support. Hence, we can make sure that every type of data you need will be transferred with utmost accuracy.

“Frankly with all the extensions available in the market, LitExtension is the most secure and the most reliable. All my data was transferred securely without any issues.”

Aouini Dhafer

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Highest Level of Security

In addition to data accuracy, LitExtension also prioritises your data security. We have a set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure data is protected in all of its forms and during all phases of its life cycle. Therefore, you can count on us!

Some of our major security measures include:

  • Server Security
  • Data Security
  • Data Access Security
  • GDPR compliance
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Payment Security
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“Their customer service is absolutely excellent. When I asked for something to be done, they had it done before they even replied.”

Christine Gayfer

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World-class Customer Service

The driving force in our development is customer satisfaction. To deliver the most pleasant shopping cart migration experience, LitExtension has our R&D team, Customer Support team and Quality Assurance team working closely with each other.

Our R&D team will go above and beyond to make any innovations that can solve your problem. Our CS team provides 24/7 support with the shortest response time to stand by your side anytime you need no matter where you’re from. Our QA team will constantly review your experience at LitExtension to make sure you receive the highest-quality service.

Ready to experience first-rate service quality with us?

FREE A-Z Shopify Plus Migration Guide with Expert Tips & Step-by-step Guidance!
FREE Shopify Plus Migration Guide With Expert Tips!