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Going by this far, it’s our customers’ love that keeps us moving forwards. LitExtension team is more than thankful for all the attention, appreciation, and affection that customers have given us. We hope that this love will also inspire you in your eCommerce re-platforming journey.

Let’s listen to what our customers talk about their experience with LitExtension

Mandela MoraisMandela Morais

We were struggling with our migration. After trying other ways of migrating our data, we became desperate cause nothing was working properly until we found LiiExtension and hired them to do it for us, and they did deliver. They saved us.

Felipe OliveiraFelipe OliveiraUnited States

Great service and great tech support. I did a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration of 25000 products and all went flawlessly. Every time I needed help their tech support was right on it. Thank you.

Frank FahnenschmidtUnited States

We recently decided to move from magento to shopify but had concerns about the load of work special moving all our +500 product details, images, etc. we gave LitExtension a try by still maintaining our current site and where stunned about the minimal cost, speed, accuracy and service we received.


NicoleUnited Kingdom

I recently used LitExtension to take the plunge and migrate from Volusion across to Shopify. We had been using Volusion for almost 9 years and had a fair amount of data to migrate! I was rather apprehensive, to say the least, but having contacted the LitExtension team several times before signing up I was always really impressed by the customer service I received. I performed their recommended 'Demo Migration' to test the software then proceeded with their All-In-One service. I was then assigned to Derek who performed the migration and he was excellent - always happy to help and prompt at replying to emails and queries. I'm really glad I chose LitExtension - don't let any typos on their website put you off! Their support was thorough and I always felt like I was in good hands.

Christine GayferCanada

I am absolutely thrilled with the service I received from LitExtension. I was rebranding and wanting to copy over my products, pages, customers and orders from one site to my new one and just didn't have the will to try to figure it out myself.

I chose the All in One Migration (Shopify to Shopify) and not only did they look after everything perfectly quickly and in lots of time, they did small updates on the several times I asked afterwards for a few straggling orders that came in after the process was done.

Their customer service is absolutely excellent. When I asked for something to be done, they had it done before they even replied.

The cost was a bargain when I think of all the trouble and agony they have saved me in trying to do it myself. Thank-you so very much, LitExtension, if you are reading this for such a top-notch service.

Very highly recommended!


Darren NichollsUnited Kingdom

LitExtension provided us with a firstrate service with a custom migration from Squarespace to WooCommerce.

Where there were tricky bits they came back with the right solution for us.

We'd highly recommend them. A job well done


Ale GalliBelgium

I had to do a migration from Joomla / Virtuemart to Wordpress / Woocommerce and I was very scared because I had a lot of data to manage.

I did not know Litextension and its services before, but given the complexity of the thing I decided to rely on them.

I must say that I am extremely satisfied: the work was carried out very fast and the technical assistance resolved all the problems that arose along the way in a clear and polite manner.

I really recommend everyone to rely on them: one of the best experiences in 15 years of work in the field of web development

Spyro PolymiadisAustralia

We had a very old X-cart installation with a generally complex structure - and the connector wouldn’t even connect to test it initially - but the technical support through the demo phases were amazing - they were able to connect to our source site, extract and migrate our data of over 20,000 users and 40,000 orders and 5000 products successfully. They followed up and responded to all queries and concerns promptly .. they spent nearly 2 weeks through the demo stage getting all the different migration tasks working - even accounting for custom data and odd configuration - and gave us the confidence that the full migration would be a success... the migration took the best part of a week to complete - but it has saved us 100’s of hours if we had to try and migrate this data ourselves.

Florent GiraudFrance

You cannot leave without being completely satisfied. I did the demo migration, asked a lot of questions to the help team, and they always answered in the minute. Then I did the full migration, but I had some issues, because my target store was in development and I forgot some details that led to errors. The dev team fixed it, and I was not charged for it. Perfect job.


Very very good service.

I successfully completed the migration from Shopify to Woocommerce. But after a hacking of my site where I lost all my data.

The team did the migration again without asking me for any extra $.

I'm very happy to save years of work


Jo JordanTuesday, June 16, 2020

Firstly, the pricing is good compared to other migration apps. The most important opinion I would to offer as this review is that the support is very good. Rarely does anything run smoothly, so having the right support is crucial. Very good value for money.

William ChenTuesday, June 16, 2020 #80851

Awesome service!

I found Litextension through the Magento Marketplace. We had an extreme challenge of getting Magento 1.42 migrated to a new Magento 2.3.3 server. In addition we had many custom customer attributes and our sales order flat table had additional customized fields.

I tried out the demo and it was amazing! I didn't even have a Magento 2.3.3 site running and the demo will create a server for you and load it with 20 sample customer, product, and order data. It's unbelievable how well this works.

After engaging Litextension, they were able to map all our custom fields. We've done two full loads and incrementals without an issue.

I highly recommend the service. It's probably the best bang for your buck if you need to migrate data to Magento2x.

Our site goes live in a week or two from this posting. There would have been no way we could have done the data migration without this service.

AtrixUnited States

Complicated migration ordered for a good price, it took a long while to complete but it was understandable given the complexity of the project, and our response time to their needs. This was our 2nd migration ordered from them and we are quite happy with their support level and that they kept their word.

Chris P.U.K

I have recently had the need to use them on a large migration, with a lot of custom work in the site to be migrated. They have worked with me and helped through every step. They are always awake! I know I can message any time, and generally get an instant reply. The interface is simple to use, and they have many tutorials and guides to help you out.

In Dec 2020, I tried Cart2Cart and a few others, but found them to be a complete waste of time and effort. If I'm outsourcing, I need to manage costs, and have an out of the box solution that works, and one I can modify to cover bespoke work on the host site. LitExtension provides this... I get peace of mind and professional support when needed.

Jared ChelfJared ChelfThe U.S

The LitExtension team were very responsive and helped us migrate 20,000+ products, 100,000+ user accounts from Volusion to Shopify. They went above and beyond and helped us get to where we needed to be without adding additional scope every step of the way. They're the real deal!

Mevrouw MedemaBelgium
What an amazing Customer Service has this company! We migrated from Shopware 6 to Shopify and had several issues during the migration but the support of the team was superb! They were very helpful with making sure that everything was migrated in the right way. Really awesome and I truly recommend them to anyone who needs to migrate their store!
Mikko SalmeniusMikko SalmeniusSaturday, August 29, 2020

LitExtension gave us a fast way to migrate all data from Shopify to Magento. There were issues with product images and 301 redirects, however support solved our tickets in no time!
Highly recommend in order save time & money!

Richard GibbonsRichard GibbonsTuesday, September 1, 2020

A great e-commerce platform migration service/tool with outstanding support. Assisted us with a migration from WooCommerce to Shopify and we highly recommend it.

Jennifer CFriday, September 11, 2020

Excellent and speedy service. LitExtension's full migration service made moving from our Zen Cart installation to Magento super easy. Price was very reasonable. Wold definitely recommend.

eSeller TechnologiesWednesday, September 16, 2020

Really love to use Litextension application for M1-M2 Datamigration. Very easy to use this and their support teams are really got good knowledge in Magento and really helpful all the time. Highly recommended to save your Data migration time. 5 stars!!! 🙂

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