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Recent Data Migration

LitExtension’s Recent Data Migration service ensures that your new store seamlessly receives newly generated entities, such as orders and customers, from your old store during the full migration process, allowing you to focus on setting up your new store without any interruption.

When To Use Recent Data Migration Service?

During the Full Migration Process, LitExtension still keeps your Source Store active normally. After the migration, while you are busy setting up your new store, your old store will still receive new entities (new orders, customers).

When your new store is ready, it’s time for you to transfer the data newly incurred from your old store to your new store. That’s when our Recent Data Migration comes to the rescue.

How Much Does Recent Data Migration Cost?

Recent Data Migration can be used for free and unlimitedly within 3 months after full migration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

(*) Condition: the total additional entities is fewer than 10% of the total number of entities in your initial migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to run Recent Data Migration?

Recent Data Migration is an additional feature of LitExtension aiming to help you transfer all new data (or just the entities you select) from your Source Site to the Target Site after you’ve performed a full migration. Click here for further details.

Is it possible to order Recent Data Migration after migration was completed?

LitExtension supports unlimited recent migrations for FREE within 3 months after the first full migration under the condition:

  • 100% unrestricted free Recent Data Migration within 3 months from the first full migration with condition that the total additional entities is less than 10% of initial migration entities.
  • When your recent data is more than 10% of the total entities that you originally purchased or operated after 3 months of completing the first full migration, the cost will be measured based on the amount of entities that you additionally import.
What are the differences between Recent Migration and Remigration?

Recent Migration and Remigration are two services provided by LitExtension. It aims to help merchants fully transfer data from Source Store to Target Store effortlessly. If you are confused about the usage of these services, keep on reading this article because we are going to point out the differences between them.

Can I delete Source Store data after migration?

After all your data are migrated successfully, you may want to delete all data in your Source Store. However, we highly recommend not to delete any entities in your Source Store after the full migration. When the migration process completes, your Source Store still operates and continues getting new data. You surely need to update these new data, therefore, you should keep your Source Store to use LitExtension Recent Data Migration service to avoid starting over again.

Besides, after your Target Store is ready to go live, you still should keep a Source Store data backup after delete it.

How many migrations can I perform when I buy a LitExtension package?

LitExtension, the Shopping Cart Migration Solution can migrate data from/to various platforms. You also can perform unlimited re-migrations and recent data migrations for free.

I am not a technical expert so can you guys help me to perform migration?

Absolutely! We would like to offer the All-In-One Migration Service. Our experts will take care the migration for you from top to bottom.

Here are what we are going to do before, during, and after All-In-One Migration Service:

    • Set-up enviroment and check custom field
    • Install Target Store
    • Perform migration
    • After migration is completed, we’ll have a thorough check at your store from A-Z to ensure all data is transferred accurately before we hand it over to you.
    • Support UNLIMITED Re-migrationRecent Data Migration for FREE within 3 months after the full migration.
FREE A-Z Shopify Plus Migration Guide with Expert Tips & Step-by-step Guidance!
FREE Shopify Plus Migration Guide With Expert Tips!