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Shopping Cart Migration Guide

This documentation is designed to equip you for a seamless experience using LitExtension! Read on to gain all the required knowledge about cart migration, including a demonstration of the migration process, what you need to prepare before and after the migration.

How to get API form AmeriCommerce

LitExtension will show you how you’re gonna get your AmeriCommerce API.  To get this credential you have to set up a custom application on the admin page of your AmeriCommerce store.

To enable data migration from AmeriCommerce, you will need to provide an Access Token for your store. So, here is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you to get this information on your own.

1.Login to your AmeriCommerce admin panel.

2. Go to Tools > Apps & Addons.

AmeriCommerce App Tools

AmeriCommerce App Apps and Addons

3. Select API Apps & Integrations at the very bottom of Apps List. Then click New button at top right corner.

sparkpay step5

AmeriCommerce App Apps and Addons New

4. Enter your App Name and App Description, then press Next.

5. Select Single Token Flow

AmeriCommerce App Apps and Addons Edit Token

6. In Select Token Scope, check all available permissions and press the Save button.

In the newly appeared checkbox, tick view and change to adjust the API Key 

In Tools Permissions and Other Permissions sections, select all available checkboxes.

AmeriCommerce App Apps and Addons Access Tokens Save

7. After that, you will see the Access Token.


8. Copy and paste it into the corresponding field and proceed to the next step.

Have Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to visit Help Center or Contact Us for further assistance.

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FREE Shopify Plus Migration Guide With Expert Tips!