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Shopping Cart Migration Guide

This documentation is designed to equip you for a seamless experience using LitExtension! Read on to gain all the required knowledge about cart migration, including a demonstration of the migration process, what you need to prepare before and after the migration.

How to Export CSV Files from Miva Merchant?

Follow these steps provided by LitExtension below to export CSV files from Miva Merchant.

1. To begin with, you will need to select Data Management from the Quicklinks section.

Data Management in Quicklink section of Miva Merchant

2. Next, select the data you want to export (Product, Orders, Customers,…) from the Export Data list in the right-hand side of the screen.

Miva Merchant's Export Data section

Note: Remember to export your store entities to Flat File.

3. Miva Merchant will provide you some options to configure your CSV file before downloading.

Configure the Miva Merchant file before downloading

By default, the CSV file will be uploaded to your FTP. Otherwise, you can fill in your email address so that Miva Merchant can send the CSV file you want to export via personal account.

In the Export Format section, please enter a comma in the Other tab of File Delimiter option and don’t forget to tick on Export Field Names as Header.

Next, you can pick and choose which Product/Order/Customer details you wish to include in the export file.

When finished, click on the Export button on the upper right corner. Log in to your server and download the file via FTP or open your email to get the export file if you selected so.

Have Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to visit Help Center or Contact Us for further assistance.

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