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Shopping Cart Migration Guide

This documentation is designed to equip you for a seamless experience using LitExtension! Read on to gain all the required knowledge about cart migration, including a demonstration of the migration process, what you need to prepare before and after the migration.

How to check the number of products on your Arastta shop?

To estimate how much it costs to migrate from/to Arastta, you should know how many entities you have on the site. With three simple steps, you can check the number of entities on Arastta. Follow the detailed instructions below to perform it. Let’s start!

Step 1: Number of products

The Product section, accessed under Catalog, will display all the products available in the store. Every row of product will contain the following information: Ordering, Checkbox, Product Name, Price, Quantity, Status

Check number of products on Arrasta

Step 2: Number of customers

The Customer management sections are located under Sales > Customers. There are three sections used to manage customer information: Customers, Customer Groups, Custom Fields and Banned IP.

Check number of Customers on Arrasta

When a customer creates an account or completes the checkout process, Arastta will store their information automatically in the administration to be accessed under Sales > Customers > Customers. A complete list of customers will be displayed on this page, along with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • E-mail: Saves the email address for confirmation emails, notifications, newsletters, etc.
  • Customer Group: A designated group of customers used to apply discounts/specials and send group emails.
  • Status: Denies or approves customer account login.
  • Approval: Approves the customer account after creation.
  • IP: An address that reveals the location of the customer.
  • Date Added: The date the customer account was created.
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FREE Shopify Plus Migration Guide With Expert Tips!