Root folder and how to find it?

What is a root folder?

Root folder (or root directory) is the top-level directory of a file system. It contains your store’s source code and all other files.

When setting up a migration with LitExtension, you need to upload our connector to your store’s root folder.

How to find your store’s root folder?

In most cases, your store’s root folder is located in the “home” folder.

However, if you can’t find it, please use the path “/sub_folder/site_root_folder” to access directly to your root directory.

Example: This PrestaShop store is located in the “source_carts/prestashop” folder.

PrestaShop Store's Root Folder


Below are some examples of the connector file after uploading and where your store’s root folder is located in the server (using FTP access in FileZilla).

WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins (Shopp, WP eCommerce, Jigoshop, Cart66, MarketPress)

WooCommerce’s root folder is your WordPress’s root directory, which contains WordPress’s source code.

WooCommerce Store's Root Folder

Magento 1.x

Magento1.x Store's Root Folder

Magento 2.x

Magento2.x Store's Root Folder


PrestaShop Store's Root Folder


OpenCart Store's Root Folder


X-Cart Store's Root Folder


CS-Cart Store's Root Folder


osCommerce Store's Root Folder

VirtueMart and other Joomla extensions (MijoShop, HikaShop, J2Store)

VirtueMart’s root folder is your Joomla’s root directory, which contains Joomla’s source code.

VirtuaMart Store's Root Folder

Zen Cart

ZenCart Store's Root Folder


Shopware Store's Root Folder


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