I meet issues during Demo migration. How to fix?

LitExtension connector is designed specifically for data migration, helping your data to move from source store to the target accurately based on default database structure of two stores. The LitExtension migration app performance depends partly on source environment as well as target hosting/server. And those factors can be objective reasons affecting your demo migration process.


1. Issues during upload Connector

ProblemYou have followed user guide to install Connector to right folder, when you test the connector by accessing http(s)://yourstore.com/le_connector/connector.php, you are not getting message “Connector installed”.

This problem caused by one of following reasons:

1.1 You have uploaded Connector to a wrong location

How to fix: Connector file is used to establish a connection between your shopping carts and make the data exchange possible. To work correctly, “le_connector” folder needs to be located in your store’s root folder.


1.2 Folder and Connector file were not set the correct permissions

How to fix: You need to connect to your server through FTP app, for example Filezilla. After that, find your store’s root folder and click the right button. Then, in “Numeric value” field write down “755” and select all the permissions.


1.3 Your server is running Nginx

How to fix: This server requires technical knowledge, you need contact your developer to fix it.


1.4 Your server/hosting cache is enabled (often is OpCache)

How to fix: If your server has cache enable, newly uploaded files or file modification might not be available immediately, you should disable OpCache or contact your developer to fix it


2. Your server/hosting has blocked LitExtension Servers

Problem: I have installed connector successfully and getting message “Connector installed” already but it shown “Cannot reach connector” in the step 1.

This problem caused by one of following reasons:


2.1 You source or Target Store has blocked LitExtension Servers

How to fixContact your server/hosting provider to temporarily disable firewall or add LitExtension server IPs to whitelist:



2.2 You source or Target Store has been configured to prevent migration Bots

How to fix: Some servers have high level of security configured, with bots( and spam) protection. This might also result in preventing LitExtension migration tool. Contact your server/hosting provider to fix it.


3. Errors during Migration process

3.1 The process is stopped when unfinished

How to fixThis might be caused by an issue of the migration tool. You should contact LitExtension Support for detail checking and solutions.


3.2 You Serves has been configured to restrict POST and GET data

Problem: Your server/hosting is limited with data POST length or limited the result length returned from Connector. For example: Data post up or post back to Connector is too long and your Server/hosting has blocked those requests.

How to fixPlease contact LitExtension team for detailed guidance. In such case, it’s recommended to choose our All in one Migration service, we have flexible solutions for this.


4. Issues related Migration Results

After migration, you are not happy to the migration results because it doesn’t show as you expected.

This problem caused by one of following reasons:


4.1 You forgot to perform post-migration actions

Problem: Some target carts requires you to manually regen thumbnails or reindex after migration is done but you forgot to do it. This has been clearly instructed in the migration page after migration is finished.

How to fix: Check your migration detail page and follow the instructions. These steps are normally very easy to accomplish.


4.2 Your server/hosting is configured to limit the Connector operations

ProblemYour server/hosting is configured to limit the Connector operations, For example: Your server/hosting did not allow to Connector to download images by restricting some php commands.

How to fixPlease contact LitExtension for details. If we see it is not something that can be easily fixed on your server, we can have alternate solutions for you, for example our All in one service in which we can help moving your Target store to another fully working server.


4.3 Your data is not transferred accurately

After migration, you are not happy with the result because it is not what you expected

This problem might be caused by one of following reasons:

  • Your source store or target store has been customized: during your store development, you might have modified your store database and made it different from the original default store. This leads to failed or missing data after migration.
  • You have installed 3rd party plugins to your source store or target store: Theses plugins add features and data to your original store, the additional data will not be transfered over after migration.
  • Target store data does not look 100% percent like your Source data: this might happen when your Target store use a different platform than your Source store. The data from Source store has been transformed to fit your Target store, therefore there might be some differences.

How to do: Please Contact Us for further assistance

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