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Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration

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Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration provided by LitExtension helps you move your store from 140+ eCommerce platform to Shopify automatically, accurately and securely. Within 3 simple steps, you can transfer your data to Shopify yourself using LitExtension app or you can have our Shopify experts handle the complete migration for you.

LitExtension can ensure no interruption to your current business during migration, you can keep selling while migrating. Experience a hassle-free Shift4Shop to Shopify migration process, where data precision and security are assured.

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What Data Can Be Migrated from Shift4Shop to Shopify

  • Products

    • Name, SKU, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Weight.
    • Price, Special Price.
    • Stock Status, Manage Stock, Quantity.
    • Meta Title, Meta Description.
    • Product Tags.
    • Barcode.
    • Variants: SKU, Weight, Attributes, Quantity, Price, Special Price, Name, Thumbnail Image.
    • Additional Images.
    • Metafields.

    Products Categories

    • Name, Description.
    • Image.
    • Meta Title, Meta Description.
    • First Name, Last Name, Email.
    • Newsletter.
    • Billing Address:
      First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code. Telephone, .
    • Shipping Address:
      First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone.
    • Order Number.
    • Order Status.
    • First Name, Last Name, Email.
    • Billing Address:
      First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, Fax.
    • Shipping Address:
      First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone.
    • Order Items (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity.
    • Sub Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price.
    • Order Comments.
    • Name.
    • Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Coupon Expire Date.
    • Created Date.
    • Rate.
    • User Name.
    • Title.
    • Comment.
    • Title, Description.
    • URL.
    • Image.
    • Categories.
    • Title, Description.
    • Categories.
    • SEO URLs.
    • Images.
    • Products (Name, Description, Attribute)
    • Categories (Name, Description)
    • CMS Page (Name, Description)
    • Blogs (Name, Description)

(*) Please note that the data listed above may vary depending on your Source Store.

Additional Options

Clear Sample Data On Shopify Before Migration

You can delete the sample data on Shopify in accordance with selected entities for migration… More Details

Preserve Order IDs on Shopify Store

This option helps keep your order ID the same during your store migration… More Details

Create 301 Redirects on Shopify Store

Automatically redirect your old store’s URLs to the new ones during the migration… More Details

Migrate Images from Products, Categories, Blog Descriptions

This option helps you to migrate images in descriptions of products, categories, and blog posts… More Details

Strip HTML Tags from Category and Product Names

Strip HTML tags from category and product names automatically when migrating your store More Details

Migrate Categories into Shopify Automated Collections

Automatically add tags to your products. You can show sub-categories just like in your Source Store… More Details

Store Migration Never Been Easier
Join 200,000+ customers who have grown business with LitExtension. Try free demo to visualize how easy and efficient the cart to cart migration can be.

How to Perform Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration

Setup Carts
#1: Set-up Shift4Shop and Shopify Store

Select Shift4Shop as “Source Cart” and Shopify as “Target Cart” from the dropdown list. Afterward, enter store URL and follow brief instructions to set up the shopping cart migration process.

Select Entites
#2: Select Data to Migrate from Shift4Shop to Shopify

Choose the entities you want within the Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration such as products, categories, orders, customer passwords, SEO URLs, and even more.

Full Migration
#3: Perform Full Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration

Let’s start the Shift4Shop to Shopify migration. Once the migration process is kicked off, it will constantly run even when you turn off your browser.

Migration Pricing
The cost of migration from to depends on how many entities you have on your store. The Pricing Estimator will help you to get how much does it cost. The pricing is billed in USD.
Number Of Products
Number Of Orders
Number Of Customers
Number Of Blog Posts

Basic Migration Package

With the Basic Migration package, you are able to run a seamless migration with only 3 simple steps using LitExtension app.

Basic Migration Package includes:

  1. Pre-migration Support
    • Technical Consultancy
    • Free Demo Migration
  2. Migration
  3. Post-migration Support
  4. Support Chanels
    • Ticket/Email 
Estimated Fulfillment Time:
Wow, congratulations on owning such a magnificent store! Connect with us through the ChatBox at the bottom-left or Contact Us for the best consultancy for your data migration

All-in-One Migration Package

This package provides you with an all-inclusive service by LitExtension experts who will handle the migration and all the pre & post-migration tasks to ensure the best outcome for your project.

This Package includes: All Basic Migration features and…

  1. Pre-migration Support
    • Target Cart Setup and Validation 
    • Unlimited Free Demo Migration 
  2. Migration
  3. Post-migration Support
    • Migration Results Testing 
  4. Support Chanels
    • Personal Assistant  via Phone, Live Chat, Email/Ticket.
Estimated Time of Arrival: day(s)
Wow, congratulations on owning such a magnificent store! Connect with us through the ChatBox at the bottom-left or Contact Us for the best consultancy for your data migration

Popular Questions About Shift4Shop to Shopify Migration

Not seeing your question listed here? Contact Us for the quickest answer.

1. What is Shift4shop to Shopify migration?

Shift4shop to Shopify migration entails moving your existing Shift4shop’s data – such as customers, products, and orders to Shopify. This can be done either by hand or by hiring a certified migration service like LitExtension.

2. How long does it take to migrate from Shift4shop to Shopify?

The time required for migrating from Shift4shop to Shopify is not fixed; it depends on the amount of data and the intricacy of the migration. To get a precise estimate, please contact our specialists.

3. How do I migrate from Shift4Shop to Shopify without losing SEO?

To protect your SEO, LitExtension offers a 301 Redirects feature that automatically redirects old URLs to new Shopify URLs during migration. This helps avoid broken links but is only one aspect of maintaining SEO.

4. Can I migrate a Shift4Shop website to Shopify?

Indeed, you can migrate your Shift4shop website to Shopify either by manually importing your data or by using a professional migration service like LitExtension.

5. Can I migrate several languages from Shift4Shop to Shopify?

Certainly, you can migrate several languages to Shopify. LitExtension supports multi-language migration using Langify, an official Shopify multilingual application.

6. Can I migrate options and attributes from Shift4Shop to Shopify?

Certainly, Shift4Shop product’s options and attributes can be migrated to Shopify using LitExtension. During migration, product variants will be created, and attributes will be imported into Shopify’s meta fields.

7. Why were my product variants not migrated from Shift4Shop to Shopify?

The Shift4Shop to Shopify migration might fail to display product variants correctly because Shopify restricts each product to 99 variants and 3 attributes.

8. Can I migrate Shift4Shop product categories to Shopify?

Certainly, product categories on Shift4Shop can be migrated to Shopify with LitExtension’s help. Shopify uses Collections in place of Categories, so they will be organized accordingly after migration.

9. Can I migrate my customer passwords on Shift4Shop to Shopify?

No, customer passwords cannot be migrated to Shopify due to its secure and restricted database, which prevents direct access to perform password migration.

10. Can I migrate my Shift4Shop SKUs to Shopify?

Certainly, you can migrate SKUs to Shopify. LitExtension facilitates SKU migration for both simple products and products with variants.

Leave The Work For The Experts

If you’re non-tech, let our Shopify migration experts handle your migration from A to Z.
Save your time for more important tasks.

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How Your Data Is Secured During Migration?

We at LitExtension prioritize data security and have a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Check out our Data Security Policy.
Server Security

Server Security

All migration jobs will be carried out on Linode servers located in the USA, Euro, Australia, Singapore,…
Server Security

Data Security

The data is protected by HTTPS secure protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption. Nothing is stored on LitExtension’s servers.
Server Security

Data Access Restriction

Only authorized LitExtension experts can access the source code to handle custom migration requests.
Server Security

GDPR Compliance

LitExtension is compliant with GDPR regulations, a global data protection law passed by the European Union.
Server Security


We do not keep your credentials or import records after the migration. Your data is guaranteed not to be disclosed or used for any other purposes rather than the migration.
Server Security

Payment Security

Your payment is processed by Paypal – the #1 worldwide payment gateway. Hence, LitExtension does not store any payment data.

Why Choose LitExtension To Migrate From Shift4Shop To Shopify

3 step simplicity

3-Step Simplicity

Migrate your entire store from Shift4Shop To Shopify in just three simple steps – no coding skills needed.

selling while migrating

Selling While Migrating

Keep your Shift4Shop store open during the entire migration process – no lost sales or frustrated customers.

3 months of free updates

3 Months of FREE Updates

Enjoy unlimited FREE Recent Migrations, Re-migrations, and Smart Updates for 3 months, ensuring your data stays in sync.

247 expert support

24/7 Expert Support

Get all your questions answered, even on holidays, with our dedicated support team.

data security guaranteed

Data Security Guaranteed

Rest assured–your data is protected with advanced encryption and security protocols.

risk free experience

Risk-Free Experience

We stand behind our Shift4Shop To Shopify migration service 100%. Try it risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

Your Success, Our Motivation

“I’m so impressed with their software, their support, they went above and beyond to make sure the process is easy and simple.”
Clayton Bates – Founder of Inspire Small Business

Who We Truly Are? Let Our Customer Define!

  • Jocelyn

    I am in the process of moving my existing website over to Shopify. As this is my 4th iteration of my website, I knew I didn’t want to do the migration part myself again! Using this service meant that I could concentrate on running my business for a couple of days while the migration was being done for me.

  • Alex

    Lotus was phenomenal! She is detailed-oriented and works extremely fast! She helped with the migration from Wix to Shopify in no time. Thank you so much Lotus and everyone at LitExtension!

  • Velyan Angelov

    It was great service from those guys! Verry complex case with very old Woocommerce to new Woocommerce store!

  • Jen Gerard

    I built our new Shopify site myself but with no developer experience. I really struggled migrating products, customers and order history. It was a bit overwhelming until I found Lit. They helped me set it up and did the contract. Emailed me at every stage and listened to my feedback. I found them on Thursday and by Monday the work was completed.

  • Jack Barker
    United Kingdom

    Took most of the work off our hands. The team were great and went out of their way to get the migration from J2store to Shopify completed. The time zone differences were slightly difficult but that didn’t stop the work from being completed.

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