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We'll perform data migration and provide all the necessary migration & customization for you

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LitExtension is well-known as a data migration company provides not only accurate and excellent with the basic service. To make your experience of transferring more convenient and professional, we have developed the All – In – One Migration service. All – In – One is indeed revolutionary service to help you optimize your time as well as your cost. It is a full migration service and is performed by our data expert. No matter what your source or your target is. Don’t need any technical skills and knowledge. Only thing you need to do is contact us and just wait a few hours to get new store with accurately migrated data.

What We Do?

This service provides high quality migration service with low cost. We will perform data migration and provide all the necessary customization for you. The main goal is to save time and minimize efforts of e-merchants.

Pre-Migration Validation

Check your carts info and install migration tool

Result Validation

Check your store to ensure that all data was transferred accurately.

Data Migration

Perform full migration and Provide all the necessary customization.


We provide 1 free re-migration for 30 days after Full Migration

Why Choose All-In-One Migration Service?
The All-In-One Data Migration is the full migration service, this service is performed by our data expert.
You just wait in a few hours to get new store with accurately migrated data.
Performed By Data Expert
100% Uptime For Source Store
Direct Data Transfer
No 3rd Party Involved


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Time Estimation: 0 Hour

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I increase All-In-One entity limit after purchasing?
  • How do I know if my store has custom fields or not?
  • Is there any additional cost after purchasing your product?
  • Why do I need to clear current data from the Target Store before migration?
  • What difference between All-In-One Migration Service and Data Assistant Service?
  • Do you provide any support? What is your response time?

What Customers Say About Us

Hello, I’m really glad that we went with their All-In-One package, because that meant that the experts at LitExtension could deal with the challenging aspects of this migration. In the end we saw that it was no simple transfer, with LitExtension having to make many modifications to their standard method. They did this tirelessly, solving many issues to reach all of our requirements.

Dr Rory Arrowsmith @ Fish4Parts Ltd

3 Longley Drive Worsley Salford, M28 2TP, UK

I have started in E-commerce for 3 years. I realized that features of online store have strong influences on my business. I imported my site to Magento. I used migration tool of LitExtension. The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had fast support by the company. Thanks again

Jacob Abbey @ Gh Groceries

Accra, 2332 Ghana

The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had GREAT & VERY FAST support by the company. I would like to thank Dong personally, because he helped me very much in order to understand what I was doing wrong and complete the migration 100% successfuly.

Ilias Avdikos @ Paperfly

Agiou Kosma 14 Ioannina, Epirus, 45221 Greece

"Having developers in a time zone several hours ahead of me did make things a bit trickier to schedule/communicate, but that was a small price to pay for the excellent efforts, and outstanding support I have received before and after the purchase.This install included the need for a development server to be used as a testbed as well as eventual production migration.

Robb Sands @ Carbide Media

United Kingdom

Overall I am satisfied with the service that LitExtension has provided. I will consider LitExtension again and will suggest their services to other developers in need of cart migration. Sales and customer service correspondence was simply top notch! The LitExtension team excelled in this area.

William Beachy @ Go Media


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