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Compatible with

  • - Prestashop 1.6.x - 1.7.x


  • SKU, Product Name, Description, URL*, Quantity, Stock Status, Model, Weight ...
  • Base Image, Additional Images
  • Base Price, Special Price
  • Assign to Product Categories
  • Attributes (Color, Size ...)
  • Options (Size; Weight, Color ...)
  • Extra Fields ( Checkboxes, Dropdownlist, Radiobuttons)
  • Variants: can be grouped with related variants together to form a product 
  • Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Currencies


  • URL*, Name, Description, Base Image, Additional Images


  • CustomerID, Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, DOB, Address ...
  • Customer Password*
  • Customer Groups: Preserve relationships with their groups


  • OrderID, Order products, Product price, Quantity, Order date, Status, Discount price ...


  • Migrate Products and Categories SEO URLs
  • Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and products


  • Custom fields of Products, Categories, Customers and Orders


  • Customers Name, Rating, Review, Status ...


  • Tax rules, Tax rates, Product tax classes ...


  • Name, Description, Images


  • Yes


  • Yes
(*) Additional Plugin



  • Data is migrated with no downtime for your current 3dCart store


  • Migration progress can run on both Online or Offline development environment.


  • Preserve Order IDs, Customer IDs on the Prestashop


  • You can select data type (Products, Customers, Orders,...) you're looking for migration


  • Unlimited re-migrations with NO extra cost


  • You have just finished a full migration, after that 3dCart  is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Prestashop updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again.


  • Allow deleting current data (products, customers, orders, etc.) from the Prestashop before migration


  • In case the migration accidentally stops during migration due to server shutdown, network down or any other cause. The module provides Resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration, you won't have to start over again.


  • Direct data transfer from 3dCart to Prestashop, NO third party involved


  • Allow creating product variants based on the available combinations of attribute values


  • Ignore product inventory for out-of-stock products


  • Free Installation

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What Customers Say About Us (120)

  1. Fast and Reliable

    Review by Ad


    It is really hard when you want to switch your store to other platform, the main problem which makes resistance is your products, orders, categories and other stuff. These things took lots of time and resources. I faced the same situation but thanks God I found this helpful extension which helped me to migrate each and every entity to my new store with just one click, and when I found the problem during migration, support helped me a lot with not just answering my questions but they fully help me to migrate my store.

    You rocked guys, I am a happy man now ;)

  2. Awesome

    Review by dennise r


    These professionals turned a daunting task into a breeze. Great support and quick responses to inquiries. Will definitely use them in the future if the need arises. Definitely 5 STARS!

  3. Awesome Tool & even more awesome support

    Review by Tom E.


    I am a webworker for 20 years now. I NEVER EVER had such an experienced bunch of pros to work with! Most amazing is not just the plugin itself (although it also a very good piece of work) - it is the support! We had to migrate a very old osCommerce shop with about 70% of hardcoded additional stuff to an actual WooCommerce shop. This would have taken us wekks to do it manually because there are also about 2000 registered users, about the same amount of orders and many things more (high amount of variations and a deep tree of categories). Not only that the guys and girls of liExtension are really reacting quick on support mails they also working hard on personalizing a solution for your specific needs. Really a perfect combination - if I could I would recommend 10 stars!

  4. Excellent Tool & Amazing Customer Service

    Review by Arthur N


    I was about to write queries and manually migrate the data from prestashop to opencart, then after a quick search I came across this migration tool. It almost seemed too good to be true until I tried it and it did everything I needed and even more than I had planned. When I ran into a snag with a product with thousands of sub options, there was a holdup because of performance on the shared host source, the LIT extension team was fast and responsive and took the initiative to help me work thru the issue quickly and professionally. I highly recommend lit extension and will use their software for other client migrations in the future. Five Stars!!

  5. Shopify to Prestashop

    Review by Cheryl


    I highly recommend this company as they have been highly responsible and helpful. I used the tool the first time more than 6 months ago and than after i upgraded to prestashop 1.7, i needed to do it again and the support team did the full migration for me and even customised their code when i needed some additional migration that was not in the original module. Thumbs up to their excellent service!

  6. Helpful

    Review by StreamA


    Very helpful staff that do everything they can for you. Fast response when you contact them by e-mail. We had some problems but they solved them quickly.

  7. osCommerce to Magento 2

    Review by Fredrik


    My migration from osCommerce 2.3.1 to Magento CE 2.1.4 went really smooth after some initial issues that was solved by the very helpful support team.

    I recommend this migration tool. But a word of advice is to check the specifications what is included and what is not. However it was well spent money.

  8. Awesome support

    Review by Arnie


    I migrated 40000 entities from an old OsCommerce shop to Magento 1.9 and ran into some encoding problems and the mapping of customer groups did not work out of the box.

    I posted that to the support ticket which was opened for me right after purchase. The issues were fixed within 24 hours. I would recommed to choose litextension for any migration tasks.

    I am satisfied!

  9. Best support you can get

    Review by


    After a few unsuccessful attempts import the support team has yet succeeded to import all products. They continue to give real support to everything is to your satisfaction. Truly amazing and worth your money double.

  10. Great support

    Review by Kevin


    We had some problems importing woocommerce into magento 2.1 but thanks to the support team they quickly took care of the problem. We now have all the data that we needed.

  11. Works Exactly as Advertised. Great support!!

    Review by Alex Raul Bughiu


    This was the third and final migration software we tried (OSCommerce -> WooCommerce). Because of the unique structure of our website + database we had some migration issues that the LitExtension dev team were QUICK to address. They custom updated their plugin for us so that it works with our website. Due to my client's security concerns, we could not grant their technicians full access to our server. Yet they were also able to work around these issues. Not sure how these guys stay in business providing this level of support for free! We were happy to purchase additional plugin extensions from them.
    CEO & Software Architect @

  12. Migration, made easy

    Review by Roland


    I'm a oscommerce developer and I'm not very familiar with Magento 2. I managed to do a successful migration on my own. The installation can be done by a layman due to the fact the software is well documented.

    I had an issue with short passwords which was solved quickly. The support staff are very committed, friendly and willing to help. The software and service behind it is recommended. Top of the form award!

  13. Amazing support!

    Review by Y.K


    Bought the Opencart to Opencart migration tool since I had to move a lot of products and data to the new version of Opencart, I was surprised how easy it was with the migration tool. It looked very professional and was very easy to transfer products and data just by choosing what I wanted to transfer from the list! I had some extra data that I wanted to be transferred to the new store (SEO plugin meta etc) I contacted their support and within one day they answered with a solution! custom coded modification to their tool for free! so I could still transfer the SEO meta to the new store! I was really happy about this. They went into detail and solved everything I needed to get the new store up and running. It was been great working with you guys! thank you for all the help!

  14. Highly recommended

    Review by Suman


    We bought the Zen Cart to Prestashop migration tool and want to do the migration ourselves, but we always got error messages during the process.
    Litextension Team helped us to solve the problems again and again, I need to say that the Litextension Team experts on migration!!

  15. Excellent

    Review by apneist


    Although I'm a developer I'm not very informed on the details of magento. I bought this product, I made some mistakes in the installation, the developer of the product went in, fixed the mistakes and made it work. Excellent service!

  16. Superior service from support

    Review by Kris


    Had a hard time doing the migration myself, but with the help from support (they did all the hard work) we finally succeeded.

    Thanks a million for extraordinary good service.

  17. Absolutely Great

    Review by Chrischi2407


    I have bought this extension because I hoped to save time. In the beginning I experienced some technical problems which I have sent to the technical support of LITEXTENSION. They came back to me so fast, I could not believe it, and - what can I say - the helped me and the migration worked out well.

    Thank you again!!!

  18. Good product with excellent supporting!

    Review by Khoa Tran


    I have bought this extension because I need to migrating data to my new site. The product fit perfectly to my own purpose. Beside that I also got a very quick response from supporter whenever I needed. And of course, they are really helpful too. They even give me a free upgrade for the entity limit.

    Would recommend to anyone!

  19. Very good Product and Company!

    Review by Wouter


    I have bought this Extension because i was struggling between Data Migration from Magento 1.5.1 to 2.1.4
    I figured it take me around a month to get the data in the right order, a extension what can do that in a couple of hours sounds great to me!

    Installed the Extension but sadly it didn't work, the two stores can't seem to find each other.
    Created a ticket for support (which was already created when i bought the item,. how cool is that!) and got a very fast response, after some account details exchangement the team from Litextension did their thing and within a couple of hours everything was transferred to the new Magento 2.1.4

    I was very happy and was stunned by the fact that this support was so Excellent.

    Again thanks guys, will spread the word!

  20. Fantastic Service and Very Helpful

    Review by Paul


    This migration service is awesome, If you want to save time trying to import products, then purchase this product. The staff are really helpful, they are always willing to help and go that extra mile to try and please their customers. Would recommend to anyone and would like to thank them for the help.

  21. Highly recommended

    Review by Expose


    I paid for the automated data transfer between OpenCart 1.4 to a new installation of OpenCart 2.3. To be honest I was a bit sceptical of paying up front and handing over login info of the server to an unknown entity, but was pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of the transfer. Not only this, after I discovered 2 issues with the transfer (not all data had successfully transferred across initially) but their technicians sorted it out in no time.

    Save yourself a lot of bother and expense and use the Litextension team! I will next time.

  22. Excellent

    Review by Kevin


    This is a real time saver. I transfered a site from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.1 quickly and easily. The support was also very good.

  23. Everything automated.

    Review by Joel


    The tool is seamless. Everything is done automatically. I paid extra to get them to help me do the entire thing and it was a breeze. Worth the slightly steep pricing, as migration should be done properly as its very important. Do not sell yourself short!

  24. Would recommend to anyone wanting to migrate painlessly

    Review by RoryAro



    I was very pleased by the service from LitExtension and although I rarely write customer reviews, I wanted to in their case. We wanted to migrate from a bespoke OsCommerce website, which because of its custom-built nature and our enormous range of products was very tricky. My team of experienced web developers attempted it with the free softwares that are available, however, after we realised the amount of time and effort it would take us to do it on our own, we asked LitExtension for help. They offered us an affordable price and saved us a lot of hassle.

    I’m really glad that we went with their All-In-One package, because that meant that the experts at LitExtension could deal with the challenging aspects of this migration. In the end we saw that it was no simple transfer, with LitExtension having to make many modifications to their standard method. They did this tirelessly, solving many issues to reach all of our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to migrate their website. I believe that they offer the best migration service around.

    Dr Rory Arrowsmith
    Project Manager, Fish4Parts Ltd.

  25. Great support

    Review by Waldek


    Migrating from outadated environment like osCommerce can be tricky.

    LitExtension's support team is responsive and will continue to assist you until everything is migrated without any issues.

  26. Successful and Painless Magento Migration

    Review by EN


    This is a Magento migration product that works. The service was quick and painless. They even added in a little customisation for me at no extra cost. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

  27. well done

    Review by chelle


    Great time saving migration tool. Would use them again without hesitation. Worth the $$

  28. Totally recommend

    Review by Artware


    I have tried to transfer all data from one shop to another for more like 15 hours with no success. I was really desperate since it was Christmas eve and no one could help me finish on time.

    LitExtension team came up in my google results so I wished for a Christmas miracle! And it was delivered!

    In less than 24hours they managed to move all data (customer passwords too) from one website to another, upgrade the framework, install theme template, modules and fix any errors that came up. Talk about a miracle team, right?

    Thanks again for the awesome support and excellent services - you guys are the best!

  29. Thank you for a job well done.

    Review by Jose Miguel


    Thanks to Luu for the help in the migration of our online store. The process has been easy thanks to the great help of the technical service.
    Quick and easy (-:

  30. The product is great, but the service is spectacular!

    Review by Joshua


    We purchased this module to migrate a 3 year old business website to a new platform including the password migration. Instructions were very clear, but we ran into a minor technical snag when we went to perform the migration.

    We submitted a support ticket and within 12 hours we had a reply offering to perform the migration for us at no extra charge! The migration went smooth, we received an e-mail when it was completed, and after a few minor tweaks on the new platform (mainly just marking the products as visible) we were up and running.

    I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and it saved us countless man hours, money, and headache.

  31. Amazing Product & Amazing Support

    Review by Nick D' Cruz


    I bought this product in a hurry and all i wanted is to migrate the product and categories form Shopify to Woocommerce.

    I did not go thru the documentation and wan unable to migrate it. I sent an email to the team and I got a response way sooner than i expected. They pointed out what might have gone wrong and gave me a instant solution. I followed it and migrated my store.

    Also, during their work hours, I got instant replies from them via email.

    I am fully satisfied using this product and it save my day BIG TIME! I will continue to explore more products with them.


  32. Easy to use, great interface!

    Review by Genesis Developer


    We moved our Shopify store to a self-hosted WordPress Genesis and Woocommerce platform so easily with the Shopify to Woo migration tool. The instructions were clear and the videos helped with creating a private API. Everything moved over so quickly and it was like magic seeing everything populated in the new store. Brian in Live Support was great in answering my questions as well! Thanks to everyone at litextension!

  33. Great Tool and Customer Service

    Review by Wladi


    Although my very old XT-Commerce Shop had no default configuration I could with the great help of the support team migrate my data from XT:Commerce to Presta without any problems.

    I'm very thankful for the great customer service which was very professional and answered questions within a shourt time range.
    They even offered a remote Session (Teamviewer) although I bought only the migration tool !

  34. Great support!

    Review by Tony


    We moved our old ZenCart site to new Magento platform with a huge amount of customers, orders and complicated database. The LitExtension team did support us very well and thoroughly from beta to the live site time.

    We highly appreciate their support and customer services.

    Thank you for good work!

  35. Excellent Service

    Review by ICM


    This was a seamless process. Even when I got stuck (due to my lack of understanding), the LE team was helpful and efficient. Sofia on Live Support was excellent in her communication with me.

  36. Excellent service

    Review by Alan


    We moved from an old version of Woocommerce to a new version while redeveloping our website. LitExtension moved all the order and users from the old site to the new site ad did a fantastic job in a very short space of time.

    Great service, thanks.

  37. Super Super Super

    Review by Azzurra


    Migration with Litextension was the best thing I could done for my business.
    All what I need were migrate in so less time, all was perfect..
    Customer care of Litextension is the best! They are always ready to help you when you want.

    Thank you very much guys you are the best!

  38. Great Service

    Review by Alan


    When I need to migrate my store from CS-Cart to Shopify, I found Litextension through Google. Luckily I found the right company. From the beginning they have been very professional, efficient and courteous. They are really experts on migration. And they have been honest on what can be migrated and what cannot.

    I'm very satisfied with their service and will recommend their service without hesitation.

    Great job. Thanks guys!

  39. Time Saver

    Review by Legio Ferrata


    My data was migrated from volusion to shopify in a matter of a day & a half including all the 301 re-directs for the new site (SEO plugin).

    The instructions seemed easy enough although I got stuck early on with FTP installation. I think it had a lot to do with volusions restrictive coding structure that I couldn't get some things to work off the bat.

    However the customer support helped me out efficiently & things ran smoothly afterwards.

    Overall, I would recommend this service for those looking to save on time & get back to running the business side of things.

    Thanks guys!

    Best regards from Iron Age @

  40. Data migration

    Review by Niko


    I have to say they have amazing support. They have successfully migrated data (cat, products, users,..) from prestashop 1.4 to prestashop 1.6. They assisted me when category import was not working, and they did it!

  41. Tool and support are perfect !

    Review by Mathieu


    I used this tool to migrate datas from PrestaShop 1.6 to Magento 2.1. I migrated customers with password, products (with a lot of attributes), categories, orders, taxes.

    Everything was imported on Magento and this tool save me a lot of time. The support is perfect too, and their response is really quick.

    I advise this tool without problems, don't hesitate to buy it !

  42. Excellent Tool and Better Support

    Review by Pedro Solorzano


    I have tried others before, so after seeing reviews I tried LiteExtension on a live prestashop website.

    I wanted to start fresh so after a few small problems (always dealt with efficiently and excellently by LiteExtension Team) I have manage to put the new prestashop live in less than two minutes.

    Client is very happy as he could see the final shop before going live gave ok and then just imported last orders and in less than two minutes we had it live.

    I will have two more migrations very soon and the choice is LiteExtension.

    Thanks LiteExtension Team for the Best support ever and for a fantastic tool, will give you 10 stars but only could manage 5!!

  43. Fantastic support by LiteExtension

    Review by Ng


    There is no other company on the internet that can provide such great value. They are absolute experts and professionals.

    I will truly call them BigCommerce experts because they successfully migrated the data that even BigCommerce did not support!

    Initially, I was weary of the licensing structure, but as I worked with the LiteExtension team, I realized how complex the work was. I would have happily paid double the amount.

    Go for LiteExtension, you have absolutely nothing to lose, only to gain!

    A+, will migrate again!

  44. Excellent Tool

    Review by Eby Mathew


    I love this tool, excellent one.

  45. Perfect

    Review by Richard Daniels


    My client and me, just successfully finished the transition of his shop data from OsCommerce to WooCommerce. Everything appears to have gone very well. I am very happy with the possibility to run the migration 'at will'.

    Thank you very much for your support, especially Brian and Alex!

  46. Great Experience, Excellent Service

    Review by Mimiwoo


    Thanks LitExtension. My oscommerce store was stored in a relatively obsolete server and I even cannot perform the demo by myself. They help me to export the db on this server, import it into a newer server then migrate the data to my opencart. I really appreciate their help. They have excellent support! Highly recommended.

  47. Second time was a charm

    Review by Simon GCD


    Second project with Litextension went over very well. They took the time to ensure that my results were what my expectations were and beyond. Building upon an initial migration, my second project involved moving a set of data collection from WooCommerce (staging environment) to my WooCommerce (live website environment), happy to say Litextension took the time to make sure ALL my goals were met to complete a difficult task of migrating two stores into one. Even the second time could be a charm!! Thanks Litextension.

  48. Great Experience, Cart2Cart is terrible

    Review by Simon GCD


    After having horrible experience with Cart2Cart, I decided to give Litextension a try at my migration project. I am so thankful that I made the decision because Litextension staff was successful in migrating my BigCommerce store to a Woocommerce site. It was a pleasure to work with Litextension and completely trust all their work!

  49. Amazing

    Review by K Man


    Great, trustworthy performance.

  50. Excellent Support

    Review by Yogi


    Excellent excellent excellent supports from day one. Even migrated hundreds of thousands of records for a couple of times due to our mistake.

    Thank you all!!!

  51. Great Service!

    Review by Robert


    Thank you for helping me migrate my store from Bigcommerce to Shopify. I was very pleased with the service. I highly recommend LiteExtension.

  52. Great Service!

    Review by Oli G


    Thanks for helping me with my migration, it was totally painless and you guys handled the whole lot!

    A whole heap of time saved and a flawless service - thank you!

  53. Excellent work

    Review by Tom Peditto


    just wanted to thank you guys on a great job.
    It appears someone went back in and migrated all of the variations and options for the products and all looks great. I really appreciate it. Excellent work.

  54. I recommand

    Review by Pierre


    i ordered OsCommerce 2.2 (so old!) to Prestashop ( so recent!) migration with 2 langages (French and English !) few short words : Great job and Great support.
    You rock Guys, thank you.

  55. A++++ Service

    Review by Nicola


    We asked to Litextension team a custom work about migration from PS to WOO. The guys did an accurate work, focused on our needs. Highly recommended!!!!

  56. Great plugin, excellent support

    Review by Karel


    We used WooCommerce to PrestaShop with passwords migration and custom fields plugins. Our website is very specific but thanks to a great support everything worked as expected! Thank you!

  57. Very recommended, excellent plug-in,

    Review by carlos


    Very recommended, excellent plug-in, they did my migration (products and multi image) overnight and every thing perfect the first time.
    All later consultations were resolved quickly.

  58. 1

    Review by Michaela


    The xtcommer2prestashop workes very well. After having some problems at the beginning, the support helped me perfectly in short reaction time! 5 Stars for the supportteam!

  59. Saved Time

    Review by Sam


    It works perfectly, just moved 245 products with ease, this has saved us days of work, thank you!

  60. Fantastic Products and Support

    Review by Real Meal Delivery


    The products are great out of the box, when we got stuck they were really great with support to push the project out. We had a very tight deadline, and they worked with us closely to help us complete the project and debug all the issues. Best migration service ever for Shopify to Magento.

  61. Great response and support!

    Review by silva svigir


    I'm really satisfied with their service! They even helped me on some things I did't know about Prestashop. Huge recommendations!!

    And also their price is great!

  62. Great work and support

    Review by Fernstudium Guide


    We migrated from shopp plugin to woocommerce and you guys did a great job.
    All our wishes have been fulfilled.

    We can recommend this service to anyone.

  63. Ferramenta de migração 5estrelas

    Review by Puppycare


    Foi fácil e rápida a migração, passou todos os clientes, produtos e passwords dos clientes e funciona perfeitamente.


  64. Some issues but resolved thanks to support

    Review by TH


    We had some technical complications but litextension were very helpful in resolving them and we migrated all the products we needed to with the fields and images, etc.

  65. Great service and great product!

    Review by cj52za


    I had some initial problems with my import from Ecwid to Woocommerce, but the support team was great. They really went above and beyond to help me. They are also really responsive and reply to emails quickly.

    I am glad that I found this site it saved me a lot of time as I have hundreds of products, and the data came through well.

    Good service, one that I would recommend.

  66. Great Addon and Support

    Review by AD


    My shop "prestashop" needed a update. The one click update did the work not that good. It worked but continue to problems with modules and theme which worked perfectly empty update of that prestashop. So decided to go looking through csv migrate data. this works nicely with some programs but still missing do the migration of orders and in products the combinations of clothing sizes and impact on that it brings on the prices, and so on.

    Then I found the perfect solution with Litextension
    Simple effectively doing everything they promise
    Perfect service, fast good
    I recommend this to anyone

    Hope they show them self on the Prestashop Addon store so people know this is posible.

  67. Top Notch Tool & Support

    Review by Tasha


    This tool is beyond words. This migration tool can do what others say is impossible. If you are switching from BigCommerce, do not hesitate to use this tool. It has been a real life saver. BigCommerce does not provide a way to export the reviews. Therefore, I was hard pressed to find a solution until I found this wonderful migration tool. It brought over all of the reviews.

    The migration tool not only brings over the reviews, but it also brings over the images, tax classes, product categories, custom fields (not the manually created fields), orders, and product variations too! I did not have bother with any .csv files, uploading or using FTP for the images. All of the work was done for me....seamlessly.

    The support is phenomenal. They are very friendly and courteous via chat with the Sales department and tech support through tickets. I was having problems and their tech support went above and beyond to help me get up and running.

    I highly recommend their tool and their service.

  68. Super time saver!

    Review by Cindy


    I am very glad that this migration tool worked out as I expected. I did not think that I would get all my products along with their product images migrated over so easily. This seriously saved so much time and tedious work. Thank you so much!

  69. Great Migration Tool!

    Review by Tom


    Wow - these guys know what they are doing - after not succeeding with the import of my oscommerce database into the new prestashop i contacted - they have been very friendly and helped me a lot after the migration was finished - i have chosen the all in one migration service and would do that again...anytime.
    Tom (vinyl-west, spain)

  70. Outstanding support

    Review by Darryl


    We had a complex migration from Prestashop to Woo. The support team saw I was having issues and took the ball and ran with it. This was worth every penny and saved us a lot of time.

  71. Great Support for a great product

    Review by Antonis


    We wanted to switch from Virtuemart to Prestashop more than one year but we were afraid of the migration procedure. After a long research on the internet we decided to use Litextension solution instead of other competitive software.
    And we were right.
    The tools are easy to use and very effective, but what I would really like to point out is the GREAT support.
    The support team solved immediately all minor issues that I had, effectively and professionally.
    The whole experience with Litextension was great. Keep going this way!!!

  72. Outstanding customer service

    Review by Luc


    Tool is working exactly like it should. I had few problems because my shops are heavy modified but litextension customer service was always there. Script was custom modified for me and they helped me with few other things, always as soon as possible. In my case tool was not cheap because i have large number of orders/customers but first of all - there is no other (cheaper) tool. And whats most important, with such a perfect customer service its worth it. I will migrate from prestashop 1.4 to 1.6 few other stores soon and i already know that whole process will be easy

  73. Oscars for Best Product, Best Deal on the market and Best Customer Service

    Review by Michaela


    So relieved I found this company and that their exclusively 5 star reviews actually seemed to be from genuine, happy customers and not written by themselves :) I found ALL of what other people say about their products and services true and can only confirm these experiences.
    They did a Magento to WooCommerce transfer for me and provided lots of help on the way, since this is my first WooCommerce shop and also Magento isn't exactly the simplest kind of shop software. They not only offered me a very good deal to do the migration for me (other services only provide a DIY tool with less features for way more $$), their customer service is outstanding too: prompt, effective, friendly, which is very reassuring when dealing with the most delicate data that are your whole business/income and work of years. I was also able to keep all my URLs, customer passwords, ... just what a proper migration should do, and there was never a moment of uncertainty or fear of data loss involved.
    I highly recommend their services to anyone who might need shop migration, they are no doubt the best deal on the market. After many disappointments over the last months with web developers and other so-called "services" I thought I was lucky to finally have found someone reliable. But now I realise, with LitExtension you don't need luck, because they know what they're doing. So glad to know that there are still people out there who seem to enjoy their work and take pride in servicing others.
    Thanks to Alex and his team of developers! Please keep up your great work.

  74. Good extension and very good support

    Review by Stephan


    The tool work fine and if you have problems the support answer fast. It's a good choice.

  75. Great Tool - Great Support

    Review by Ilias


    I used this tool to migrate my Magento store to a new WooCommerce one. The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had GREAT & VERY FAST support by the company.

    I would like to thank Dong personally, because he helped me very much in order to understand what I was doing wrong and complete the migration 100% successfuly.

    Highly reccomended!
    Thank you very much!

  76. Highly recommended professional support and service

    Review by Óliver


    They are great at their job. Highly resourceful and very effective. I quickly resolved my problems with the migration to the new version of PrestaShop. Highly recommended.

  77. Fantastic support, fantastic service

    Review by Tim


    Charging only a third of what a competitor quoted for their service,, Litextension are the real deal! I'd run into a couple of configuration problems and they sorted it for me very very efficiently. Incredibly impressed, my Shopify site is now successfully in WooCommerce with all data completely intact. Keep up the good work!

  78. Extension worked! Excellent customer support!

    Review by Steve


    I was initially having issues migrating products to my shopping cart but the support team was able to resolve the issues I had and they worked around the clock to make sure everything was working properly! They kept me updated with emails and the live support team also help a lot to make sure the issues were resolved. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs to migrate their shopping cart!

  79. Professional support and work

    Review by Samuel


    Only good things to say about LitExtension !

    I've tried it with the help of the demo tool, very useful because the importation encounter a problem with accented letters. After a mail to the dev team, the problem was solved very quickly. Be carful, if you put some URLs in their the contact form, the mail will maybe not be delivered. Don't hesitate to use their real mail address, they will answer without 24h !

    After the problem was solved, I've bought the add-on, instant delivery (I was not using the SEO part), quick installation, importation process launch and after some hours MAGIC ! 3000 products imported from WooCommerce into Prestashop without any problem. All the clients, orders and more too, just perfect.

    Thanks LitExtension dev team !

  80. Thank you all at Litextension!

    Review by JPS


    Thank you all at Litextension!

    Project: transferring all data and images from an old xcart environment to a new woocommerce environment.
    Your solution saved us many hundreds hours of work and the migration has been doen perfectly!
    Communication and service level are more than excellent and we will recommend your company overhere in the Netherlands.

    Thanks again and we will surely get back to you when we need other complicated migration of data.

    All the best to you guys!


    Review by Nissac


    Great job, and quality / price ratio . If you still have some fears and struggling to find and choose a provider for this type of operation : do not hesitate anymore !! with Litextension it works and they do everything for you. Fast, efficient and professional, what are you waiting for ? Thank you very much to the Litextension team. You are the best.

  82. Very Smooth Migration

    Review by Janice


    Last year I hired a different migration company to move my pinnaclecart to prestashop. The process took over a month and cost substantially more and there were so many bugs that the checkout never worked quite right. After spending countless hours trying fo fix it, I decided to move to magento as I have 3 other magento sites and find it much easier. I hired Litextension last Thursday and within 24 hours, my site was completely migrated with no issues at all. They were prompt and professional in our email correspondence. I will definately use again and highly recommend Litextension

  83. Awesome

    Review by Xabier


    Very nice product, and quality support, would recommend 10/10.

  84. Most excellent service

    Review by Ruthie


    LitExtension transported my MarketPress shop to Woocommerce quickly, and with a minimum of fuss. They saved me days of work, and kept me from tearing my hair out! Extremely helpful and professional, they went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me and I can't thank them enough. I highly recommend this service.

  85. Great product and better support

    Review by eduard


    We used to migrate 300 configurable products with 1500 simple products from Magento to Prestashop. After resolving some little mistakes with litextension's support (less than two days to resolve the issue), the module works perfectly. Thank you litextension.

  86. Great product and support

    Review by Raymond


    Quick work and most of the data that I needed have been transported correctly

  87. The best tool to migrate from Virtuemart

    Review by Viorel A.


    The quality of the extension to migrate from VirtueMart to WooComemrce is really incredible. Everything is accurate. The speed to do it is awesome.
    The team was fantastic and helped us for the custom fields and they do the migration for us. Thank you for your work, guys.
    If you want to migrate to WooCommerce, please forgot the others extensions on the market. The solution is here.

  88. Perfect service!

    Review by Dennis


    I migrated from Zen Cart to Presta Shop with the help of this amazing team!

    The migration included 4700 products and 22000 pictures/detail pictures .

    If you ever consider to do a cart migration use LitExtension!

    Thanks guys for your super fast support!

  89. Great Team - Great Support

    Review by HappyCustomer1


    The litextension team answered all my questions and took the time to fix any issues I had in a most timely fashion. If you have concerns about customer support, you will not have any issues with these developers. Friendly and job completed on time and to my satisfaction.

  90. Opencart to Woocommerce - with passwords!

    Review by ODesign


    I tried another company but they couldn't transfer the passwords which meant an email would have had to be sent out to 1000s of customers to change them themselves. Plus they took a week! This however took a couple of hours (though we don't have many products).
    This transfered the lot! Customers just logged into their account as normal.
    It really is a very easy plugin to use.
    All previous orders showed up in Woocommerce too.
    Variable products and Attributes copied over (just remember to go into Attributes and edit one/save one to refresh the database and get them to show up after the transfer.)
    One other tip - when transfering the products (there's a progress bar) it looked like it's stuck, but it wasn't - you get press a Retry button but it automatically reconnects/imports anyway.)
    And another good thing is if you keep your opencart shop live during woocommerce development - you can import any new customers/orders before taking it down!
    Dead chuffed - excellent support too! 10/10

  91. Satisfied

    Review by D. Romsey


    Overall I am satisfied with the service that LitExtension has provided. I will consider LitExtension again and will suggest their services to other developers in need of cart migration. Sales and customer service correspondence was simply top notch! The LitExtension team excelled in this area.

  92. Truly Brilliant!

    Review by Waseem


    I used this tool and service recently and all I can say is that it is amazing! The pre-sales support was top notch, the tool was well priced, the after sales support was brilliant and the migration assistance I received was the cherry on top! The best part? Everything was taken care of in less than 24 hours. I would definitely use this again should I need to and can highly recommend it, trust me :)

  93. Great and Fast Service!

    Review by Ale


    The service and support is excellent.
    They migrated our 5000 costumers and PASSWORDS from opencart to Prestashop in a few hours, and the results are perfect!
    Absolutely recommended!

  94. Great work, Great support

    Review by Pierre


    My osCommerce MS 2.2 to Prestashop 1.6.1 was not easy but they have done it. These guys rocks ! I recommend.
    Thanks to them.

  95. Thank you Alex

    Review by Matt Wild


    Your company has been a pleasure to work with, you have been Fast and efficient, and We at, will be definitely using your services on our next project.
    Matt Wild, Director

  96. top service

    Review by Alfred


    We had to manage a rather tricky migration from an old xtcommerce 4.x to the recent WooCommerce shop.
    We decided to use litextension. After installing the plugin there were some issues in the WooCommerce shop. We contacted the support team and they helped us out and in the end everything worked fine.
    To tell a long story short: perfect product and an even better support!
    Thank you litextension team!

  97. painless migration service!

    Review by Tim_Norman


    Alex and Kevin did a great job migrating from X-Cart to Prestashop for us. Because I was extremely busy I selected their assistant service and before long everything was done perfectly including migration of encrypted customer details. I now have the tool installed and will be able to update the Prestashop site with new data from X-Cart before the Prestashop site goes live. I highly recommend this product from litextension and my thanks go to the team for their excellent service.

  98. Fantastic product and excellent support

    Review by Visible


    After evaluating various alternatives to carry out a migration I was lucky deciding on litExtension and I was right. The product is fantastic and superior in relation to its competitors. As the support team are great and my words fall short to describe their assistance and professionalism shown.

  99. Do migration quickly

    Review by Shianbula


    Amazing tool that could help me with migrating from MijoShop to Magento. The most suprising thing is the ability to transfer quicly security and the assurance policy if it cannot satisfy customer's needs. Highly recommend!

  100. Ultimate solution for E-commerce store

    Review by Sefolikonaon


    Amazingly When Im looking for a tool that could help migrate from CS-Cart to Magento, I saw this product of Litextension. This make my migration process convenient and quick. Especially it support keeping SEO URLs and therefore, I can keep my old SEO URLs in the new platform. This tool satisfied my expectation. Highly recommend!

  101. Great product and terrific support!

    Review by Craig


    Purchased and used the osCommerce to Prestashop migration tool. Migration is finished, everything is working! All the products and images are there and, more importantly, the pre-existing customer data is there and they can still log in using their existing passwords! That was just what I needed.

    I had a few questions about one issue I had where my source store was blocking the application, and the support was tremendous.

    I highly recommend this product and these people.

  102. perfect

    Review by turgay


    my magento crashed
    I moved to a different magento thanks to this module
    very short time
    thanks litextension

  103. A super hero.

    Review by Audrey_Jordan


    Thank you Litextension team bcause finally I am with Magento. You had support to migrate all 6000 products like a pleasure.

    I decided to have a go with this tool after experiencing a couple of other extensions but only your module satisfied my expectation. It worked like a super machine. There were some isuses but it was ok and not too hard to deal with. Easy to use frim start to the end. And I must say that the process is really fast, in just 9 hours. All database was migrated successfully

    I am glad that I did not have to do migration manually. In addition the price is acceptable. I mean it suited my "pocket".

  104. Super Produkt und Support

    Review by Sarah


    I´m very happy with the product and the support. After all upgrade-attempts had failed and other cart-migration services did not work properly in my case, I tried Litextension. Everything worked fine from the beginning. When some inconsistent data in my DB caused problems, Jerachu from LitExtension supported me constantly, it was amazing. After 36 hours, everything was done! I highly recommend this extension and service to everyone who faces problems with upgrades of Magento! Thank you, LitExtension-Team!

  105. Fantastic

    Review by Sebastià


    It is the first time I work with Litextension, and has been a very good choice. The perfect module migration and support even better, up 10.
     I would recommend this.

  106. Everything is ok

    Review by Dirk Stöhrmann


    Helpful and great extension.

  107. Brilliant tool and even better developer help

    Review by Pete B


    I bought this tool and paid a bit extra for some custom modifications for our extra product, sub products and attributes to migrate in the way that I wanted. The developer answered emails and queries very quickly and dealt with all our problems. We ran into some issues and they actually did the migration for us in the end. I still have the tool on my store and it still works so I can continue migrating new products until our site is live and ready. Can't recommend this enough!

  108. Great Tool

    Review by garry


    My first attempt was done with cart2cart, horrible experience. I used this extension and it worked great the few issues I had tech support cleared up quickly.

  109. Migration of

    Review by Yuriy Karetnikov


    Migration of my store was not a trivial task.

    There are many changes made in the code and modules of my shop (mistakes, misconfigurations and etc), but the experts of LitExtension been able to solve my problem.

    Guys, thank you very much!

  110. Amazing Extension & Support

    Review by swamyg1


    So glad to finally see a well made migration utility that can do what I need! I have a massive Zen Cart install with over 30,000 customers and orders. This extension takes care of it with very little problems. Whatever issues I have had have been handled very quickly.
    There are other VERY EXPENSIVE alternatives that give you no flexibility... I had used one of these services only to find out that my customer ID's did not transfer over. That was $400 down the drain.
    This extension has saved me tons of money and time! The LitExtension team is excellent at support, and has even used my feedback to add and tweak features. Very responsive.

  111. Awesome product! Great service!

    Review by Diplomaco


    We recently changed our setup from WooCommerce to Magento and there seemed to be no easy way to import all of the products to Magento that I spent countless hours working on in WooCommerce. I discovered a few migration services that were very expense. I stumbled across this module and decided to take a big gamble on Litextension, not really knowing what I was going to get.

    I have to say I am very happy to have picked them. Within no time they imported all of my categories and products which including images, pricing, skus, etc. It may be the job of switching carts a 1000x easier!!! If it had not been done, I would have wasted an unbelievable amount of time.

    When I compare what I spent vs. what other sites would have charged me, Litextension was a no brainer.

    As you would expect, being two totally different cart platforms there were minor hiccups, but Alex (their main contact) worked with me on several occasions to get things done and fast. He knew I was anxious to get the cart up and running and made it happen.
    Overall my experience with Magento has been positive and people like Alex and Litextension are the reason why that is so!

  112. Excellent

    Review by Zak


    This extension worked as specified with minimal effort. Tech support was fantastic and as advertised, 24 hours. I would recommend this.

  113. Also a good extension

    Review by Eric


    I bought osCommerce to Magento of LE sometimes ago and was impressed by it. Now I need to deploy a project which requires migrating from VirtueMart and immediately think of this extension. It runs smoothly as the previous one and the best thing comes with version 1.3.1 is "Migrate recent data" - the best feature ever, really love it!

  114. Reasonably Priced Migration

    Review by wulfbria


    A well thought out extension for multi-site migration. We had four separate virtuemart installs we recently migrated and this extension did everything we wanted and more. Support is quick to respond and went above and beyond to help with our specific migration. Very happy I found this extension, it saved a lot of time and money.

    LitExtension have been the best developers I have worked with over the years.

  115. Migration without Problems

    Review by pcfit


    I struggled for 3 weeks to migrate a virtuemart shop to magento. Used several tools but keeps getting errors. Untill i discoverd your software. In one word Great
    The migration was done within 3 hours !!!!
    Also the support was fast and great

    Keep on the good work


  116. Amazing Extension & Support

    Review by swamyg1


    So glad to finally see a well made migration utility that can do what I need! I have a massive Zen Cart install with over 30,000 customers and orders. This extension takes care of it with very little problems. Whatever issues I have had have been handled very quickly.

    There are other VERY EXPENSIVE alternatives that give you no flexibility... I had used one of these services only to find out that my customer ID's did not transfer over. That was $400 down the drain.
    This extension has saved me tons of money and time! The LitExtension team is excellent at support, and has even used my feedback to add and tweak features. Very responsive.

  117. Simply fantastic

    Review by xsys00


    LitExtension customised this extension for my modified ZenCart site at a great price. The support was excellent and they delivered a product that exceeded expectations.
    Other migration tools/services are expensive and they charge per migration. The beauty with this extension is you pay a one-time price and it's yours to do the migration yourself over and over without paying each time.

  118. Excellent tool!! Exact what i'm looking for.

    Review by Eric_Jensen


    This is an excellent replacement of the old osCommerce to Magento which is discontinued. I have been using Cart2cart service for over a year for my projects but its costly and I had been charged for each time. I must say I prefer a standalone tool so I can control everything and reduce the cost. And this tool provide exactly what I wanted. Superb!

  119. Very satisfied

    Review by Alicia_c


    I am very satisfied with the tool and the service, excellent in a reasonable price. Highly recommended!

  120. Great and easy to use migration tool!

    Review by Pawelp


    Great and easy to use migration tool! I'm sure I will be buying the one for WooCommerce to Magento in the future for some of my clients.

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