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Become LitExtension Referral Partner

Benefit from our cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence as you refer agencies and brands to LitExtension.

Why LitExtension Referral Program?

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#1 eCommerce Migration Solution

Join #1 trusted leader in seamless migration solutions.

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Attractive Commission Structure

Earn attractive commission for every successful referral.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Access personalized support to maximize your referral’s success.

What is Commission Structure?

Agency Referral

Earn 20% commission on the first project implemented by LitExtension with the referred agency.

Brand Referral

Earn 10% commission on the All-in-One project revenue when referring brands to LitExtension.
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How Does It Work?

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Take a few minutes to write an introduction email and fill in the registration form.
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LitExtension’s confirmation

Confirm via email whether it’s a qualified referral or not, LitExtension does.
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Rewards Payout

Receive commission through your Paypal account after the project is fully completed*

Frequently Asked Questions

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ Page or Contact Us

What is the Referral Program by LitExtension?

LitExtension Referral Program is designed for anyone who wants to refer brands or web agencies to us. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your networks and earn commissions from each new migration order with LitExtension referral.

Can I be a Referral and an Agency Partner at the same time?

Yes, you can be both Referral and Partner at the same time. 

In case, Referral Partner is also eligible for other active partner programs and incentives with LitExtension at the time of referral, only the 01 commission option could be selected by the referral partner.

Can I use the Referral Program to purchase LitExtension services for my own business?

It is prohibited to use the Referral Program to purchase LitExtension services for your benefit, for or within your organization, or in other ways that are not in line with referral sales.

However, you still can join our Agency Partner program to have exclusive benefits for your own order.

Where I can research more details about Referral Program?

Please visit LitExtension Referral Program Policy page to find more details information about Referral Program.

Partnership Activities

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    Ecommerce Expo Asia – Shopify Plus
    2022 | Singapore
  • 307437246 10217357770776111 4599652518785138250 n 1 8ddc3a4e
    Ecommerce Expo Asia – BigCommerce
    2022 | Singapore
  • 305398983 10217220032412738 4263660573088431117 n 1 a2cc7076
    Official Shopify Meetup
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 301754308 10217217887879126 5789011460073488184 n 1 9acf3e2e
    Shopify’s Partner Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 305804872 10217217334105282 405498920072990397 n 81816deb
    Shopify’s Partners Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 285816378 10216917678494079 7036560835907747667 n e1683707120979 bbf0b0a0
    Shopify Meetup
    2022 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • 305083198 10217217333665271 8584685624824798488 n 7b0233dd
    Shopify’s Partners Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 784ca3ba 5c97 400b 96f2 b665bee033c9 1e13077e
    Shopify Mastermind
    2023 | Danang, Vietnam

    Become Our Referral Partner And Monetize Your Influence

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