Passwords Migration

Each platform has a particular structure and its own way of coding password. Switching ecommerce platform makes old accounts of your clients no longer valid. The issue possibly happening is that shoppers cannot sign in your site and feel uncomfortable and inconvenient to reset or create another account. The worst situation could be losing your customers due to unhappy experience.

Fortunately, as one of the world leading data migration experts, LitExtension provides full service to help you to solve any matters related to data transfer. Customer Password Migration is a plugin of LitExtension allowing users to migrate customer passwords from old platform to a new one. Therefore, shoppers can possibly log into new site normally without resetting password or creating a new account.

Supported Carts

Here are all official supported password plugins.


Source Carts
Target Carts
Cart66 Magento 2.x
CS-Cart WooCommerce
CubeCart Prestashop
OpenCart OpenCart
LoadedCommerce (CRE Loaded, Loaded 7)
Magento (1.x , 2.x)
xt:Commerce, Veyton


How To Install

The Password Migration Plugin is available for download here. Please ensure your cart is in the above list.

To set up, you should download the Password Migration Plugin package above, extract it and read the readme.txt file or this Installation guide and follow the set up guide. After installed, the plugin is already started and there is no difference for your customer when they sign in the new site.

When you move your cart to another site but the same platform (except Magento 1 to Magento 2), you don’t need to use this plugin because the new site can read the encrypted passwords. In case your target site is hosted cart (such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion,…) Your customers will reset their password via email because those platforms don’t allow third-party to be set into it to read password.


Important Note:

  • The plugin should be installed only to the Target Cart
  • We recommend to keep Password Migration plugin activated till all of your customers log in at least once. Afterwards, it can be disabled or deleted.
  • For additional information on your Password Migration, please do not hesitate Contact Us for further assistance.

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