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“Challenge Us!” Program Details

LitExtension’s “Challenge Us!” program is to encourage you to make changes for the better for your online business no matter how complicated your migration is. Because, LitExtension experts will have you covered!

We are thrilled to solve extremely complicated migration projects that no other firm can do for our customers. To give you extra motivation, we will return 30% of the order value for the 2 most complicated projects each quarter. The result of every quarter will be announced in 6 weeks after the end of each quarter.

LitExtension Chief Technology Officer, Technical Manager and Customer Support Manager will be the judges choosing the winners based on 3 criteria: 

  • Type of migration project
  • The errors that might happen after the migration process
  • The number of entities migrated

By filling the form below, you are one step closer to becoming the winner.

Why Join This Program

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Money Back

Earn 30% of your order value while receiving the best care from our team. Don’t miss such a considerable amount of money!

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Boost Your Brand

The winners will appear on our website and social media channels. Take this opportunity to spread the word of your enterprise. Make use of this special introductory offer and raise awareness.

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#1 Migration Service

Earn 30% of your order value while receiving the best care from our team. Don’t miss such a considerable amount of money!

Meet Our Winners

Let’s hear stories of our winners! They have trusted LitExtension to solve their complicated migrations and received beyond-expectation results.

Winner of Q3 2021

It’s an honor for us to be a part of the successful journey of Shop Piemonte. PrestaShop 1.6 to Shopware 6 seems really a complicated migration but “My overall experience was positive in all aspects” – Alessandro Valsania said.

Winner of Q2 2021

Soft Troopers has saved so much time with the migration of thousands of product details, URLs and SEO data, orders and quotes, CMS and special pages, thanks to LitExtension experts. Let’s hear their experience with LitExtension!

Winner of Q1 2021

Although our project with Metrin Skincare has thousands of customer accounts with many privileges, roles, invoices, commissions, etc. within 5 years that needed to be fed into the correct fields, we’re confident to say that we’ve solved it well.

Number Of People That Have Challenged Us

Join the many customers already participating in this campaign. Migrate your store now!

What We Do Best

“This campaign is our commitment to deliver the highest quality for all migration projects even the most complicated ones. I find this campaign the most thoughtful and generous during the 10 years I’ve been working here. We are happy and confident to say that no other firms can solve your complicated projects better than us. ”

Jenny Doan - Customer Support Manager

See What Customers Say About Us

  • "What an amazing Customer Service has this company! We migrated from Shopware 6 to Shopify and had several issues during the migration but the support of the team was superb! They were very helpful with making sure that everything was migrated in the right way. Really awesome and I truly recommend them to anyone who needs to migrate their store."
    Mevrouw Medema - Belgium.
  • "After a bad experience with another company I found out about LitExtension and decided to give it a try.
    Since I need some customization I went for the "all in one" solution. Customer service was amazing - quick reply to every email and also on chat. Needed a couple of fixes after the demo migration and they were done super fast.
    End result - all data was migrated exactly as I wanted"
    Oded K - Isreal.
  • "I have recently had the need to use them on a large migration, with a lot of custom work in the site to be migrated. They have worked with me and helped through every step. They are always awake! I know I can message any time, and generally get an instant reply. The interface is simple to use, and they have many tutorials and guides to help you out.
    In Dec 2020, I tried Cart2Cart and a few others, but found them to be a complete waste of time and effort. If I'm outsourcing, I need to manage costs, and have an out of the box solution that works, and one I can modify to cover bespoke work on the host site. LitExtension provides this... I get peace of mind and professional support when needed."
    Chris P. - England.
  • "We had a very old xcart installation with a generally complex structure - and the connector wouldn't even connect to test it initially - but the technical support through the demo phases were amazing - they were able to connect to our source site, extract and migrate our data of over 20,000 users and 40,000 orders and 5000 products successfully. They followed up and responded to all queries and concerns promptly - they spent nearly 2 weeks through the demo stage getting all the different migration tasks working - even accounting for custom data and odd configuration - and gave us the confidence that the full migration would be a success... the migration took the best part of a week to complete - but it has saved us 100's of hours if we had to try and migrate this data ourselves."
    Spyro Polymiadis - Australia.
  • "Complicated migration ordered for a good price, it took a long while to complete but it was understandable given the complexity of the project, and our response time to their needs. This was our 2nd migration ordered from them and we are quite happy with their support level and that they kept their word."
    Altrix - USA.
  • "You can not leave without being completely satisfied. I did the demo migration, asked a lot of questions to the help team, and they always answered in the minute. Then I did the full migration, but I had some issues, because my target store was in development and I forgot some details that led to errors. The dev team fixed it, and I was not charged for it. Perfect job."
    Florent Giraud - France.
  • "I had to do a migration from Joomla. Virtuemart to WordPress/ WooCommerce and I was very scared because I had a lot data to manage.
    I did not know LitExtension and its service before, but given the complexity of the thing I decided to rely on them.
    I must say that I am extremely satisfied: the work was carried out very fast and the technical assistance resolved all the problems that arose along the way in a clear and polite manner.
    I really recommend everyone to rely on them: one of the best experiences in 15 years of work in the field of web development."
    Ale Galli - Italy

    No one's brave enough to take on your complicated projects?

    Leave them to the #1 Migration Expert!

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