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Is your store ready for BFCM 2022?
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Most Common Issues In The BFCM Season?

Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2022 is a gold occasion that helps e-merchants attract many customers and boost their sales, which changed customer behavior from offline shopping to online shopping.

However, the sudden rises in web traffic around the BFCM period will exhaust your servers, which makes your online store slow, unresponsive, and sometimes even causes websites to crash. As a result, your customers might face unwelcome website issues:

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Make sure you take action before you’re left behind!

To make a successful BFCM season, don’t let your website get stuck in these problems. In a worse case, if your store is out-of-date, don’t hesitate to switch it to a more robust platform as soon as possible.

Get Your e-Store Ready With LitExtension

Migrate at least 1 month before BFCM so you have enough time to set up your new store completely.

Understand that, LitExtension gives you these special offers by chatting with us:

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