Custom Fields Migration Service

LitExtension experts can help you migrate data fields which originally do not exist in your old or new platform core. These fields are important as it allows you to specify additional information of your products or pages.

What is Custom Field?

Custom fields are fields used to specify additional information about your products or pages. Custom fields can be created directly by modifying your database or through a plugin/module built by third party developers. In our migration process, the definition of custom fields is slightly different.

They are:

  • Fields which are in the Source Store’s default database but are not in the Target Store’s.
  • Fields which are not in both Source Store’s and Target Store’s default database.
  • Fields which are custom in the Source Store but available in the Target Store.
  • Note: This option is only available for open-source eCommerce platforms.

Why Use Our Custom Field Migration

LitExtension is the world-leading shopping cart migration provider. We are a team of experts with deep understanding about eCommerce websites. We are confident to deliver the highest-quality service.

Not only can we migrate basic data like products, customers, orders but also custom data fields, accurately. A big difference between LitExtension and other providers is customer service. We are chosen because of a dedicated and responsive support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my store has custom fields or not?

Custom fields are the fields which originally do not exist in your platform core. They are created through a plugin or module built by the platform’s developers or other plugin providers. They can also be created by directly modifying your database. You use custom fields to specify additional information of your products or pages.

To check whether your store has custom fields, you can:

  • Ask the developer who built that website
  •  Contact Us and we will help you to check for free
How to import Custom Fields/Attributes to Shopify?

During the data migration to Shopify, all product sizes (length, width, height) and ean, as well as attributes, which are not included in variants creation, will be migrated in MetaFields by the default.

After migrating product attributes from your Source Store to Shopify, you’ll need to install a free Metafields Guru plugin to create, update and delete metafields for products (variants included), both smart and custom collections, customers, orders (draft orders included), blogs, pages and the shop directly from the admin panel of your Shopify store. Otherwise, metafields won’t be displayed and editable in the admin panel.

Follow the instructions below to understand how it works:

  1. Having installed Metafields Guru from Shopify App Store, open Apps from the left navigation menu of your admin panel and choose the plugin. Select the type of data you want to edit.
  2. Use the filter to find a particular product.
  3. Click on Metafields navigation tab, enter or edit wanted data. Once you’ve made all changes, don’t forget to save them by pressing on the Create Metafield button.
Can LitExtension migrate custom fields to Shopify?

Unfortunately, due to Shopify Shopping Cart peculiarities, custom fields cannot be transferred to this platform.

However, if you are planning to migrate custom fields on your Source Cart to another powerful platform which is not a hosted platform, watch this video to see how you can perform it with LitExtension accurately and effortlessly!

Can LitExtension migrate extension from Magento 1 to Magento 2
We support migration data from extensions of Magento 1 to Magento 2 as well if your Magento 1 extensions have supported Magento 2
I’ve performed migration but my custom fields are not visible. Why?
Often, due to template configurations your custom fields may not be visible on the front end. In order to fix that you should change template settings in admin panel.
How can I enable Custom fields in WooCommerce?

LitExtension supports migration the custom fields to WooCommerce. However, WooCommerce doesn’t display Custom fields by default. To enable this option you have to:

  • go to “store/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/tabs”
  • find file “additional-information.php”
  • add the following code:

echo ‘<table class=”shop_attributes”><tbody>’;
foreach(get_post_meta($post->ID, $key, true) as $key => $attr) {
if(strpos($key, “_”) !== 0) {
echo ‘<th>’.$key.'</th>’;
echo ‘<td>’.array_shift($attr).'</td>’;
echo ‘</tr>’;
echo ‘</tbody></table>’;

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