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LitExtension vs Cart2Cart Comparison

LitExtension is the shopping cart migration service provider that leads the way in customer experience. Cart2Cart, offering the same solution, has 1 more year working in this field. Let’s find out how LitExtension’s migration services differ from Cart2Cart’s migration tool and why it has become a better choice for businesses.

LitExtension vs Cart2Cart Feature Comparison (Updated 2023)

We have created this detailed LitExtension vs Cart2Cart comparison table to help you to make a better decision.
1. General Infomation
Description LitExtension Cart2Cart
 Location Vietnam Ukraine
Team Size 100+ 30
Minimum Price $79 $69
Supported Carts 140+ 90
Customer Satisfaction 99% 87%
Support Ticket, Email, Chat, Phone Ticket, Email, Chat
Support after Full migration 3 months for Free 1 month for Free
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day Refund Guarantee Non Refundable
2. Functionality
Description LitExtension Cart2Cart
 Free Demo Migration Yes, to your Target store and LitExtension test store. Yes, to your Target store and Cart2Cart test store
Migration from Database Dump Yes Yes
Migration Preview Yes. Available for 8 carts Yes. Available for 4 carts
Migration non supported carts Yes Yes
Target Cart Installation Service Yes (Free) Yes (Additional Fee Required)
Migration from special data types such as CSV Files, Database Dump, XML Files,… Yes Yes
Re-Migration Unlimited Re-migrations for Free 50% Extra Fee (of initial migration fee) for each re-migration
Recent Migration Unlimited Recent Migrations for Free 50% Extra Fee for each recent migration
Smart-Update Yes Not Available
Multi-threaded Migration Yes Not Available
3. Supported Entities
Description LitExtension Cart2Cart
Products Yes Yes
Product Categories Yes Yes
Customers Yes Yes
Orders Yes Yes
Reviews Yes Yes
Taxes Yes Yes
Reward Points Yes Yes
Multi-Store Yes Yes
Multi-language Yes Yes
Invoices Free $19 Extra Fee Required
Custom Fields Yes Yes
Related products Yes Yes
Downloadable products Yes Yes
Customer groups Yes Yes
CMS pages, Blog posts Yes Yes
Reward points  Yes Yes
Coupon codes Yes Yes
4. Additional Options
Description LitExtension Cart2Cart
Clear data on Target store before migration Yes Yes
Migrate Source store customers groups into customer tags Free $29 Extra Fee Required
Migrate Source store categories into Shopify automated collections Free $59 Extra Fee Required
Preserve Product IDs and Categories IDs on Target Store Free $49 Extra Fee Required
Preserve Order IDs and Customer IDs on Target store Yes Yes
Preserve product image URLs Yes Yes
Create 301 redirects on Target store after migration $19 Extra Fee Required $59 Extra Fee Required
Migrate customers passwords Yes Yes
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs $19 Extra Fee Required $59 Extra Fee Required
Strip HTML from category, product names Yes Yes
Change products quantity to 100 on Target store Free $29 Extra Fee Required
Skip product thumbnail images migration Yes Yes
Create product variants based on combinations of options Free $35 Extra Fee Required
Migrate invoices, credit memos and shipments to the Target store Free $19 Extra Fee Required
Migrate product SKUs Yes Yes
Transfer images from Categories, Product descriptions to Target Store $39 Extra Fee Required $49 Extra Fee Required

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Why Thousands Of Customers Prefer LitExtension Over Cart2Cart

1 expert 02
#1 Expert In The Field
We have 10+ years of experience in the data migration industry. We’ve delivered 280K+ migration projects from simple to complicated with customer satisfaction reaching 99%. We are proud to solve migration projects that no other firms dare to take on.
accuracy 03
Highest Level Of Accuracy

LitExtension ensures all data transferred to exactly where it should be on your Target store. Especially, we guarantee no sales interruption during and after the migration process.

world class support 04
World-class Customer Support

LitExtension Support Team ensure you dedicated and helpful support within under 5 minutes. We always put our customers at the top of mind and make sure to try our best to go beyond your expectation because You’re All We Care.

What Customers Are Saying About LitExtension vs Cart2Cart

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