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eCommerce Platform ProFitting Event (EPP Event) connects online merchants with eCommerce experts with an aim to help you kickstart your online business and maximize your sales on either Shopify or WooCommerce or Magento. The event offers merchants FREE consultation with first-rated eCommerce experts, 74-day Shopify trial, free Magento vs WooCommerce hosting and many more benefits.

We Understand Your Loneliness & Your Concerns

LitExtension has been working with hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide, therefore, we fully understand your loneliness when starting out an online business and your concerns when choosing a suitable eCommerce platform.

As a result, we decided to host the EPP Event that gathers up the first-rated WooCommerce vs Shopify vs Magento experts to accompany you in your eCommerce journey. 

Joining the EPP event, you will be guided on how to start a Shopify store, how to create a WooCommerce store,… and how to optimize your store for sales, in details and with experts.

Scroll down to see the main activities you can benefit from!

Main Activities

EPP Event Activities

Which One Suit You Best?

WooCommerce or Shopify

  • EPP Event  74days Shopify Free Trial

    Sell on Shopify

    If Shopify is what you are having in mind, here are the benefits you should expect:

    • User-friendly interface
    • Pre-designed storefront and themes
    • 74 days Shopify Free Trial
    • Instructive Shopify tips for beginners from Shopify professionals
    • Exclusive discounts from Shopify solution providers
  • EPP Event  2 Months WooCommerce Free Hosting

    Try WooCommerce

    If WooCommerce is what you are looking at, here are the benefits for you to expect:

    • Great flexibility
    • Wide variety of themes and plugins
    • 60 days free WooCommerce hosting
    • Instructive WooCommerce tutorial for beginners from Experts
    • Exclusive discounts from WooCommerce solution providers


    • laij cloudways 01 1

      Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

    • huhu 04 1

      Ecommage is a software firm that specializes in providing technology solutions to customers. They are recognized as a young, dynamic and ambitious company leading in the field.

    • 3333 03 1

      Tigren is a prestigious Magento development company. They provide a wide range of Magento development services, especially Magento website development and Magento e-commerce apps development.

    • page fly 1 12

      PageFly is the #1 page builder for Shopify store with 100,000+ active users. They have a drag-and-drop system and is designed for conversion rate optimization of your store.

    • huhu 02 1

      The4 Studio is a web development firm with a passion for creating stunning and well-designed themes. They have a large selection of Shopify, WordPress, and HTML products and resources that will help you with your tasks.

    • bsssssss 08 1

      BSS Commerce is proudly one of the pioneers in web development and extensions for Magento-based e-commerce websites. They have been vigorously working to provide the Best Success Solution for your online store.

    • interr 06

      Interstice Consulting is a Shopify Expert agency, focusing on store setup, migration, and marketing. They provide clients around the world with world-class project management and technical expertise.

    • huhusmi 09 1

      SimiCart is an expert in Magento with over 8 years of experience. It is a complete solution for Magento outsourcing, Magento mobile app development, and Magento progressive web apps development.

    • makkpress 07

      MakkPress Technologies is a D2C scaling agency offering development, platform migration, and 360-degree marketing services. They are partners with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and many more. 

    • ecommerce today 10

      Ecommerce Today is a full-service eCommerce agency specializing in website optimization, and marketing services. They have worked with 300+ businesses, mostly from the US and Europe

    • coalition 123 11

      Coalition Technologies is a top search engine optimization and web design firm in the United States. They work with a wide range of clients to provide web marketing services.


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